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New SiC Cup and Coil for DC V4 Crucible
New SiC Cup and Coil for v4 crucible atomizer - cotter pin based
New SiC cup for V4 crucible. Extra smooth internal surface.

DC V4 Crucible - New SiC Cup and Coil

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New Silicon Carbide (SiC) cups and coils for the DC V4 Crucible Atomizer. These are the final version with a super smooth crucible finish and a cotter/holding pin to secure the Crucible. 

V4 Crucible SiC Bucket Settings - TCR 360-395, 35W, 180-260C - 0.478 ohm

Silicon Carbide is an excellent material to vape from due to it's physical properties. It has a crystalline structure, the properties of this structure make it the easiest material to keep clean as it resists charred material sticking to the surface. This structure also makes it an incredibly dense and hard material which has a very high thermal capacity. The benefit of this when vaping comes from its ability to retain huge amounts of heat meaning there is a minimal cooling effect when air is passed over it. The result of this is huge vapour output at any given temperature relative to other materials. This makes it the best choice available for use with bottomless bangers such as those by Crossing and 510mod, for hot dabs and for those that like big clouds from their bucket vapes.  

SiC is an inert material so provides a clean and accurate flavour profile from your concentrate material. Being formed at over 1600 celcius it can be cleaned with a blowtorch much like quartz. With care these cups can be used for years with no surface damage being made by dabbing or cleaning tools due to being made from a significantly harder material.

These are the new (final version) SiC cups with a cotter/holding pin. 

1 x SiC Crucible with coil, spacer and cotter pin. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Great Taste and vapor

And easy to clean, great heat distribution and best flavor, better than Quarz imho . No idea what for I have spare ti and Quarz buckets...

Hey glad you're enjoying the SiC, it's not a bad idea to hang onto those other buckets in case you have a small disaster, knock over and break your SiC cup. From personal experience it's really handy to have a spare lying around!

Best cup by far.

Big upgrade over the quartz cup for sure, providing much better vapour production. SiC is just the way forward, it's a bit pricey compared to other mediums but is definitely worth it.


RecVapeS have everything, it's like the armoury scene in Matrix

This... is amazing. Laughed out loud. What a great comparison XD. Thank you for brightening the day.


The sic cup is definitely an upgrade compared to the quartz cup. The « new » attachement is such a great improvement.

Love it

I went straight from the quartz to this, and the difference is night and day. The SiC bucket is like a non-stick pan in comparison to the quartz bucket. I chazzed my quartz quite a lot and would have to de-chaz regulalry, but the SiC only needs a qtip at the end of a session and you're good to go. WIth a terp ball there is minimal reclaim too. Using the recommended settings. Also, I was worried that I would need to do some crimping etc after seeing a lot of people mentioning having problems on reddit, but I've been using it for 3 weeks now with 0 problems at all. Really happy. P.s. customer service here is second to none - thanks