5BB XL Angus Cooling Mouthpiece – Recommended Vape Supplies
5BB XL Angus Cooling Mouthpiece
5BB XL Angus Mouthpiece
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5BB XL Angus Cooling Mouthpiece

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The 5BB XL Angus Cooling Mouthpiece is a direct upgrade to the original. Not only is the mouthpiece slightly longer at 40mm, it also contains 5 x 4mm Ruby Balls and two dimple sets which provide extra cooling and particle filtration! 

Simply remove the original Angus Mouthpiece and pop this in it's place. You may find that one end fits while the other does not, this is normal and an artefact of the dimpling process. Luckily only one end needs to fit! 


  • 5BB Angus Mouthpiece
  • 40mm Long
  • Borosilicate Glass - Now Dark Glass! 
  • Provides Extra Cooling and Filtration

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Chris purdie
Works well

looks cool but does it make vape cooler?, very doubtful so unless you are a big fan of throwing your money away, Why bother?


I wasn't sure that a few bb's in the stem would make a difference, but it cools the vapour down considerably more than you'd expect. Really happy to have a spare.

Mr L Hardwick
Pretty and thinner

Only negative (if that's how you see it) it does make a fine rattle, otherwise, it's thinner, tighter draw feels lovely and I'm not sure it could the vapour down much but it looks awesome. Worth the price just as a spare but a fancy everyday use spare 🤣.

Lovely kit again, really accentuates the Angus 😍 especially like the colour of stone choice 🙏

Great easy upgrade for The Angus

Super cheap way of increasing the performance of The Angus. If you have The Angus you know it runs hot, this helps and gives a nice new look to the top of the vape.

5BB Angus mouthpiece

looks great fits in easily just have to replace and switch it out with the stock mouth piece in the cooling unit. Smooths out the vapor and adds a bit of restriction by adding the ruby balls to the air path