YLL-IH 2.0 Induction Heater – Recommended Vape Supplies
YLL IH 2.0
YLL IH 2.0
YLL-IH 2.0 with DynaVap Decapper Stand
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YLL-IH 2.0 Induction Heater

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The YllVape YLL IH 2.0 Induction Heater is a super convenient and portable solution for heating your DynaVap without a torch. This new version makes use of variable wattage only, dual 18650 batteries and has improved reliability. The YLL IH 2.0 is compatible with all DynaVaps, this includes ones with a VSC or FMJ attached. This Induction heater is sadly not compatible with the Dani Vape (BFG) range of products and from reports lacks the power required to heat the Anvil. 


Variable power/wattage

Select the wattage then simply pop your DynaVap in the YLL IH 2.0 and wait for the click! Higher wattages make for faster heating, a faster click and perform more like using a torch. Lower wattages heat the cap more slowly for a different vapour profile, allowing heat to sink in more slowly. Like most portable induction heaters it works best if you hold it there for a few seconds after the click. The on screen timer makes doing this reliably and repeatedly very easy. 

The IH can be turned up as high as 60W for fast heating, with fully charged batteries a "boost mode" can be enabled by holding down  + and - buttons together for a couple of seconds, this will allow for up to 70W. Unlike the original YLL IH as the battery drains the max wattage on the screen will automatically decrease, allowing you to know how much power is being put out and adjust your timer accordingly for the best experience. 

To change the cut out timer hold the central button for 2 seconds then adjust using the + and - buttons. This can be adjusted between 10-60 seconds. 3 clicks will lock or unlock the device. There is also a 5 minute sleep timer in case you forget to turn it off! 

The YLL IH 2.0 also has a height adjuster, pop the battery cover off and inside you will find an adjustment device, insert this into the bottom coin style slot and twist in or out. This allows you to set how deep your DynaVap or Anvil sits inside the induction heater. 

Charging speed has been upgraded to 2 Amps however it doesn't have pass through charging, so if you're planning on running it 24/7 we advise purchasing with four batteries and using an external 18650 battery charger to charge the depleted ones.  We advise sticking to high discharge batteries like the Molicel P28A or you'll find the max wattage drops faster and lower than it otherwise would.

There is an integral cooling magnet inside the tip of the induction heater underneath the logo. This can be used to place your DynaVap on top of (upright) to speed up the cooling of the cap and tip. 

For a full decapping system which attaches to the YLL-IH 2.0 internal magnet (and can also be used as a standalone decapper) please check out the DynaVap Decapper Stand!



  • YLL-IH Induction heater in Brushed Black. 
  • Dual 18650 batteries (not included)
  • USB-C Cable
  • Instruction Manual 
  • Optional Molicel P28A batteries



  • 30-60W Wattage range (70W on boost mode)
  • USB-C - 5V/2Amp charging  
  • Integral high strength (rare earth) magnet
  • Adjustable internal height 
  • CE, ROHS and GMP certified
  • Dimensions approx. 635mm wide x 155mm long x 33mm tall 
  • Weight 278 grams approx. (with batteries installed) 
  • Please use 25A discharge batteries such as the Molicel P28A


Protections/Safety notes

  • Time-out protection after 16 seconds of heating
  • Over-charge protection
  • Over-current protection
  • Low voltage protection (low battery power) 
  • Working temperature protection (-22 to 55C)
  • Charging temperature protection (automatically charges below 42C) 
  • Storage humidity between 30-80% RH
  • Working temperature between -22C - 55C  
  • 1 year warranty against defects 


We can only ship this device within the UK with batteries as it does not contain integral batteries. 

If you are outside the UK please purchase without batteries and find suitable high discharge ones locally. Orders including batteries will be replaced with the battery free version and the difference refunded! 



Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Angelo Basilio
Great product

Best induction heater out there. Works like a charm. Very well built and easy to use

Jay C
Extremely happy with the device

The ability to change the output wattage and adjust the shut off timer is absolutely fantastic. Can cater it to each variant of the Dynavap I have, it takes a little tinkering to figure out where it works best but it's worth it.
Portable as hell, charges relatively quickly (and with replaceable batteries as a godsend)

Excellent IH

First time using an IH and although I like the ritual with a torch lighter, I haven't picked one up for a couple of weeks since this purchase! This is great for all types of “material” in a Dynavap. Whatever you vape using a torch lighter, can be vaped with this IH.

More accurate and consistent than a torch lighter so less cycles are needed.

The battery takes an hour or so to charge and has been lasting me 80 – 90 clicks; only need to charge once/twice a week and the batteries are removable, which is useful.

You can alter the wattage and/or depth of the "oven" to suit any vape style – quick extraction with clouds through to wispy, flavourful hits. But to be honest, keeping the wattage at 60 and keeping the oven depth as was shipped suits me fine - the wattage automatically adjusts as the battery level drops. In practice, as the wattage drops, the heating time increases by only a few seconds (8-10 secs on 60W, about 10-15 secs on 40W – for comparison). Or you can alter the wattage manually for longer heat soaks. Plenty of options.

The plug and play style lets you relax and just get on with it, no need to count seconds or wait anxiously for the click as your lighter flame dances all over the place. Stand your vape in the "oven", sit back and wait for the click, remove and inhale. The timer is useful visually if you want to go a few seconds beyond the click; not having to keep a mental note of the time is a plus when indulging!

It doesn't soot up your vape and any faint smell of butane/hot metal is removed ie offers a very clean vaping experience.

The magnet in the top of the IH is very useful for resting your Dynavap, especially if you don't have a Dynastash or similar.

A lot more expensive than a lighter and gas cannister.

It is "around the house" portable but a little heavy and large for pocket travel; ok in a rucksack/bag though.

Doesn’t work very well with the FMJ (Copper not conducive to induction?) but reverting back to a “naked” Dynavap is not a problem as the IH heat cycles are more efficient anyway – only need 2 or 3 cycles to fully extract.

So, to conclude, relatively expensive but the improved vaping experience over a torch lighter (even with an FMJ) more than justifies the cost.

I don't know if it is my imagination but the click seems audibly louder when in the IH - which is a good thing when you've had a few!
The only improvement I can think of would be to add some sort of luminous ring around the "oven" hole to make it easier to insert your vape when in a darker environment; like the way a remote control lights up – wouldn’t even use the battery!

Brilliant little device, highly recommend. Usual excellent customer service and little freebies always welcome. :)

Tristan Marshall
Great IH!

Really enjoying this little IH so far, don't be put off by the fact that it's a brand you haven't heard of.

I own all of the Dynatec IHs (Orion V2, Apollo and Apollo Rover) and bought this to replace my Orion V2 which died after 18 months of more or less daily use. The Apollo is wall powered so I needed a portable anyway and the Apollo Rover (which ironically Dynavap sent me a replacement for a different, faulty Orion V2) is faulty in that it doesn't work on battery alone, only plugged in rendering it entirely pointless. Dynavap have actually stopped producing the Orion V2 which tells you all you need to know.

I find the YLL to be better than the Dynatec IHs in a few ways. The build quality is really nice, it feels solid in the hand and the rubber feet stop it from sliding around on a flat surface. It's a nice brushed metal finish rather than plastic like my other Dynatec IHs and feels reassuringly heavy. The battery is pretty good and I like the ability to customise temperature or wattage. It's slightly smaller height-wise than the Orion V2, a little bit longer and a little bit wider but not by much. You would be able to slip it into a back pocket or handbag relatively easily, it's roughly the same size as a large-ish smartphone (e.g. Google Pixel 6) albeit a bit more deep.

I have been using it set to 50w and find that I get a good 5-7 hits out of one full bowl with a nice even brown toast. This is with a standard 2019 M. Battery seems to last 8-10 full sessions ~ 50ish clicks. Anything above 60w mimics the performance of a torch in my experience.

Overall time will tell how reliable it is, I haven't actually owned an IH that has lasted longer than 12-18 months of frequent use but for first impressions it's spot on!

Thanks for the thorough review, that's great to hear you're getting on with it. Aside from ones which had issues on the first batch we haven't had any of these fail yet so hopefully this will outlast the others. I imagine the battery coming to the end of it's service life will be the end of these units!

Yll induction heater

I’ve had a few different induction heaters. This one is by far the most versatile, portable, fast charging & value for money. It looks great too!