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DC V4 Divine Crossing V4 Crucible for CBD and aromatherapy - Diffuser - quartz
DC V4 Divine Crossing V4 Crucible for CBD and aromatherapy - Diffuser
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DC V4 Crucible Concentrate Heater - Diffuser

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The Divine Crossing V4 Crucible (DCV4) is a high quality rebuildable quartz or titanium bucket based atomizer designed for concentrates by the Divine Tribe - SZ Crossing partnership, appropriately named Divine Crossing.

Now available in three variants: Please select your desired option from the menu. 

  • V4 Quartz Crucible (Quartz installed + Quartz spare)
  • V4 Titanium Crucible (Titanium installed + Titanium spare)
  • V4 1 x Titanium + 1 x Quartz Crucible  (Quartz installed + Titanium Spare)

- Bundle Deal - When buying a mod box, atomizer and any bubbler a 5% discount on these products will automatically be applied at checkout. 

For 10% off coils when bought with this atomizer enter code "cheaperplz" at checkout. 

Replacement parts for rebuilding your atomizer if it is damaged (gold 510 pins, posts and replacement bases) can be found here.

Replacement coils can be found here

DynaVap Fat Mouthpieces make an excellent solution for a cooler mouthpiece, just pop it over the original. 

All parts and accessories can be found in the V4 Crucible product collection in our side menu. Products - Divine Crossing - V4 Crucible. Or by clicking this text. 

DC V4 Crucible Settings (start point)

  • DC V4 Crucible Quartz Settings - TCR 520-560 - 33W - 240C @ 0.48ohm
  • DC V4 Crucible Ti Settings - TCR 415 - 33w - 240C @ 0.48 o hms
  • DC V4 Crucible SiC Settings - TCR 398, 35W, 180-260C - 0.478 ohms

General Information

    The DC V4 Crucible has a stainless steel housing with a very effective built in heat sink to stop your mod box overheating, set on this are the posts on which the ceramic spacer, heater and bucket sits. The atomizer is machined well fitting together perfectly and comes with a 510 connection. An extra advantage of the built up heat sink is that it reduces the profile of the atomizer, the Sai with a heat sink for example, is almost a centimetre higher!

    The real magic here is with the quartz crucible (or titanium) combined with the airflow system. The relatively wide bucket has a completely smooth polished finish and sits on a ceramic donut which in turn sits on a ceramic spacer to keep the heat where it needs to be - around the bucket. Most quartz crucibles have small machining marks in them which make them more difficult to clean, where as this can be easily wiped out and if a build up does occur it can be removed entirely by blowtorching the crucible (quartz only) then wiping it clean to return it to its original state! It is also a wider bucket than most which is an even greater benefit when combined with the tornado airflow. This isn't just a fad, the air intake creates a swirling air pattern in the bowl, this along with the wider base helps to stop concentrates/oils rising up the cooler sides of the bowl like with most of this style coil/crucible, helping to keep the surface of the concentrate moving and cooking evenly. We would also recommend using this product in particular with terp balls (on the way) as the tornado airflow and smooth bucket complement them perfectly giving an even more complete and even vaporization. Another advantage of the larger bucket size and airflow setup is the ability to add larger dabs of material without the crucible flooding, or flooding the airflow - a common problem with many atomizers. As it uses the tornado airflow system there is no way to change the airflow options and is best used with a long and gentle inhalation. Due to the size of the quartz crucible it takes a little while to heat up. The general method is to preheat it with material in, gently puffing, then if your mod box is on a timer, release and hold the power button again immediately and inhale. For the most even vapourization when used alone it is best to rock and swirl buckets while drawing air over them to allow the concentrate to flow over the heated surface. Adding terp pearls will slightly slow the speed your rosin or other concentrate vapourizes at by mixing and spreading it around, providing more flavour and the most even vapourization. The titanium crucible heats up significantly faster and can be used with more accurate temperature control!


    Silicone  water tool adapters now available - l Our own mini-bubbler design - the Hubble Bubble water tool is also now available! Due to popular demand we have re-stocked the glass water tool adapters.

    The o-rings for the V4 Crucible can get a little stiff. Replacements have been made and are available here. We advise lubricating o-rings with a small amount of o-ring lubricant to avoid them becoming sticky. 


    Coil and TCR Information - DC V4 Crucible settings for Quartz and Titanium

    Temp control is functional on this atomizer but may take some tuning. Many people use it on the Ni TC settings between 33-40w and we've had good results using TCR of 520- 560 with the quartz crucible at 33w set between 220-250C. Make sure to lock the coil resistance (ohms) when the coil is cold where possible if your mod does not automatically do this as a cold baseline is required for temp control to work. If you don't lock it, make sure that after first installing the atomizer/coil and having this initial reading (around 0.45-0.48ohms) you select "no" when your mod asks if you're using a new coil. 

    The most accurate way to avoid overshooting the temperature is by calibrating the tcr to the ceramic coil itself which is around tcr 280 however this negatively affects heat up times. The reason it's used on Ni temperature control settings as standard is because of the heat up time when using the coil tcr, on Ni-TC the coil actually gets much hotter heating the crucible faster, but this eventually leads to overshooting the temperature. If calibrated to the coil tcr the quartz crucible will usually reach about 30 Celsius below the set temp during use after a pre-heat. We've found that setting the tcr at 560 to be a better balance between heat up times and temp control accuracy.

    If the coil TCR number (around 280) is used the titanium crucible eventually gets to the set temperature due to being thinner, titanium and having a slightly closer fit to the coil. We use tcr 330-415 at 33-40w between 220-260C since we've found that's a good balance between heat up times and accuracy. If you don't mind waiting TCR 280 is the most accurate, we use 40w for this. These tcr numbers and results all vary slightly between mod boxes and individual coil setups as they will all have slightly different thermal contact between the coil and crucible. You may find a different preference. 

    Please note all coils eventually need replacing however all the coils we stock are reliable and tend to last for months with care and proper use. Coils/crucibles should be cleaned with a burn off cycle then wiped before use to remove any oils left over from manufacture. 

    Due to the tornado air flow and generally fast vapourization the DC V4 Crucible  works especially well with Ruby and Silicone Carbide terp pearls or terp balls. These move around inside the crucible mixing and spreading the concentrate providing more even vapourization throughout a session as opposed to it all coming off very quickly. The effect of this is your material lasts longer and comes off in smoother vapour that stays more consistent throughout the session. 

    If purchasing a DC V4 atomizer with a spare coil setup use code "ExtraCoils" to receive 10% off the coil price. 

    Atomizer Specifications

    • 510 connection
    • 13.8mm wide x 9mm high (internal dimensions) bucket.  
    • High Quality
    • Stainless Steel Body 
    • Rebuildable
    • Temp Control
    • High Polish Quartz and soon Titanium Crucible options
    • Tornado Airflow
    • Rated by many as the best rebuildable Quartz crucible atomizer 
    • Efficient with material
    • Excellent vapour production
    • Weighs just 64 grams with quartz bucket installed

    In the Box

    • Divine Crossing V4 Crucible atomizer with quartz or titanium crucible bucket installed (select option from dropdown menu)
    • Spare quartz or titanium crucible with coil and spacer 
    • Dab tool
    • Small Screwdriver
    • x4 spare screws
    • x2 spare cotter pins
    • Handy instruction manual

    Directly from Divine Tribe - 

    • Always oil o-rings
    • Loosen heater wire post screws
    • Lift heater and cup from posts
    • GENTLY remove pin under ceramic spacer, Do not use force
    • Torch clean quartz cup and ceramic spacer
    • Do not torch clean donut heater or metal base
    • Be sure to place pin in first before tightening down heater coil wires.
    • Qtip after each use 

    Please note all coils eventually need replacing however all the coils we stock are reliable and tend to last for many months with care and proper use. Coils/crucibles/buckets should be cleaned with a burn off cycle then wiped before use to remove any oils left over from manufacture. This can be done at full temperature (300-315 Celcius) on your mod box with temp control set up. It's never a bad idea to give your atomizer a quick clean too, at least the mouthpiece, like how you would clean a new cup before using it. 

    It's a good idea to purchase a half decent mini screwdriver set to tighten the post screws for this atomizer. To stay tight and maintain a good electrical connection we have found they need a half to full turn more than can be applied with the provided screwdriver... otherwise they need regular re-tightening. 

    Planet of the vapes have had full material analyses done of the Sai and Sai coils. All materials were shown to be of high quality. You can view these results here. We have linked this page here as the Sai and DCV4 are made from the same material sources in the same factory. 

    This Atomizer/Diffuser requires a regulated mod box capable of sub ohm vaping.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 36 reviews
    Herbert West
    Just get one!

    There goes my tolerance.....
    fantastic service as well.
    recommended. A+

    Tzadok Shem Tov

    Still waiting for part

    Mark Hancock
    Something a little bit special.

    This atomizer is quite brilliant. A simple design that favours function above all else. This is well crafted out of quality materials. It has a very hand crafted feel and look about. It's components are quality. Very well designed to fit the piece and all works extremely efficiently. The V4 can be completely rebuilt if you brake it. Its well built, but not fool proof. The titanium bucket crucible heats up very fast and produces lots of thick great tasting clouds. I bought the SiC cup too and it does exactly what it says on the tin. It's quality of build is just perfect too. The design is very well thought out. Amazing tornado top air flow, I'd say the best I've used. No clogging and you can draw as fast or slow as you'd like. The only problem I found with this set up is the heat that builds in the cap. It gets toasty. Really toasty. The titanium bucket negates this quite a bit as it heats up so fast you can get the job done before you start to burn your lips. But the SiC bucket will get it cooking! You need to pre heat the SiC bucket a bit if you're looking for a solid session from it or as Matt our amazing host at Recommendedvapesupplies.co.uk recommends, just grab an XL dynavap mouth piece to pop over the top and you can go as hard as you want. If you really like titanium buckets, can't get a hold of the V5 or would like a cheaper maybe more subtle looking cap. This won't let you down. A brilliant piece of kit. Well played boys.

    Thanks for the review, that's great to hear you're getting on so well!

    5 Stars!

    Use this over my enail now daily, just wow! cracker for the price

    Adam Hall

    DC V4 Crucible Concentrate Heater - Diffuser