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3mm Sic, 4mm SiC, 5mm SiC, 6mm Sic, 4mm Ruby and 6mm Ruby terp ball terp pearls
Terp ball range + large grabber
4mm ruby terp ball and 6mm ruby terp ball
3mm Sic terp ball, 4mm sic terp ball, 5mm sic terp ball, 6mm sic terp ball
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, 3mm Sic, 4mm SiC, 5mm SiC, 6mm Sic, 4mm Ruby and 6mm Ruby terp ball terp pearls
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Terp ball range + large grabber
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, 4mm ruby terp ball and 6mm ruby terp ball
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, 3mm Sic terp ball, 4mm sic terp ball, 5mm sic terp ball, 6mm sic terp ball

Terp Pearls - Terp Balls - Ruby or Silicon Carbide SiC

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Terp pearls also known as terp balls move around in your crucible or bucket helping to mix the concentrate and spread it around the base. This aids the production of smooth vapour with a more consistent flavour profile throughout the session. With larger surfaces like the DC V4 Crucible they also help the material come off more slowly in multiple draws helping your concentrate last a little longer! They're especially useful for larger dabs and dabs of material with a higher plant wax/fat content due to the mixing and spreading effect. You can give your terp pearl a helping hand when you start to draw air through your DC V4 to get it initially moving by tipping or swirling the atomizer in the normal manner. The air flow will then keep it in motion. Due to their light weight and smooth surface they are most effective when used in a clean bucket or crucible. With the Sai the bucket can be rocked/swirled in the usual manner moving the terp pearl around; aiding in vapourization.

Use discount code "10off10" for 10% off these terp balls when ordering 10 or more. 

Available options:

SiC (Silicon Carbide) Terp Balls

  • 3mm - £1.50
  • 4mm - £1.50 
  • 5mm - £1.50
  • 6mm - £2

Ruby Terp Balls

We have changed the options so you can purchase them individually, allowing you to mix and match as desired. Also available are our Terp Ball Grabbers which are designed for handling balls between 2-8mm making them the best solution available for handling hot or sticky terp pearls. 

  • Pack includes 1 x Terp Ball unless purchasing 3mm Ruby which are sold in are packs of 10 balls. 

We stock ruby and Silicon Carbide terp balls because they are extremely conductive of heat and in coil heated crucibles or buckets these are more effective than quartz alternatives. To give you a general idea - ruby is around 10x more conductive than quartz and SiC is around 80x more conductive of heat! When used with torch heated crucibles or bangers quartz pearls are often used because they have the same thermal properties as the crucible/banger, helping vapourize the material before the crucible cools down due to the movement and extra trapped heat. In coil heated atomizers they take too long to heat up reducing their effectiveness which is why we don't stock them.

Due to the different materials and sizes each variant provides a slightly different experience and flavour which is entirely down to personal preference. At Recommended Vape Supplies we've come to the agreement that Silicon Carbide terp balls provide slightly smoother vapour while Ruby provides a slightly crisper flavour profile. Silicon Carbide also stays hot for longer, aiding vapourisation better through the session, which makes it our preference. 

Generally a single terp pearl is most effective for bucket atomizer setups. However some people like to put a number in, preheat them and drop their concentrate on that, providing fast vapour production in large quantities. Depending on your desired use you may find the best results by preheating your bucket and terp ball, this will provide more vapour more quickly but will reduce the clarity of flavour. 

Due to its tornado air-flow design terp pearls are especially effective when used with the DC V4 Crucible atomizer. We've found 5mm SiC work best in this atomizer, due to being larger the tornado airflow pushes them around better.

The HVT Sai is also improved by these as they help to mix and spread the material around the hot corners and edges without it being pushed up the sides too far by the airflow, helping it vapourise more thoroughly and efficiently.  We prefer the 4mm terp balls for the Sai, the smaller size ball seems to compliment the slightly smaller bucket. 

6mm Terp balls are generally best for larger setups such as enails however they can be used with the V4 Crucible or New Sequoia if desired. 

We also sell cup tweezers designed specifically for holding small shiny objects which make life much easier. These are a little large for  handling 3mm terp balls. 

Both of these materials are formed in conditions well over 1000 degrees Celsius (1200C and 2700C) and so do not produce any vapour contamination during use. As with all vape items it is best to clean them first to remove any residue left over from manufacture and packing.

When to consider avoiding terp balls:

It is not recommended to use terp balls in low quality fast moving quartz spinners as there is a small chance of wear to the poorly machined quartz and inhalation of small quartz particles due to damage from the terp balls.

We have not found any such damage on any of our products and have searched for evidence of this with no result. While the balls spin in the V4 Crucible it is extremely smooth and the balls are not heavy enough to cause particles of any significant size to be produced. With slower moving balls, not being spun fast enough to wear the quartz, the possibility of this damage is not present as the terp balls are very small and light so lack the forces to do damage, especially when lubricated with concentrate or residue. 

As a side note it's also worth considering the quantity of this (Silica) and similar substances you breathe every day walking near roads, in dry dusty environments or in a more extreme scenario, going to the beach. The quantities produced by a fast moving terp ball in a high quality crucible are infinitesimally smaller and could be considered negligible relative to background levels of particle inhalation. Especially considering a significant portion of the world's population live in dry regions and Silica based deserts. 

Metal crucibles/buckets are malleable and so do not chip or fracture and the SiC and Ruby terp balls themselves are extremely hard and even after a year of daily use show no signs of wear. When spun fast with SiC buckets we have found no damage on either the SiC terp balls or the buckets. 

Terp ball gabber not included in listing, for illustrative purposes only. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Sour chef

Love this terp ball work lovely in my core 2.0.

Dominic Maxwell
Good addition to your system

I like using terp pearls as they help produce a nice cloud to your vape and vaping the whole dab more efficiently, I'd recommend using the long spinner bubble carb cap sold on here also it's really needed to get the most out of using terp pearls this also gets 5 stars such a solid made carb cap dropped mine countless times now still not a scratch!!!

Mark Hosking
Speedy delivery

My delivery only took 3 days to receive in The Netherlands and the price of postage was reasonable. On top of that, terp pearls, especially alternatives to quartz ones, are very hard to come by outside of the US, this was the only source I could find after a lot or research - 5 stars guys!

Wow that's incredibly fast thanks for letting us know that! Very pleased you're happy with the products and service, here if you ever have questions! - Matt

Mark W
Great service

Spoke to the guy and made my order really easy. Excellent service and products would highly recommend

Claire Sunderland
Terp balls

This was the only UK site I could find the 4mm terp balls. Excellent price. Really good postage. Very happy. Thanks 😊