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Divine Crossing V4 Crucible Replacement Quartz Bucket/ Crucible Coil

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The replacement bucket coils for the Divine Crossing V4 Crucible consist of four parts: The quartz crucible bucket, the 13mm ceramic donut coil, a ceramic spacer and holding (cotter) pin. These coils have excellent contact with the buckets making for efficient heat transfer. They are recommended for use with Ni temp control at 33w. We have also found custom tcr values between 560-620 (mod dependent) at 33w-40w to be a good balance of heat up time and accurate temp control between 220-250 Celcius. The quartz provides smooth vapour with excellent flavour from your rosin, oil, wax or other concentrate. 

Wipe gently with a q-tip or paper when warm to remove residue. These can be blowtorch cleaned or you can place a small drop of water into the crucible then boil it to lift burned on residue, ensure no water leaves the crucible. We advise against using a sonic bath to clean these as we've found the base of the stem can be weakened and break. 

In the box

1 x assembled quartz crucible coil which consists of:

  • 1 x quartz crucible
  • 1 x 13mm ceramic donut heater
  • 1 x 13mm ceramic spacer
  • 1 x cotter pin 

Please note all coils eventually need replacing however all the coils we stock are reliable and tend to last for months with care and proper use. Coils/crucibles should be cleaned with a burn off cycle then wiped before use to remove any oils left over from manufacture. 

If purchasing with a DC V4 atomizer use code "ExtraCoils" to receive 10% off the coil price.