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About Us


Recommended Vape Supplies is a UK based online aromatherapy store, set up to provide high quality products, product support and technical usage advice to the concentrate vaping community. Our products are carefully chosen, then tested extensively, where possible to destruction so we know exactly what their parameters are! We don't sell anything we don't know how to use. We provide useful suggestions based on our experience to help you get the best out of your vaporizers and also include information such as custom TCR values and other temperature control settings we find using multiple mod boxes and accurate measuring equipment. 

We don't believe in "selling" at Recommended Vape Supplies, our philosophy is to only stock high quality products we love, then provide people with enough information to make an informed decision so they can buy the product that best suits them! We'll never send out pushy sales emails or try to force a purchase and we always try to provide extra information when requested to help customers better understand the products. Another main idea behind the business is to approach every issue, when they do arise, as if we were the customer ourselves - and so try to deal with problems in the way we would like them to be handled if we had made the purchase ourselves. 

Part of the reason we decided to open up shop was due to being unable to find items we like to use here in the UK without shipping them internationally and paying high import costs. By buying wholesale, shipping multiple items in one order we are able to save ourselves and anyone who uses our store a fair bit of money on shipping. By doing this we can provide atomizers, coils and accessories at the prices they should be, sticking to the minimum MSRP (manufacturer's suggested retail price) meaning you as the customer don't get overcharged. We're authorized distributors for HVT, Divine Tribe, SZ Crossing, DynaVap and Advanced Vape Supply among others and only increase our range when we find new products worth having! 

We choose our products very carefully and test them extensively to ensure they are appropriately high quality, long lasting and well built with minimal failure rates and excellent performance. These attributes led us to stock a few atomizers that possess all these qualities with the added advantage of some being rebuildable! They can all be used by someone new to concentrates but with different learning curves; which is why we provide detailed setup information for all!

The other main motivation for opening up shop was a result of dealing with lots of online vape shops and receiving vague, unhelpful or inaccurate advice on concentrate vaporizers and accessories due to a complete lack of experience. We've had manufacturer information listed on the product page copied and pasted as an answer before and have had to wait for days on end while sales reps contacted their American counterparts and awaited response to receive second hand answers to basic questions. We've even been told we're providing incorrect information then had our issues confirmed by the manufacturer as a known problem they didn't think to fix (oil slick single sided pressing paper is sold as an upgrade to regular silicone coated baking paper where in actual fact it bleeds through forever stealing your precious goo, this is a known issue but it is still sold by many as an upgrade for pressing!). This would never have happened if the person on the other end had used the paper even once! None of this sits well with us, which is why we research and test our products thoroughly then discard most of them, only selling the products that lived up to their specifications and our expectations!

All our atomizers are highly functional with long lasting coils to keep both your costs and the number of items manufactured down. Our silicone coated pressing parchment (SVP) is carefully sourced and does not bleed through, our dab tools are well designed, machined and polished and as our product range increases we will always be this discerning when it comes to picking new additions. We're all about quality and are hard to impress, which we think is a great combination when it comes to running a business! Less product problems, less hassle for everyone, better support, happier customers... what's not to like?


"Greetings to you, whoever you are. We come in friendship to those who are friends." - Ancient Greek Greeting, recorded onto the Voyager Spacecraft. 

"You see a mousetrap, I see free cheese and a fucking challenge" Scroobius Pip - Introdiction. 

In short we're happy to help anyone with any issue we can providing we're treated with the same respect you'd like to receive.