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Titanium CCD Filter Screen For DynaVap
Stainless Steel CCD filter Screen for DynaVap
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DynaVap CCD - Titanium or Stainless Steel Filter Screens

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Replacement Titanium Circumferential Compression Diffuser (CCD) - 3 Pack - Available in Titanium or Stainless Steel - DynaVap Filter Screens

These specially engineered screens reduce fine particles passing through and entering the condensing tube of your DynaVap stem without restricting airflow.  

It is suggested to use the Titanium CCD with the Titanium tip and the Stainless Steel CCD with the Stainless Tip, however these are interchangeable. 

DynaVap recommends changing these filters every three months. I'm still using the original after two years. It's good to have spare incase they're lost during cleaning but the screens can be cleaned, flattened back into shape and re-installed a number of times. 

Both screens are compatible with Adjust-a-bowl technology.

Please choose either 

  • 3 x Titanium CCD screens for DynaVap 
  • or 3 x Stainless Steel screens for DynaVap

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
McBarry, G
Titanium CCDs

I prefer them to the SS ones

Alex carby-bennett
Dynavap to ccd

A great little upgrade from the steel screens

Mucho Apologies' & great filters

I Apologize for my previous review, I was very much intoxicated and in a place that is far from representative of my real persona or personal opinions. The Filters are utterly perfect and very much meet the demands for quality herbal inhalation. They are very reasonably priced considering the fine craftsmanship required for such a intricate device design and you can in fact decide which metal you prefer. Vape supplies did delivered them in exactly the time span they said. I was just venting steam & sounding off at the completely wrong people for the completely the wrong reasons. They are far superior to the original filters provided by the base Dyna-vap set up and I would recommend not only changing these but doing it at least on a 6-month basis. Would I buy these filters off these folks again? Abso-funking-lutely! ....Thanks to Dyna-vap & e-cigs I finally got away from poisonous tobacco, many thanks to you lovely Fun-monkeys. X

Hahah that's no problem, thanks for coming back, I'm happy to remove the previous review if you're happy to authorise that. Or leave it for chuckles, I don't mind either way, just let me know if you'd like it taken down. I appreciate you taking another look and all is very much forgiven. I'm very pleased to hear you like to the filters too. Here if you ever need - Matt

P.s. fun-monkeys XD love it.

Dean Beddow
Titanium or Stainless Steel?

Make your f*cking mind up..... they are two very different metals and have different reactions when heated! When you find out which they are, let us know!? I've popped all 3 in my 3 x DynaVaps` and f*ck all super uber special as happened. They behave just like they are suppose to behave. Not sure why you still need a round of applause and a review for them after I forked out 10 nuggets. Anyone remember the days you just bought sh1t and if it was crap you brought it back and if it was ok, business is done. Now every mother-funster vendor wants a pat on the back for doing what they get paid for! ... I work as a Palliative Nurse to the terminally ill, I never have got back a single review in return, you know why....because they all got put in a f*cking box and smoked out of a chimney or chucked in the ground. F*cking grow up you needy f*ck-monkeys

Thanks for the review... I think? That's an impressively aggressive positive review! I do like the term fuck-monkey, really a lot, but don't enjoy being called it so much (though I did still chuckle).

This listing included both titanium and stainless steel options, you select one and that one is dispatched, so in this case I can confirm you have titanium screens.

I cannot speak for other stores but here product reviews are requested so that customers can share their experience of the product to help others make more informed decisions on what/whether to buy. Service reviews like trustpilot serve a similar purpose but allow people to share feedback on the shopping experience itself, if there were delays, issues, problems with the shop etc. Just helps other people be more informed about what they're buying and the kind of business they're dealing with.

These are all optional and there is absolutely no requirement to fill these in if you don't want to or you find them stressful.

I imagine in an industry where the outcome is always the same and the outcome is also always terminal, there is less room for customer feedback. That said, I'd be surprised if some of the people in palliative care wouldn't also like the opportunity to provide feedback on their care... there's just less of an opportunity to do it!

I'm here if you have any queries - Matt