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Tectonic Stem by BB Vapes BRVND -Gunmetal Airflow ring
Tectonic Stem by BB Vapes BRVND -Mouthpiece shot
Tectonic Stem by BB Vapes BRVND - Dismantled info
Tectonic Stem by BB Vapes BRVND -Stainless Steel Airflow ring
Tectonic Stem with Short optional 510 mouthpiece
Tectonic Stem with optional Long 510 mouthpiece
Tectonic Stem with both long and short optional mouthpieces attached
Two part optional 510 mouthpiece drip tip for Tectonic stem
Two part optional 510 mouthpiece drip tip for Tectonic stem
Tectonic DynaVap Stem
Tectonic Stem with Jetpack variations (pictures 1-3 left to right). Images 4 + 5 show Shellshock with additional two part 510 mouthpiece

Tectonic DynaVap Stem

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The Tectonic Stem by BB Vapes BRVND is the latest addition to the Aftershock Collection. This stem has multiple upgraded features for an improved vaping experience. It also has a chunky solid feel with a quality build and feel to it, it's weighted nicely and ergonomically shaped with a quality grip. With the airflow shut down, especially using our additional mouthpieces, this stem helps produces thick, creamy and tasty vapour from your VapCap. 

We supply this stem with the option of a heavily discounted extra two part mouthpiece/drip tip to provide this for the same cost as the RRP of the stem, without this part. This drip tip has no vent holes and forms a full seal. It can be used with either the long or short part, or with both together for extra length depending what you want. This additional drip tip also allows for other 510 drip tips to be attached such as the Extra Long Mouthpiece, meaning you can still add your original mouthpiece back onto the end if desired! This two part mouthpiece is also compatible with our Extra long 510 mouthpiece and the Jetpack Accessory pack which is available in this listing. Please choose your desired option from the dropdown menu!

For water tool adapters you can use our 510 wide bore drip tip and V4 Silicone Adapter combo

Please ensure the internal condensing tube is screwed in tight before first use. 

Features include

Improved heat sink with four thinner fins for better heat dissipation

  • This helps keep the stem cooler which in turn helps keep the vapour cooler and allows for longer sessions or faster reloads without the stem becoming too hot to use.

Internal Spiral Groove System

  • The spiral helps create turbulence around the condensing tube, improving cooling over a regular smooth internal pathway. 

Reduced 2.5mm condensing tube - Offset from centre

  • The smaller tube further improves cooling. Since the tube is slimmer more vapour comes into contact with the cold metal. 
  • The offset reduced size condenser tube is designed to improve vapour production by generating an improved airflow pattern with more suction on the VapCap when airflow is not fully shut. 

Raised central anti-roll airflow ring

  • Being raised this ring is easy to locate on the stem during use which makes for easy adjustment on the go.
  • It has been grooved to stop the stem rolling freely on or off a table.
  • This feature also stops the stem slipping through your fingers when held loosely.  

Dual airflow holes on the stem and three on the central ring

  • This setup allows for one or two holes to be opened and fully adjusted to preference giving a wider variety of airflow options.
  • These can be closed to around the same level as the Shell-Shock stem providing an almost complete seal for those that like to keep their airflow closed. A very small amount passes through to add constant minimal cooling to the vapour.
  • The air can be stopped by placing a finger and thumb over the air-flow holes. Alternatively you can put a small strip of tape over one hole, replace the airflow ring and rotate it so the ports on the ring sit far away from the open hole. This is how we run them to get a full seal from the stem. 

Bullet style mouthpiece with additional airflow options 

  • Here there are another two fully adjustable ports allowing the option of adding in fresh air which has not passed by the DynaCap. These ports always allow in a small amount of air which cools and dilutes the vapour.  The mouthpiece can also be removed completely and the stem used without if desired, or it can be used with any 510 drip tip. We offer this stem with the option of an additional two part 510 drip tip which can be used in any combination of configurations with or without the original mouthpiece. 
  • A novel mouthpiece design that feels a bit like a cigarette or blunt in the mouth. Surprisingly comfortable to use. 
  • Can be replaced with any other 510 mouthpiece that has the o-rings attached to it. 

Optional Jetpack cooling mouthpiece and heat sink kit

  • The Jetpack kit is an optional mouthpiece and heat sink kit which replaces the stock mouthpiece providing a two different options. The long mouthpiece provides additional cooling to your vapour and the 15 fin heat sink which fits at the DynaCap end, keeps the stem extra cool. 
  • Over 10% off when purchased with the Tectonic stem. 

Optional Boodah Bar Dab Tool 

  • A small dab tool which fits into the end of an old or unused dynavap stem, making a quality dab tool that makes use of your existing parts. If you end up carrying this it has the added advantage of keeping a spare, clean stem on you for those accidental combustion moments. 
  • Use discount code DynaDiscount for 10% off both when purchased with a Tectonic Stem. 

 In the box

  • Tectonic DynaVap Stem by BB Vapes BRVND - Stainless Steel
  • Airflow rings x4 (central and mouthpiece) - Stainless Steel and Gunmetal Options
  • Spare o-rings
  • Optional two-part replacement mouthpiece. Includes spare o-rings.  


  • 41 Grams
  • 13mm wide (at central airflow ring) by  77mm long
  • Stainless Steel Build
  • CE, ROHS certified 

Please note to use the Tectonic Stem you will need a DynaVap Tip and VapCap. We recommend the Titanium Tip and Captive Cap combination as this provides the best performance and flavour from the setup. 

Dynavap Tip for shown for illustrative purposes only, not included.

Customer Reviews

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Awesome Stem

Great service and the product is awesome. Robust, feels good in the hands and looks great. The airports/carb holes will obviously need a bit of adjusting to suit the user but after that is done its a really great aftermarket piece.

Really pleased you're enjoying it, I love my ones! Thanks for the review. - Matt