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HVT Sai Saionara Top Air Flow in Titanium and Stainless Steel (titanium shown). Recommended Vape Supplies
HVT Sai TAF Black Stainless Steel UK
Crushed Clapton, 4mm twisted kanthal, triple titanium wrapped quartz, ceramic donut and cermic plates. Some of the best Sai coils in stock. RecVapeS
HVT Sai TAF Atomizer pictured with some of the best coils and the heat sink. RecVapeS
HVT Humboldt Vape Tech logo - Authorized distributor Recommended Vape Supplies
Wismec Reuleaux Tinker 2 Mod with HVT Sai and Poseidon V2 Water Tool
Titanium bucket - screws into without bucket coil. Comes installed in atomizer.
Without bucket ceramic donut coil - top view. Comes installed with titanium bucket

HVT Sai TAF (Top Air Flow) in Stainless Steel, Black SS and Titanium.

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HVT Sai Ti Bucket Settings: (start point)
  • TCR 260-315 - 30W - 240C @ 0.7 ohms

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General Information
Now dispatched with the upgraded Top Air-Flow tube as a free gift! 

We are a UK supplier of the HVT Sai TAF (top air flow) atomizer, designed for use with concentrates, which is well known for it's versatility, excellent construction and lifetime warranty. It's rated highly by ourselves and others for very good reasons! Available in stainless steel, black (SS) or titanium, milled to perfection, with a 510 connection, no moving, flimsy or breakable parts (the coils themselves, like all coils, can be damaged) with the right setup this atomizer can produce more vapour than you'll know what to do with! This is considered an intermediate level vape as it does have removable coils which need to be handled and cleaned with care when taken out of the atomizer. It has a leakproof design. Our number one recommended product that should be used with the Sai TAF buckets is the new top air flow tube upgrade, we've included a link to the demonstration video on the product page. We advise lubricating your o-rings with a little o-ring lubricant applied with a finger tip to stop them becoming sticky. 

Aside from a huge range of available coils the Sai TAF also has a wide range of airflow options from restricted to completely free flowing. One of the other advantages of the top airflow atomizer is the ability to use any of the coils, top or bottom airflow, as it's compatible with both! We recommend using the heat sink to protect your mod box from getting warm when using the titanium bucket. 

The HVT Sai TAF comes with the original titanium bucket (pre installed with donut coil) we also stock a variety of coils including the twisted 4mm kanthal/black ceramic or quartz rod coil (wattage mode only) - one our favourites and in our opinion the beastiest coil out there! If you purchase the HVT Sai with a Poseidon V2 water attachment you can have 10% off that, just enter "makeitsmooth". Aside from it's main purpose of filtering and cooling vapour the Poseidon V2 improves the airflow in the bucket due to the intake tube sitting slightly higher up, this reduces the amount of material pushed up the side increasing efficiency. This allows the bucket to be loaded with smaller or larger dabs!  To change coils simply unscrew the old and replace with the new! We've made a quick demonstration video on how to replace these. 

All our atomizers are available as bundles which are discounted when parts are purchased together. Buy any atomizer, mod box and water tool and receive a 4% discount (and free shipping) automatically applied to your basket! We've made a video detailing the contents of our bundles and showing how these parts fit together

Parts and accessories can be found for this atomizer in the Sai TAF product collection in our side menu - Products - HVT - Sai TAF. Or by clicking this text link. 

We apologise, shopify store only allows one code to be entered per order, so we advise using the one that saves you the most!!

Because of higher production costs the Titanium Sai Atomizer variation is £10 more, but is 30 grams lighter (82g and 52g respectively) with the titanium bucket installed. The titanium atomizers also retain less heat so the mouthpiece and body stay cooler during use. 

The Sai TAF titanium bucket is also especially effective when used with terp balls (Ruby or Silicone Carbide). These help to spread and mix the material providing smoother vapour and more even vapourization throughout a session, they also help retain more heat inside the bucket improving the effectiveness of the vapourizer, especially with increased air flow. These are great when used alone or a number are preheated in the bucket.  

We also have in stock the Sai TAF glass mouthpiece which stays much cooler than the metal ones. This is great for longer sessions. We also have available an o-ring which can be placed around the mouthpiece allowing the atomizer to be simply used with 18mm water tools by seating them on the o-ring. We've found a very effective setup is the upgraded airflow tube and 18mm Triple Percolating Hydratube Bubbler

Atomizer o-rings should be lubricated with a small amount of vegetable oil, coconut oil, o-ring lubricant or similar to avoid them becoming sticky.

We have a quick video showing the breakdown of the parts. 

Coil Information

Smooth and creamy vapour is produced by the titanium bucket when using temperature control and the twisted 4mm kanthal wrapped quartz/black ceramic rod coils can be used to slowly vapourize your material or can be turned up to 23w (max recommended setting for a balance of vapour production and aroma, they go higher) and blast it off! 

 Titanium Bucket Donut Coil: HVT recommended setting are 24-28W with TC-Ni, 380-450F or 193-232C - popular settings also include 30w on Ni or with a TCR value between 260-315 depending on your mod box, start at the lower end and work up if you're having trouble with Ni temp control. Small variations in how the coil contacts the base of the bucket will also affect how it heats up. The most accurate way to keep temperatures stable is by calibrating the TCR to the ceramic coil temperature without the bucket on, this way the temperature will never rise above the temperature set on your mod box. This works well with the Sai because the bucket usually have such good contact with the ceramic heating coil. The TCR value for the coil is around 260. With this TCR value the bucket will stabilise around 10 Celcius lower than the temperature of the coil during general use, so the temperature can just be set around 10C higher than needed! Left to heat up over an extended period the bucket will eventually stabilise a few degrees cooler than the coil but this takes some time as the bucket is in contact with the base of the Sai which acts as a heat sink and during use air is being drawn over it. These heat up times will also depend on the wattage your box is set at. TCR settings vary slightly between mod boxes. 

For more information on how to set up you atomizer with custom TCR settings check out our blog post.

If you have a preferred coil type we don't currently stock just pop us a message and we'll get them in our next order so we have them available for you. 

The Sai is excellent when used with terp balls as these help to mix and spread the material around the hot edges and corners while preventing it from being pushed too far up the sides by the airflow. This also improves the flavour and efficiency of the atomizer. Use the standard rocking/swirling motion to keep them on the move! 

Link to basic original HVT guide here (pdf download) 

 HVT Website

In the Box

  • Sai TAF Atomizer in Stainless Steel, Black or Titanium  (ROHS certified materials) 
  • 8.8mm (W) x 12mm (H) (internal dimensions) bucket. 
  • Dab Tool
  • Airflow options
  • O-rings

Please note all coils eventually need replacing however all the coils we stock are reliable and tend to last for many months with care and proper use. If used outside stated specifications they will be more likely to fail unexpectedly, do not use them outside specification. The air flow in bottom air flow coils (BAF) eventually block, at this point you can switch to top airflow on your atomizer! Coils/crucibles/buckets should be cleaned with a burn off cycle then wiped before use to remove any oils left over from manufacture. This can be done at full temperature (300-315 Celcius) on your mod box with temp control coils and for kanthal coils on wattage mode at the maximum recommended wattage. It's never a bad idea to give your atomizer a quick clean before use too. 

Planet of the vapes have had full material analyses done of the Sai and Sai coils. All materials were shown to be of high quality. You can view these results here. 

The Poseidon V2 water attachment pictured is not included but is available separately. 

This Atomizer/Diffuser requires a regulated mod box capable of sub ohm vaping.

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Customer Reviews

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Best on the go

Lovely piece of kit the sai. Is my second one as I also have a titanium.
The Black one is even more cool :)
I use this one for the quartz kantal with pico mod and pico stash perfect on the go.

The other one I have is for the sic buket !
100% quality and costumers service as usual!


Absolutely brilliant item. Heard about how good it was online on forums and it most certainly lives up to its standards. I love it thanks

Great Product

Magnificent atty. Stealthy, powerful and versatile. Customer service is outstanding. Good to know all of these products are of excellent quality

1st class service 👍🏻

What a top company. I’d accidentally double ordered a part and Matt emailed me on his day off to check if I had done it intentionally. When I said no, he offered to swap for something else or give me a refund. What a top guy. Big up Matt. Also the product was amazing quality and delivery was really quick. Will definitely be using these guys again in the future

Great bit of kit

Bought as an upgrade to my Yocan pen and this thing is on another level!