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Fat Mouthpiece by DynaVap

Fat Mouthpiece - DynaVap

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The Fat Mouthpiece by DynaVap is a silicone mouthpiece which has been designed to fit over all existing vapcaps allowing any DynaVap stem to be used with a 14mm water tool. Simply pop it onto your mouthpiece and insert it into the water tool!

Customer Reviews

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Waul Palker
Safety first.

"When one is balancing between 2 lorries doing the splits, fighting Bolo Yeung, promoting pisswater beer, or hoovering more beak than a poultry processing machine cleaner... you find yourself clenching your jaw a lot.

With this, I can use any metal drip tip I want, and hang it out my mouth while hanging out shirtless on someone else's yacht. Without damaging my Hollywood veneers. See what I did there? Why did you not laugh? I can be funny like Arnold and Sly. Please, buy my script, it's about an unknown martial artist who travels to... Wait why are you walking away?"
- an actual quote from JCVD

Jason Cunningham

Good thanks

Liz Truss
It's fat, it's round, it bounces on the ground

(It also pulls the mouthpiece off the Revolve stem, if you're not careful.)

On balance, I think I prefer a dedicated wpa, but this absolutely does the trick at a tenth of the cost, so you'd do well to pick one up, if you're undecided