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Angus Dosing Capsule - 3 Pack

Angus Dosing Capsule - 3 Pack

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The Angus Halogen Vape dosing capsules are large capacity dosing caps which make full use of the space inside the Angus herb chamber. Designed with screw threading and grips around the cap these are very easy to open, fill and remove. 

These take a little longer to heat than without, we suggest holding down boost mode when using the dosing caps. At least initially until they've got nice and toasty! 


  • Angus Dosing Caps
  • Pack of Three
  • Carry Tube Included
  • Food Grade Stainless Steel
  • 0.2g Max. Capacity
  • Screw Threaded Design

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Chris purdie
Works well

Although it slightly reduces vape quality they keep the vape reasonably clean. Without them need to clean after every dose

Works well for Smono 5

Works well for Smono 5 but lid need to be removed


I bought the dosing capsules in a bid to keep my oven clean. They do a great job, but the Angus tastes and performs better without them. Super helpful for medicating on the go though.

Paul Cock
Dosing capsules

Handy on the move

Mr L Hardwick

I bought 2 packs of 3 x pods..... Totalling 8 with those that come with the mod. That is enough for a day for me so I need not anymore. They are not flimsy tin like the Mighty/crafty supposedly disposable pods, they have solid tall walls, plenty of ventilation holes but not enough for it to fly out and clogg the coolant top/mouthpiece. Screw on lids just top it off for me. Feels like a seriously professional piece of kit with seriously professional re-useable dose containers I'm certain could be used for putting anything in you would like to vape (even though not recommended, and top would need cleaning more, Hash or extracts (CBD) would be fine to mix with prescription flower for flavour and enhanced effects.

Top vape (The Angus by YLLVAPE) and top accessories.