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HVT Sai Saionara 4mm Twisted Kanthal Black Ceramic Coil - Recommended Vape Supplies
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HVT Sai - 4mm Twisted Kanthal with Black Ceramic Rod Coil

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These coils for the HVT Sai Atomizer (the Saionara) are as good as they look. The twisted kanthal with black porous rod, sitting in a ceramic cup, is one the biggest, fastest vapour producers for the Sai atomizer while still producing excellent aromas from your material. The ceramic provides a smoother if slightly less flavourful vapour than the quartz.

These coils can be cleaned using a burn off cycle. These are done by removing the airflow cap, turning the power up to 20w, turning the atomizer upside down with a piece of paper underneath and heating it until the excess oils come out onto the paper, this usually takes around 20 seconds. Only allow the coil to glow a dull red, no hotter, this is achieved by pulsing the power manually. When oil has stopped coming out replace the atomizer cap, heat the coil and gently puff until the airflow is clear and no vapour is being produced. This should only be a few puffs if the majority has already been poured out.

4mm Twisted Kanthal wire wrapped around a black ceramic rod. These coils are recommended for use between 18-28 watts, being kanthal they are not suitable for temperature control. Loading smaller amounts on to these reduces reclaim and cleaning regularity. Please ensure you have a sub-ohm capable mod and battery.

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If you have a preferred coil type we don't currently stock just pop us a message and we'll get them in our next order so we have them available for you. 

Please note all coils eventually need replacing however all the coils we stock are reliable and tend to last for months with care and proper use. The air flow in bottom air flow coils (BAF) eventually block, at this point you can switch to top airflow on your atomizer! Coils/crucibles should be cleaned with a burn off cycle before use to remove any oils left over from manufacture. 

These coils can be loaded multiple times before cleaning as excess material pools at the bottom. They can be heated and turned upside down to then drain this out into tissue, then heated again and gently blown on to remove anything left on the coil. When the flavour starts to change and the coil cannot be cleaned in this way simply soak in ISO or similar solvent, rinse, dry and fire to clean.