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Top Slide O-ring Lubricant - 50g
Top-Slide o-ring and atomizer lubricant - Shows colour and consistency
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Top Slide O-ring Lubricant - 50g

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Top Slide o-ring lubricant is ideal for lubricating atomizer o-rings to keep your top airflow cap from becoming sticky. It is a high quality lubricant that is safe to use with all common o-ring materials and is also certified as safe for direct contact with food. 

This pot will go a very long way. Apply liberally to your o-rings with the a cotton bud/q-tip or your finger-tip around once a week for the best lubrication. It will stay around for longer than this but around once a week will keep everything in free and easy motion. As it is such a high performance lubricant one 50g pot is expected to last well over a year, likely much longer when used with one atomizer. 

It is almost completely odour and taste free (yes I tasted it) so will not taint your vaping experience. 

Product Specifications 

  • 50 grams
  • High Quality Lubricant
  • Long lasting 
  • Almost completely odour and taste free (lick tested) 
  • Colourless/Clear 
  • High viscosity Silicone oil 
  • Inorganic Silica grease thickener 
  • Rated from - 20 to 220< Celsius actual temperatures (atomizer reach a max of around 50-60C)
  • FDA Approved ingredients 
  • 2Probity H1 registered (certified for incidental contact with food) 
  • Contains no known allergens
  • One of our RecVapeS exclusives made here in the UK by Lubrisolve. 
  • Store upright.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Jose Luis Cortes
Cracked container

The container came cracked and wont stop leaking. Big mess.

Oh damn sorry to hear that, I'll drop you an email so we can sort something out.

Really good

I was using lip balm to lube my orings and would have to reapply daily. This stuff is really good - a little goes a long way so it looks like it'll last me ages. Also thanks for the free mini double sided screwdriver!

Very pleased you like it too.. and you're welcome!


Was using eliquid for lube, but this stuff is awesome last a long time and no smell

Top Slide Lubricant

Excellent product. Great lubrication with no smell at all.

Safer than lip-balm

My poor old glands just could not keep up with all of the o-rings that wanted lubing. I felt inadequate, until I discovered Top Slide. Now I just slip an atty safely up a bottomless banger and without any of those embarrassing earwax stains.