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14mm water tool adapter for DC V3 and DC V3.5 concentrate atomizers - RecVapeS
Divine Tribe Divine Crossing DC V3.5 water tool/ Hydratube Attachment 18mm - Recommended Vape Supplies
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Water Tool Adapters - DC V3.5 in 14mm and 18mm Borosilicate Glass

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These are water tool or bubbler adapters for our Divine Tribe/ Divine Crossing range of atomizers made from 2.5mm thick borosilicate glass. We have in stock 14mm and 18mm adapters for the DC V3 and DC V3.5. Please select your desired option from the dropdown menu. 

Adapters for the DC V3.5 replace the top ceramic part of the atomizer fitting neatly over the o-rings. They can also be used to instead of this top part for those that like a smaller mouthpiece. They are designed specifically for these atomizers so fit snugly, some people choose to lubricate the o-rings for easy removal and replacement from the atomizer. The DC V4 Crucible adapters are easiest to insert while being gently rotated. 

The adapters will fit any upright water tool that has an appropriate size female joint so can be used with your existing bubbler if you own one.

Please note: it's been pointed out by a customer that the DC V3.5 fits 18mm water tools without an adapter! We somehow missed that but it is the case! Connecting it directly to the water tool will increase the likelihood of damage to the glass due to the ceramic being harder but if you're careful you could use this method indefinitely! It is of course less stable but it does fit! Thanks for the tip! 

Customer Reviews

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Pointless for the DTV3.5, important for the V4
ALL CUSTOMERS Please note this listing is now ONLY for the V3.5 adapter, we now stock a silicone V4 Crucible option. Thanks for your review, we've updated the page with this new info about the 18mm adapter. We've also had to leave the above note attached to this review to avoid more people buying this for the V4 in error.