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Top Slide O-ring Lubricant - 50g
Top-Slide o-ring and atomizer lubricant - Shows colour and consistency

Top Slide O-ring Lubricant - 50g

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Top Slide o-ring lubricant is ideal for lubricating atomizer o-rings to keep your top airflow cap from becoming sticky. It is a high quality lubricant that is safe to use with all common o-ring materials and is also certified as safe for direct contact with food. 

This pot will go a very long way. Apply liberally to your o-rings with the a cotton bud/q-tip or your finger-tip around once a week for the best lubrication. It will stay around for longer than this but around once a week will keep everything in free and easy motion. As it is such a high performance lubricant one 50g pot is expected to last well over a year, likely much longer when used with one atomizer. 

It is almost completely odour and taste free (yes I tasted it) so will not taint your vaping experience. 

Product Specifications 

  • 50 grams
  • High Quality Lubricant
  • Long lasting 
  • Almost completely odour and taste free (lick tested) 
  • Colourless/Clear 
  • High viscosity Silicone oil 
  • Inorganic Silica grease thickener 
  • Rated from - 20 to 220< Celsius actual temperatures (atomizer reach a max of around 50-60C)
  • FDA Approved ingredients 
  • 2Probity H1 registered (certified for incidental contact with food) 
  • Contains no known allergens
  • One of our RecVapeS exclusives made here in the UK by Lubrisolve. 
  • Store upright.

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Top Slide Lubricant
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