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Vaporizer hose - whip tubing in various colours

Vaporizer Hose - Tube - Whip Tubing - Various Colours

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This premium quality vaporiser hoze, also referred to as whips or tubing is by far the best we've come across. Made from food grade vinyl tube it does not collect oils from your hands and is very resistant to building up residue inside. It provides a clean flavour profile and is more flexible and softer to the touch than silicone. This makes it easier to use and far less likely to destabilise your vapouriser or water tool. Having a 9.5mm (3/8") inner diameter it can be used with a wide variety of glass water tool attachments, or can be simply inserted into the opening of many bubblers.  

Simple Glass Whip Mouthpieces can be found here. 


Available Colours

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Clear
  • Lime Green (there is no dark green sorry)
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Red



  • 13mm Outer Diameter
  • 9.5mm Inner Diameter 
  • 1.5ft/18" or 3 ft/ 36" approximate lengths
  • Food Grade Vinyl - FDA Approved
  • Made in the USA
  • Elev8 product 

Bite Valves for dual whip setups can be found here.

With a little effort these tubes also fit over 14mm male water pipe adapters available the DC V4 or V5 and the DC Gen 2 Herb Vape with Water Tool Adapter. If you're determined you even can fit it directly onto the mouthpiece of your V4 Crucible or V5 Diffuser vaporizer for extra cooling. Used this way they make a great solution for lazy vaping as you can attach the whip to your atomizer cap removing the requirement to even lift your vape to your mouth! This vaporizer tubing can also be paired up with angled Hose Adapters for connection directly into your 14mm or 18mm water tool/rig. We also have Angled Hose AdaptersStraight 18mm Whip Adapters and Flat or Angled Mouthpieces by Elev8. These are all directly compatible with this tubing and can be used with the Vapor Tamer Cooling Device for exceptional cooling. 



  • We've never had much success cleaning whips, we tend to use them until they manky then replace them... however...
  • We have been told by Elev8 that they can be soaked in ISO and rinsed with ISO then hot water to clean them up. So we might just not being thorough enough with our own cleaning attempts. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Ziyad Fayad


Robert Shymon
Good quality

The hose itself, the colour finishes (I bought 2) and the overal user experience are very good. I give 4 stars only because it is hard to straighten them up when a dent forms (because of bending).


Thank you! :) Really flexible and easy to attach on and off. Perfect for lazy vaping ha!

Much better than other whips I've tried

It's more fleixble and much easier to connect to things. I was a bit unsure but now I've tried it I'm replacing all my whips with it.

Aaron G
Just chillin' with my hose

First time I have used vinyl hose but I find it much better. It's more flexible and easier to get on/off fittings. Would recommend over poly any day.