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Poseidon V2 Water Tool Attachment for HVT Sai Atomizer - Recommended Vape Supplies UK
Wismec Reuleaux Tinker 2 Mod with HVT Sai and Poseidon V2 Water Tool Sold by Recommended Vape Supplies UK
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Poseidon V2 Water Tool for Sai

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The Poseidon V2 is a borosilicate glass water tool designed specifically for use with the HVT Sai atomizer (Saionara), produced by their manufacturers SZ Crossing. It replaces the top cap and mouthpiece fitting neatly onto the base of the atomizer. Water tools are used to filter and cool vapour before it's inhaled giving a smoother and cleaner experience, the Poseidon v2, being the second iteration has been refined close to perfection. It consists of the main bubbler which fits over the atomizer feeding the vapour down and out of the percolator (the little underwater slits which the vapour passes through) then up the tube where it meets the mouthpiece. This is a removable part with a ground end so it fits neatly and securely into the main body of the bubbler. The mouthpiece has also been designed with a small airflow tube/splash gaurd to further restrict water from travelling up the mouthpiece, which works brilliantly. Another advantage of this two part setup is the ease of cleaning, it can be taken apart, rinsed with your chosen solvent (e.g. isopropyl alcohol) and washed with very little effort. The Poseidon V2 should be filled with water to just above the highest slit in the bubbler.

Click this link to view our parts breakdown video of the bubbler on YouTube 

Replacement mouthpieces are available if required. Click this text. 

The Poseidon has a convenient stainless steel carb cap with a small built in magnet and provided magnetic dab tool. This carb cap has two interchangeable airflow options for use with top or bottom air flow coils and actually provides better and more even vaporisation of material than the original top airflow cap when used with the titanium bucket. We suspect this is due to the airflow tube sitting further above the base of the bucket, pushing less material up the sides. By improving the airflow patterns inside the bucket the material vapourises more evenly. This means the Sai can be loaded with either smaller or much larger dabs than usual without the material running up the sides or blocking the airflow making it even more versatile!

The Poseidon V2 also makes loading the Sai slightly quicker and easier since the carb cap can be lifted off with no  effort using the magnetic dab tool (it lives on the carb cap) and the Sai refilled in moments. This has the added benefit of never having to store your sticky dab tool on a dirty surface since it sticks straight to the cap!

This really is a game changer for the Sai which is already a brilliant atomizer, the added filtration and cooling makes a huge difference, especially when running hotter temperatures (it might have become our favourite accessory). If purchased with a Sai atomizer you can receive a 10% discount on the Poseidon V2, just enter "makeitsmooth" at checkout. 

fullbundlediscount - 5% off when purchasing any atomizer, water tool and mod box together. 

These bubblers can be made to produce more vapour with the addition of a glass directional carb cap . This isused to move and spread the concentrate around the bucket, aiding vapourisation. This can be attached to the Poseidon to avoid being lost by adding a silicone carb cap tether. 

In the box:

  • 1 Poseidon V2 Water tool for Sai (not Sai Plus)
  • 1 Carb cap with magnet
  • 1 magnetic dab tool
  • x2 airflow tube/cylinders for top or bottom airflow

DC V4 Crucible Use

If using the Poseidon V2 with a DC V4 Crucible atomizer we suggest checking out this disk spinner carb as it is much more effective than simply placing the provided metal carb cap upside down. 

 For existing customers - Please contact us for a discount code if you need a replacement bubbler do to breakage. 

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Customer Reviews

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For a quick cool down can't go wrong with the Pos 2 for Sai!
Highly recommended tool from Vape supplies U.K.


Well made, glass is nice and chuncky so hopefully lasts from my clumsy hands for a bit. if it doesn't ill be getting another!

Glad you're enjoying it, you can contact us for a discount code for the next one if you do happen to break it!

Great product and great service!

The poseidon is an absolute game changer. Really takes the Sai experience to the next level. Also I can't recommend Rec Vapes enough. They will literally bend over backwards to help you with any questions you may have, and they do it with a smile. Wouldn't buy from anywhere else these days!

Ah thanks for the glowing review, we do our level best to help!

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Can be used almost horizontal


Poseidon V2 Water Tool for Sai