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Captive Cap VapCap by DynaVap - side view shows indent
Captive Cap VapCap by DynaVap
Captive Cap VapCap by DynaVap - Low temperature version with logo

The Captive Cap - DynaVap VapCap - Regular or Low Temp

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The Captive Cap by DynaVap has been designed to fit all recent DynaVap tips. We also have the Low Temperature Captive Cap available in this listing.  

The Captive Cap has a small indent on each side of the cap which makes the cap more secure and stops it sliding off during use or falling off in a pocket. This indent allows the VapCap to be screwed up and down the threading of the Titanium Tip and the Stainless Steel Tip (2020) using the airflow threading or Tip indents respectively. Removing the Captive Cap using this slight unscrewing motion means you will also not accidentally pull the Tip from your stem when removing the VapCap. 

Another change which has been made to the Captive Cap over the original VapCap is the airflow geometry. Because it has an indent to hold the cap in place the Captive Cap has been made slightly wider than the original. This allows for slightly freer airflow through the stem, reducing draw resistance while retaining around the same vapour production.  The increased airflow slightly improves flavour and provides more even heat distribution in the chamber with less singeing around the edges of the herb. 

The final change is a more positive and obvious click when temperature is reached. This is again a function of there being a little more space inside the cap, allowing for more movement and the more obvious click.

For more detail on other ways to use the VapCap please check out this thorough article from DynaVap

Regular Captive Cap

  • This cap clicks at around 210-220C depending where the cap is heated. 
  • Provides large clouds and good flavour. Chamber fully vaped after 2-4 heating sessions with a full chamber. 

Low Temperature Captive Cap

  • The low temp cap functions exactly the same as the regular cap but clicks at a lower temperature, closer to 200C. 
  • Provides less vapour and improved flavour. Chamber fully vaped after 4-6 heating sessions. 
  • Branded with a unique logo for identification 

Listing Includes

  • 1 x Captive Cap for DynaVap
  • Available in Regular or Low Temperature - Please select from the dropdown menu  
  • Requires DynaVap Tip for use. 

Usage Tips

  • Heat from the side of the cap while slowly rotating your stem.
  • Move the torch up and down slightly to evenly heat the chamber and cap
  • For lighter more flavourful vapour heat closer to the top of the cap  so it clicks sooner.
  • For thicker vapour do not allow the flame to touch the top of the cap so it takes longer to click. 
  • Allow to click again before reheating to avoid accidental combustion. 

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