Angus Rubies 100w - Halogen Vaporizer by YLL Vape – Recommended Vape Supplies
Angus Vaporizer by YLLVAPE
Angus Vaporizer by YLLVAPE
Angus Vaporizer by YLLVape
Angus Vaporizer by YLLVAPE
Angus vaporizer mouthpiece section dismantling
Angus Halogen Vape - Airpath Materials
Angus Exploded View. Now this is what you call transparency!
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Angus Rubies 100w - Halogen Vaporizer by YLL Vape

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We are still the only UK Retailer with the Angus Rubies 100w (19.06.24) - We have been asked again recently to price match with another company who we won't name (rhymes with "tragic vaporizers"), however upon checking with Yllvape they haven't been sent the Angus Rubies or as they call them "Ruby Edition 100w" units. Their product listing still lists glass balls and the original 90 second heat time to reflect this. 

The new Angus Rubies version has ruby balls which provide better flavour and a larger thermal battery for an all round improved experience, especially when used through a water tool with long, repeated inhales! It also has an upgraded 100W halogen bulb with a much thicker element, this makes it far more resistance to knocks and drops. The upgraded bulb also allows for faster heat times and a stronger heating response, making for an all round upgrade to the unit's performance!

The Angus Rubies 100w by YLL Vape has fast become one of our favourite herb specific vaporizers, portable or otherwise! This particular vaporizer provides a specific kind of satisfaction which is hard to match! The easiest comparison we can manage is that this is kind of like an S&B Mighty, it's very easy to use, does what it does very well and uses a hybrid heating system. However unlike the Mighty the Angus provides excellent flavour as well as excellent vapor production and complete satisfaction! It also has user replaceable batteries so you can charge two while vaping, avoiding the need for down time! A must for regular vapers. 

Having five pre-set heat temperatures and a boost mode the Angus is capable of accurately vaporising material between 180-230C (five heat settings plus boost mode!) making it a combustion safe vape. You'd be hard pressed to combust in this without accidentally blowing herb into the heater (never do this to any vape!). If you like the ability to bake to a very dark brown colour while retaining excellent flavour through the session, alongside the ability to vape the entire chamber contents in a few big inhales, then the Angus is probably the one for you! On a related note (kind of) you can also microdose with the Angus too, just put less in and crack on as normal! It provides plenty of convection to do this with no temperature adjustment required. 

Boost mode is activate by holding down the button, the unit will vibrate to let you know when the new higher temperature has been reached. Release the button after finishing your inhale. 

While the Angus does  have a slightly larger overall size than many portables it more than makes up for this with it's incredible vapor producing capabilities and flavour. You can also get around 6 full sessions from a set of batteries. With the 0.25g capacity chamber this makes for a lot of vaping! With no other vapes in the rotation we do one battery change (both batteries) a day. 

The Angus is primarily designed to be a session vape with a 5 minute cut out timer, however we've found that on the max settings, especially if you use boost mode, it's possible to vaporize the chamber contents in 3-4 massive inhales with just some wisps of vapor left after. If you want faster vapor production, ensure you don't pack the herb chamber too tightly, a looser pack will allow more airflow through for faster extractions!  So while it does work very nicely as a session vape with shorter inhales, you can also just suck like your life depends on it and be appropriately rewarded for your efforts! As it should be. It also has a PEEK section above the herb chamber to make for easier loading with less spillage! The Angus has fairly free flowing airflow relative to other similar vapes and can be adjusted slightly. Simply rotate the dial containing the metal screen in the mouthpiece! Vapor comes out the Angus mouthpiece a little warm but very comfortable. We are having some upgrade mouthpieces made which make this the most comfortable! 

Being fairly unique the Angus is the first large production Halogen based portable vaporizer on the market, the halogen heating system provides very reliable and accurate heating. To ensure reliability the Angus has also been through extensive drop testing and should survive multiple drops from around 5 feet high with only replaceable parts needing replacing (glass mouthpiece). The Halogen heating system does take a little while to heat up, for this reason we suggest turning it on, selecting your desired temperature then loading it up to reduce wait times. For follow up sessions it's quite a bit faster as it retains some heat.

The final thing to mention is the Water Pipe Adapter which is Stainless Steel and 14/18mm Male/Female compatible. It also has a straight through design which provides seriously free flowing air with very little restriction, for a portable! This can be hooked up to a wide variety of setups or used directly as a mouthpiece. You'll get hotter vapor if used direct but the amount of air and vapor you can pull through it is pretty special! 



  • Angus Rubies 100w
  • Carry Case
  • Spare Glass Mouthpiece Tube
  • Tweezer Tool for Screen Removal 
  • Cleaning Brush
  • 2 x Dosing Capsules
  • 3 x Spare Screen
  • 2 x Spare O-ring
  • Optional Batteries - Molicel p28a
  • 5bb XL Mouthpiece (gift) 


Specifications - Angus Rubies Version

  • Dry Herb Vaporizer
  • 5 Clicks on/off
  • 2 Clicks Change Temps 
  • 180-220C (with +10C Boost Mode for 230C) 
  • Accurate Temperature Control
  • Approx. 0.2g - 0.3g Capacity. Can take more but that is the sweet spot
  • Halogen Heated Ball Vape (Heater lifespan approx. 2000 hours. Units can be returned to us for heater replacement if required, this is already confirmed)
  • 100w Halogen Bulb
  • User replaceable batteries (dual 18650) 
  • USB-C charging port (no pass through charging) 
  • 2 Amp charging input - approx 3 hours to charge from flat
  • Stainless Steel Herb Chamber
  • PEEK Cooling Unit (CU) 
  • Glass Mouthpiece Section
  • Viton O-ring
  • PEEK Insulator
  • Walnut Body
  • Approx. 60 Second Initial Pre-Heat Time
  • 5 Minute Session Time
  • Approx. 6 Sessions from Provided Dual Battery Setup 
  • No Tamp or Stir Required
  • Compatible with Molicel M28a 2800mah batteries! 
  • Micro-dose Compatible


Safety Features

  • Reverse Battery (Polarity) Protection
  • Over-Charge/Discharge Protection
  • Low Current Protection
  • ROHS Certified Materials
  • PCB Over-Temperature Protection
  • Balance Charge Protection 
  • Temperature Control Protection
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty Against Defects (Includes Heater) 


    Useful Additions



    • Start heating then grind/load herb to avoid waiting for the full pre-heat
    • Always close the glass mouthpiece straight after vaping to avoid breakages
    • Fill the chamber to the o-ring, not to the top of the PEEK section, this is just to assist loading
    • Between inhales if you put it down, always place the Angus on it's side to avoid knocking it over
    • Using a medium grind avoids compaction against the mouthpiece or WPA screen when inhaling hard or using the Angus upside down in a water tool. A fine grind is totally fine to use if you're happy to inhale more slowly or give the contents a little poke at some point during your session! 
    • Don't tamp! Compressing the material will stop the airflow passing through the herb properly and isn't required. Tidy it in in there and poke in any mess but you don't need to apply downward pressure for the best results. 
    • Hold the device away from the metal ring around the top. This acts as a heat dissipator so gets quite hot especially after a couple of sessions! 



    • Super easy. Soak mesh mouthpiece filter screen in ISO, swap with a spare. every few days and wipe the solid Steel filter screen with an ISO wipe while warm. 
    • Weekly, remove the top mouthpiece section (Cooling Unit), dismantle, soak in ISO then rinse and dry
    • Change the screen in the herb chamber as required - Almost never 
    • That's pretty much it. It's fairly easy to dismantle and none of the parts are tiny! 


    Important Notes

    • Since the Angus essentially acts as a hand-warmer this product is likely not suitable for Diabetic customers 
    • If your bulb fails (not due to unit damage) within 12 months of purchase we will replace it free of charge. 
    • After 12 months if the heater fails or need replacing due to damage the device can be returned to us and the bulb replaced for £20 + shipping. Please contact us if this is required.  
    • Please note that for international orders we cannot ship this product with batteries, these will need to be sourced locally. Orders with batteries included will be switched over for the Angus Rubies only versions and the difference refunded. 
    • The Angus body is made from wood, this grows naturally so comes in a variety of grains, with knots and natural marks. This is natural variation and this variation is to be expected, so having a body which contains these marks and is different from all other bodies is normal, being that they are all unique. 
    • Wood naturally holds a small amount of water, due to the design of the Angus with a central heater which retains lots of heat due to the balls inside, with very regular use the wood can shrink slightly as it dries. This is not a functional issue with all the internal parts still being normally aligned. If left unused for a day or two (depending on local relative humidity and temperature) this will return to the original size, however it is nothing to worry about in functional terms. 


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 15 reviews
    premium feel

    heavy in the hand, beautifully designed and machined. produces very nice vapour. doesn't close perfectly with the dosing capsule - I had to file down the lips at both ends of the capsule to take off 1-2mm, and then it closed fine.

    James Richardson
    Well worth the money.

    I've got an extensive vaporizer collection so I thought I'd add the angus. I'm so glad that I did,it's superb through a glass. Very smooth cooling unit that gives large clouds. Good build quality. Even comes with a quality case with accessories. Overall a budget vaporizer that can easily compete with the tinymight 2 and the mighty plus.

    Angus rubies

    Really impressive unit, am loving this one. May even be better than the mighty. So far very happy with this purchase.


    Customer service was above and beyond despite unforeseen issues. Dispatch was seamless and delivery super fast. The Angus device is a baller. I’ve had all the power desktops and a number of hand helds. This thing is different. Powerful yet subtle, flavourful with clouds. I’m a hitter of qaroma as a driver and I’m getting satisfying hits, clouds and high from power level 3 of 5. Greets great great!! Thanks

    Great Vape! Quick charging, quick heat up time.

    Really solid and well built vape. The solid wood is really nice.

    The batteries charge fast, so no external charger required. The heat up time via the halogen bulb is short, and the vapour is great too. Very happy esp for the price.