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Titanium Tip - DynaVap - Sie view shows heat fins.
Titanium Tip - DynaVap - Shows titanium filter screen
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Titanium Tip - DynaVap

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The Titanium Tips from DynaVap provide the best performance in terms of vapour production and airflow, they also cool very quickly to be stashed away after use without burning your hands. These original Titanium Tips provide a faster extraction but the vapour has slightly less flavour and is less smooth than the 2021 Titanium Omni Tip.  

Titanium is known for producing a very clean and accurate flavour profile, this part is no exception. The flavour is further improved by the relatively high level of airflow, this creates more of a convection effect inside the chamber, pulling more hot air through the material, relying less on conduction from the walls. 

In comparison the Stainless Steel (2020) tips heat slower, stay warm for longer but produce less vapour after the click and have reduced airflow inside the packed chamber. This allows for longer sessions and arguably improved flavour but less satisfying clouds unless you heat past the click for a second or two. When doing so the Stainless Steel tip allows for multiple large draws as it retains the heat for longer. 

The improved vapour production and flavour make the Titanium Tip by far our favourite DynaVap tip and is the one we recommend for use with any setup. We use ours with the Tectonic Stem, Jetpack 15 fin heat sink, two part mouthpiece and extra long 510 mouthpiece with a low temp captive cap for cool thick vapour. 

Featuring adjust-a-bowl design you can move the filter screen up inside the chamber, reducing the size, allowing for full and even vapourisation from smaller loads. This is done by pushing the screen further up using the condensing tube from your stem. 

Features include

  • Triple airflow grooves/pathways
  • Triple serrations in the tip to allow high level of airflow into the chamber
  • Integrated heat fins keep stem and vapour cooler
  • Titanium CCD Screen included and installed
  • Adjust-a-bowl design
  • High temperature o-rings included/installed
  • Medical Grade Titanium 
  • Compatible with all caps and midsections from the VapLab 
  • Ability to use whole or ground material. 

Requires a VapCap and DynaVap Stem for use. Our favourite is currently the Tectonic Stem by BB Vapes which is a modular stem with replaceable 510 mouthpiece and two fully adjustable airflow rings. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Dylan Nicholson
Solid Upgrade

Noticeable upgrade in heat up and cool down times from the ss tip would recommend

James Singer
Great Upgrade

A few sessions in and I like having the SS and Ti tips as options depending on cap combos, stems and air resistance. Well worth adding to the collection, for ever wider and greater ways to flavour chase.

Thanks very much for the review, I'm pleased to hear you're enjoying the variety, the spice of life so they say!