DV02 The Quartz "Convection Cap" for the Vapcap – Recommended Vape Supplies
TRWW - DV02 The Quartz "Convection Cap" for the Vapcap
TRWW - DV02 The Quartz "Convection Cap" for the Vapcap
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DV02 The Quartz "Convection Cap" for the Vapcap

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The Quartz Convection Cap for Vapcap by the Rogue Wax Works has been designed to use on your DynaVap to provide much more airflow and larger hits.

Provided are two Quartz Convection Caps, 
which each have a different design and each provide a different experience. The "Ripper" is designed for single hit extractions while the "Sipper" cap is more suited to heat stepping and extracting in a couple of heat cycles. 

The Ripper Cap can be used over your original VapCap for a more restricted airflow experience or can be used as a standalone Vapcap. While the Sipper has been designed to replace your original Vapcap to be used directly on the DynaVap Tip! 

These caps are best used with a Cyclone Triple flame torch or similar, where they take around 15 seconds (Sipper) or around 20 seconds (Ripper) to heat. You can also use a larger blowtorch such as the Big Shot GT-8000 but please be careful to only heat the cap! If using a larger torch we suggesting angling the flame upward slightly to avoid overheating your DynaVap in the process! 

Please check out these Demo Videos by TRWW



  • 2 x Quartz Convection Caps
  • The Sipper and the Ripper (see photo)
  • 1 x Cleaning Tool

The Convection Cap is specifically for vertical use meaning it should be paired up with a glass rig or other vertical setup such as a j-hook with a littlefinger adapter or similar placed inside, in short, something which won't allow the hot cap to fall off and cause a hot burny mess! 


"The Quartz "Convection Cap" opens up airflow like never before. Whether you want to temp step for amazing flavor, or finish a bowl in one hit, the "Convection Caps" can get it done. 

The larger 2mm "Ripper" is the tool for "One N Done". The smaller 1.25mm "Sipper" is for flavor chasing and temp stepping" 

This listing is for the Convection Caps only, DynaVaps not included! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Game changer

If you own a dynavap and want better flavour, this the quartz convection cap is a game changer. Dont hesitate, get it now!
Great service from RVS too, i've since ordered from here again. Highly recommended

Keith Mc sweeney
Changing it up

Ya love them nice to change it up there part of my daily routine

Transform your dynavap.

For £18, I didn't expect too much for this glass cap, however, I should have known better when dealing with TRWW, as they never miss the mark.

The Ripper cap, combined with a waterpipe adapter, has knocked all my other vapes out of rotation to become my daily driver. This setup allows me to get one or two thick milky rips out of a bowl, which for this price is a game-changer.

If you're not quite ready to commit to the Quartz Cap or Terpsicle but have a dynavap lying around, this is the product for you!