DC V5 Micro Diffuser by Divine Tribe and SZ Crossing
DC V5 Micro Diffuser by Divine Tribe and SZ Crossing
DC V5 Micro Diffuser Vaporizer by Divine Tribe and SZ Crossing - heater image
DC V5 Micro Diffuser Vaporizer by Divine Tribe and SZ Crossing with Pico X mod loaded with Artic Fox Firmware
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, DC V5 Micro Diffuser by Divine Tribe and SZ Crossing
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, DC V5 Micro Diffuser Vaporizer by Divine Tribe and SZ Crossing - heater image
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, DC V5 Micro Diffuser Vaporizer by Divine Tribe and SZ Crossing with Pico X mod loaded with Artic Fox Firmware

V5 Micro Diffuser by Divine Crossing

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The V5 Micro Diffuser is the newest 510 threaded offering from the Divine Tribe and SZ Crossing collaboration, aptly named Divine Crossing. It has a heated cup with elements inside the ceramic base and walls, which provide accurate temperature control to within around 10C and provides an almost uniformly heated dabbing surface. The heater sits on top of a stable Zirconia ceramic base which is fit mounted onto the stainless steel V5 Micro Diffuser base then secured down by the cup coil. Much like the V4 Crucible the V5 Micro Diffuser is rebuildable with replaceable coils but has an upgraded heater installation design, airflow, functionality and a directly heated dabbing surface! The built in heat sink is also very effective at stopping your mod heating up, even when performing burn off cycles! 
Accurate temperature control, a fully heated smooth ceramic cup surface and the vortex airflow design makes the V5 Micro Diffuser an extremely efficient vaporizer which is perfect for getting the most from a larger loads or for micro-dosing with tiny dabs! It provides a pure and accurate flavour profile from your concentrates and provides very smooth vapour due to the all ceramic cup. It has fast become our favourite Divine Tribe  concentrate diffuser, despite only being in advanced protoype stages! 
Made with a recessed window in the airflow cap you can see what is going on with your concentrates as they vape. The window has been recessed to avoid breakages and can be removed for cleaning or replacement. We like to push whip tubing on to the mouthpiece of the V5 to cool the vapour and allow us to hold the V5 away from us at eye level, letting us see straight into the diffuser as we vape! 
Glassware Compatibility
The V5 Diffuser has a slightly wider base than the V4 Crucible and is not compatible with the glassware. Only the Silicone Adapter and Glass Water Tool Adapters fit to replace the mouthpiece. We have also found the DynaVap Fat Mouthpiece fits over the original mouthpiece protecting your lips from the heat. 
Before Vaping
  • Check the screws which clamp the coil legs are firmly screwed in.
  • Check the 510 pin in the base of the atomizer is fully screwed in.
  • Perform a burn off cycle at 37W for 30 seconds to clean the cup of any residue from the factory/manufacture. 
How to use
  • First things first set up your mod with the settings listed below, when this is done set the desired temperature then load the cup coil with a small amount of concentrate, generally around the size of a grain of rice (basmati, long grain, whatever, just not a puffed rice size dab!).
  • Hold the fire button on your mod or double click for auto-fire if using one of our Arctic Fox based mod setups (such as our Wismec Gen 3 or Eleaf Pico X) to heat the cup. If using a regular mod you will need to release and re-press the fire button when the shut off timer cut the power off to continue heating the cup.  We suggest starting your inhale when the temperature reaches around 160 C to avoid losing some of the effect and flavour of the material you're diffusing. Release the power or cancel auto-fire around three seconds before you finish inhaling to help the bucket cool and preserve your concentrate for the next inhale. 
  • Wipe clean after use with a q-tip. Cleaning instructions are listed below. 
  • Please note: The V5 Diffuser Cap gets hot after a session, please allow it to cool briefly before removing it to clean the cup. 
  • Please also note: The V5 Diffuser cap has a glass window tube contained in it, the metal grip on the bottom of the airflow cap can be unscrewed allowing easy access to the glass for cleaning or replacement. To load the diffuser please remove the whole top cap by the grip in the usual way, you do not need to unscrew the cap to load the cup coil. If you've been doing this, don't worry, you aren't the only one. 
  • TCR only - 36W with TCR 200
  • Take a new cold coil resistance reading on your mod then lock if desired. Cold coiil resistance is generally between 0.46 and 0.51
  • Heat time is around 12 seconds
  • You can increase the wattage to 45w max however this can cause damage to the heaters as they heat faster. 
Kit contains the following:
  • V5 diffuser base - now with copper screws 
  • Installed Heater 
  • Installed Zirconia spacer 
  • Windowed airflow cap with vortex airflow and integral heat sink 
  • Spare Heater 
  • Spare glass tube
  • Spare screws and Allan key
  • Spare o-rings
  • Key-ring Dab tool (our design) 
  • Q-tips
  • Alcohol pads 
  • Instructions 



  • Ceramic Heater 
  • Stainless Steel and Glass body
  • Steel mouthpiece
  • 22mm outer diameter (OD) Base
  • 24mm OD Airflow cap
  • 510 threaded base for use with Mod boxes
  • Ceramic, metal and glass vapour path
  • Compatible with V4 Silicone Water Tool Adapter and Glass Adapters

    Replacement Parts



    • To maintain a clean heater always keep the temperature below 260C and leave a small amount of residue in the bucket, most concentrates will have a little residue left over (often oily) which contains no useful compounds as they've already been vaporized out, this is the fraction that is suggested to be left behind for cleaning. Gently swab out the heater after each use while it is still warm, do not apply pressure to clean or you risk damaging the heater connections. 
    • Burn off Cycles can be performed at 37W Max for one minute, if needed this can be restarted after allowing the heaters to cool briefly in between cycles. Heaters can be cleaned at higher wattages but may break, we have had success at 45W but 37W is the maximum reliable cleaning wattage. 
    • Do not torch clean the Zirconia spacer as it may crack due to heat stress and uneven thermal expansion 

    Coil replacement
    Slightly undo the screw bolts from each side of the atomizer, there are four in total, two for each coil leg. The coil leg is clamped in between the two screws. Lift the coil out of the V5 base and line it up next to the replacement coil, then trim the wire legs of the new coil to the same length as on the old one. If in doubt always cut a little longer, you can trim extra wire off but you can never add it back on! Insert the coil legs through the Zirconia cup coil stand and into the V5 base. Then, while holding the V5 Coil in place with your thumb, tighten the screw bolts. Start by tightening the first screw until you feel resistance then tighten the other, always return tonthe and first screw to ensure it's tight. Then repeat this procedure for the other coil leg. Take a cold resistance reading from your new coil and if desired lock this. Then place onto wattage mode and perform a burn off cycle at 37W to ensure the coil is clean of any residue before switching back into temp control mode for vaping. 
    Expected FAQs
      • Is there any exposed metal?
        • No, this area has been covered with a ceramic glaze before being baking at high temperature for an extended period of time. In future an extra layer of ceramic will be added around this area to improve the look. 
      • Can I use the V5 on wattage mode?
        • Yes but you will have a reduced experience and risk burning your material. For wattage mode we suggest using a dedicated wattage based coil or a diffuser/vaporizer which heats more slowly and preferably has a stick resistant surface such as Silicon Carbide (SiC).
      • Will there be inserts for the V5?
        • Yes! We can't share any more details right now but there will be compatible inserts. 
      • Does this fits the Eleaf Pico X Mod?
        • It does, just! Please note if using the V5 Diffuser with the Pico X you will need to first install the Pico battery cover, then adjust it so that one notch of the cover is facing the atomizer, then screw in the atomizer. If you do not do it in this order you will not be able to fit the atomizer onto the Pico X as shown in the image. It is a very close fit on this mod. On a related note we suggest running this with a dual battery mod like the Wismec RX Gen3 AFF mod due to the high power draw required.
      • Do I need Arctic Fox Firmware?
        • No but it definitely makes life easier and you won't be able to perform minute long burn off cycles without it! We suggest pairing this atomizer with the Wismec RX Gen3 AFF mod
      • Will you provide more parts and full support for this atomizer like with the others? 
        • You know it! Always.
      • Is it compatible with V4 Crucible bottomless bangers and glass caps? 
        • Most of our bottomless bangers (excluding the seamless v4 banger) work with the V5 Diffuser, if you're purchasing a bottomless banger with that in mind please let us know so we can fit check it. However while they are not compatibles with the V4 glass vortex caps, they are compatible with the 14mm and 18mm glass adapters and V4 Silicone water tool adapter, both of which can also be used as replacement mouthpieces if desired. 
      • Will it have a glass vortex cap and bottomless bangers made? 
        • We're told there is a vortex cap in production and bottomless bangers will also be available.
      • Is it compatible with terp balls?
        • Yes, much like the V4 Crucible this works well with 4mm and 5mm terp balls though we haven't found the make as much difference here. 


      Please excuse the paragraph spacing on this page, Shopify is throwing it's toys out the pram when we try to edit this. 

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 11 reviews
      Beats the Sai TAF SiC

      Best thing out right now better than the Sai TAF with a SiC bowl and the Sai plus!

      David Hill

      V5 Micro Diffuser by Divine Crossing


      Feels way sturdier than the v4. Also the ceramic is very easy to clean. If you're not a fan of the windowed cap, the old v4 cap does fit on it too. Loving it. Looking forward to when inserts are available, but honestly the glazed ceramic is amazing. Thanks for the fast delivery :)

      Good device. Just rattles a lot

      Really like the V5. Been using a few weeks now. Good taste and quick heat up. The ceramic spacer wobbles a lot on mine though tried the online trouble shooting and it still rattles. Sounded like a maraca out the box 😂

      Morning, that sounds like it's just got a loose coil, undo the coil clamps, hold the coil down in place and do them up while holding it, should stop the rattle.

      James Duncan
      Awesome best thing on the market

      Great out of the box I love this thing even better than the v4 which was the best I’d had until the v5