DC V4 Crucible Replacement O-rings
Original Black Silicone o-rings for V4 Crucible atomizer
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Original Black Silicone o-rings for V4 Crucible atomizer

DC V4 Crucible Replacement o-rings x2

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These are the replacement o-rings for the DC V4 Crucible you may have seen online. They replace the black o-rings around the base of the atomizer for easier removal and replacement of the top cap.

We also have available the original black silicone o-rings which in some cases hold bottomless bangers more firmly on the atomizer. 

Pack includes x2 o-rings

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Wish I had bought this before buying the Quartz Quest - it’s fantastic!

I highly recommend this product with the Quartz and SiC bucked both are amazing for different uses.
Once connected up to a bottomless banger with one of the drop down spinning carb caps, SiC peal and extender; you will ask yourself why you ever ‘did things’ the old fashioned way! This is the best device for on the move or connecting up to any glassware.

Roll on the V5….


Have trialled these for about a week, having come from the stock black o-rings and I do think these are better

Does the job

Fit nicely on the DTV4 and make an improvement to the rigidity of the seal

Definite Must Buy for Divine Tribe

These are amazing!! It's crazy how such a simple thing can make such a huge difference! Using these makes the lid attach so much more securely I highly recommend purchasing these if you get the Divine Tribe!