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New Titanium Crucible for V4 with fixing nut
New Titanium Crucible for V4, with fixing nut. Bottom view
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Divine Crossing V4 Crucible Titanium Bucket/ Crucible Coil

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DC V4 Titanium Crucible Settings (our preference): TCR 330 - 33W - 240C

Recommended Vape Supplies now has in stock the new version of the much loved titanium crucible coil for the Divine Crossing V4 Crucible (DC V4) atomizer.  It consists of four parts: the titanium bucket, ceramic coil, ceramic spacer and fixing nut (new more. secure system). Due the the thinner more conductive material the titanium crucible for the DC V4 heats up significantly faster than the quartz, using less battery and keeping your atomizer body cooler due to the decreased heating requirements. We've found TCR numbers of 330-415 (mod dependent) at 33w fairly accurately heat the bucket with short heat up times. A TCR of 280 is the most accurate as this is the TCR for the coil, it takes a little longer to heat up but does get there. We use the higher adjusted numbers. The  titanium crucible produces vapour from your rosin, oil, wax or other concentrate faster and in greater quantities, it is slightly less smooth and provides less crisp flavour than the quartz option but is preferred by many due to the increased vapour volume and heating time combined with more accurate temperature control! 

To clean the crucible wipe with a q-tip or paper while warm. Removing stubborn stains can be done by thorough cleaning with a solvent. Some people use a drop of water in the crucible, then boil it to lift the burned on material, we can't advise you mix to water with electronic. The crucible can also be blowtorched but care is required not to overheat the titanium as like most metals it will release toxic fumes at very high temperatures. Cleaning with solvents in a sonic bath is also very effective with this crucible - great care should be taken when doing this and thorough research into the process should be carried out beforehand to avoid accidents.

If purchasing with a DC V4 Crucible atomizer use code "ExtraCoils" to receive 10% off the coil price. 

In the box

1 x assembled titanium crucible coil which consists of:

  • 1 x titanium crucible
  • 1 x 13mm ceramic donut heater
  • 1 x 13mm ceramic spacer
  • 1 x fixing nut

Please note all coils eventually need replacing however all the coils we stock are reliable and tend to last for months with care and proper use. Coils/crucibles should be cleaned with a burn off cycle then wiped before use to remove any oils left over from manufacture. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

So much better than the quartz bucket!

everything perfect

exellent atomizer for oils wax etc

DCV4 just keeps getting better

These Ti buckets are a great alternative to the quartz crucible. Faster heat up time. Usual great service from Matt