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Triple Percolator Bubbler Water Tool Hydratube
Triple Percolator Bubbler Water Tool Hydratube close up
Triple Percolator Bubbler Water Tool Hydratube Close up empty
Triple Percolating Bubbler Hydratube with 14mm adapter and 14 to 18mm converter

Triple Percolator - Hydratube Bubbler

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Made of 4.2mm thick glass this 18mm Triple Percolating Water Tool Bubbler provides the best vapour conditioning of any we've used. Standing at 26cm tall with the base (included) they are just 5cm taller than our other favourite and staple for some time - the hydrabomb style bubbler. These are designed to be used as vertical bubblers and we are looking into glass bases to allow them to be used with bottomless bangers, converting your 510 Atomizer into a true e-rig. We also have 18mm percolating rig bases to add an extra level of vapour conditioning to your setup and allow easy mating with bottomless bangers. Various adapters can be found in the side menu by selecting the relevant atomizer, this will open the atomizer's product collection page. 

The triple percolating bubbler provides some of the best vapour conditioning of any water tool we've used, helping produce cool smooth vapour. 

fullbundlediscount - 5% off when purchasing any atomizer, water tool and mod box together. 

When you draw air through the bubbler this water is forced up, with the vapour, through the three percolating disks; conditioning and cooling the vapour. Having three disks means the airflow on this bubbler is slightly more restricted than some others, if you're not a fan of slower draw and more restricted airflow this might not be the bubbler for you. Our only issue with it is that the mouthpiece could be more comfortable in more positions. We've found it's comfortable if you rest your bottom lip just underneath the bottom lip of the mouthpiece but it doesn't have a perfect design. We've talked to the manufacturer about this and hope to have it changed for future models.  

The bubbler works best when either filled so that the top of the water is just below the bottom disk (restricted airflow e.g. V4 Crucible) or filled just above the tube which feeds into the main chamber (open airflow e.g. New Sequoia). Getting the initial water level is important with this bubbler to get the best percolating effect from all three disks and this level will partly depend on the speed of airflow. Filling it to just below the bottom disk is a good starting point because it's easy to then pour a little water out as you go, if needed, to get it just right.  

We're currently out of stock of glass 18mm adapters for the V4 Crucible Atomizer and will be replacing this product with our own line of silicone adapters and are awaiting stock. 

It is also compatible with the HVT Sai TAF and New Sequoia by using a simple o-ring around the mouthpiece as an adapter. If used with the Sai we advise also purchasing an upgrade airflow tube as the original will not function so well with this high level of airflow. 

As with all our bubblers this is part of the bundle deal where you can buy any atomizer, mod and bubbler together and receive automatic 4% discount and free shipping applied in your basket. 

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Triple percolated perfection!