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18.8mm Conduction/Convection - Quartz Cap - TRWW
14mm Conduction/Convection - Quartz Cap - TRWW
18.8mm Conduction/Convection - Quartz Cap - TRWW
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Conduction/Convection - Quartz Cap - TRWW

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The Conduction/Convection Quartz Cap vaporizer by The Rogue Wax Works is another highly effective all glass, torch heated setup which provides epic vaporization performance! 

Like the Terpcicle, the Quartz Cap makes use of hybrid heating from both hot air and a hot surface which makes for some very powerful vapor production. Due to the difference in heater design this is a slightly more conduction heavy setup than the Terpcicle. Available in two sizes, the Quartz Cap is compatible with either 14.4mm or 18.8mm female joint glassware so can either be used at home with a rig, or installed into a j-hook for a more portable setup! The different size joints here also provide a different chamber volume, with the 18.8mm setup having a larger space to load your herb into than the 14.4mm version, being that the glass chamber tube is wider on the larger joint setup. 

Both sizes of the Conduction/Convection - Quartz Cap make use of a Quartz Heater and Borosilicate glass chamber tube which fits directly into your female joint glassware with no additional adapter needed. The airflow setup is slightly different on this, than the Terpcicle, as the air is drawn in underneath the quartz cap instead of through a hole, but is then restricted as it passes through the the small slits at the top of the glass chamber tube, before entering the herb. 

This setup can either be used natively with medium ground herb (or loosely broken up herb) loaded into the glass chamber; or it can be used with the mesh screens that can be inserted into the chamber section to reduce particles getting into the glassware below. 

Please check out this demonstration video by The Rogue Wax Works to see how it functions! 


  • Conduction/Convection Quartz Cap Vaporizer (14mm or 18.8mm version)
  • Reverse Clamp Tongs
  • Glass Stand (14mm or 18.8mm)
  • Two Mesh Screens
  • Stirring Tool (we don't stir this vape!)


  • Quartz Heater
  • Borosilicate Glass Chamber Tube
  • Adjustable Bowl Size using provided screens 
  • Up to 0.4g Capacity (14mm) or 0.7g Capacity (18.8mm)
  • 14mm or 18.8mm Joint Size
  • Compatible with whole flower nugs or ground material
  • Requires a Blowtorch - We Suggest the Big Shot GT-8000 or similar

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Chris W
Great item, fast delivery

This thing absolute slaps. Hits harder than even my ball vapes. Fast delivery too. Thanks!

Liz Truss
Back for another

The inner glass in my first went due to some over vigorous cleaning, so be careful putting too pressure on those crenellated edges. Shame the separate parts aren't available, but I'm made up I no longer have to import any of these bits from Oregon. As a break from herb, throw in 8-10 boro balls, a crumble of hash, and you're away.

Zoyd Wheeler
Buy one!

This thing rocks. Have tried numerous types of vapes over the years and I think simple is best, glass and heat;I load a couple of pinches or a budlet (this thing isn’t huge), stick it in j-pipe, spin while heating. Excellent

Jean kuldur
Best vapo .!

Je suis passé d un dynavap a celui-ci et la différence est énorme !
saveur et vapeur au rendez vous, j’ai mis un globe v2 et c’est une pépite.
Par contre attention c’est treeeeeees fragile ! Le gérant du site est super sympas et arrangeant ! Je reviendrais chez toi


only been using this for a week but it hits hard and tastes amazing.very highly recommended.thank you Matt.