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Angus - Water Pipe Adapter WPA
Angus WPA inverted
Angus Halgen Vape with WPA
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Angus - Water Pipe Adapter WPA

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The Angus Water Pipe Adapter replaces the mouthpiece section of the Angus Halogen Vaporizer to allow for easy connections to 14mm or 18mm bubblers, bongs and hydrotubes! This adapter allows for more airflow than the regular mouthpiece which helps with vapor production. 

Our favourite feature aside from the airflow is the ability to unscrew the mouthpiece screen, insert a 17mm mesh screen so the hole doesn't get blocked and fill it with Ruby balls! We've stuck 3mm in ours, this significantly cools the vapor and allows it to be used as a mouthpiece. This setup probably provides the best flavour we've had from a portable... though your lips will get toasty by the end of the session. Be prepared for some serious vapor and quick extractions on the max temp setting! 

Not only that but the adapter section can be unscrewed and reversed, allowing for connections to 14mm or 18mm male joint adapters, a revelation in adapter design! Being magnetic, the Angus Water Pipe Adapter can also be switched for the regular mouthpiece in a matter of seconds, depending what your immediate requirements are. 

Use discount code "AngusWPA" for 30% off the WPA when purchased with an Angus Halogen Vaporizer! 



  • Angus Halogen Water Pipe Adapter
  • 14mm or 18mm Compatible
  • Male or Female Joint Compatible
  • Food Grade Stainless Steel Adapter and Screen
  • Anodised Aluminium Cap
  • Can be filled with Ruby Balls for additional cooling! 

Not compatible with the Hubble Bubble

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Aaron G
Works well

Works great but the 18mm step is a little wobbly, the 14mm is fine and 18mm seals perfectly well, it's just not the best fit. Other than that it's good.

Angus WPA

Great Air flow, whack it in your bong and off we go..

Thanks for the free ruby balls as well as the sweets...



The Angus is a super smooth vape anyway, but once you run it through water, you can hardly feel it at all. That is until whatever you're vaping kicks your backside anyway. Glad I went for this.