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Tectonic Stem with Jetpack variations (pictures 1-3 left to right). Images 4 + 5 show Shellshock with additional two part 510 mouthpiece
Jetpack DynaVap Tectonic Stem accessory pack

Jetpack Cooling and Mouthpiece Accessory Pack - DynaVap - Tectonic

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The Jetpack cooling and mouthpiece accessory pack by BB Vapes BRVND has been designed to enhance your vaping experience when using the Tectonic or Shell-Shock DynaVap stems. 

In this pack is a selection of mouthpieces which provide three extra options depending on preference. 

  • Small mouthpiece - wide bore open airflow - internal screw thread
  • Small additional mouthpiece - small bore - screws into first mouthpiece
  • Long additional mouthpiece - small bore - screws into first mouthpiece. Provides extra additional cooling due to length and small bore hole. 

The Jetpack accessory pack also includes an triple size (15 fin) heat sink for extra vapour and stem cooling. This is compatible with all VapLab DynaVap tips and makes a large difference to the temperature of the stem. 

This accessory pack is also compatible with our two part 510 mouthpiece which can be used to extend the stem. This is shown as the fourth and fifth variants in the main image and is not available separately. 

Jetpack Accessory Pack Includes:

  • 15 fin heat sink for Titanium Tips
  • 15 fin heat sink for Stainless Steel Tips 
  • Short 510 mouthpiece
  • Short screw thread mouthpiece
  • Long screw thread cooling mouthpiece
  • Four spare o-rings

Listing does not include DynaVap Cap, Tectonic stem or two part 510 mouthpiece. These are shown for illustrative purposes only. 

Customer Reviews

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Nice upgrade for the tectonic

Nice product for updating you Tectonic stem. The only thing that could be better is the coolpack is nog compatible with every tip of Dynavap.

Hey thanks for the review, BB Vapes has addressed this and we have more heat sinks on the way which are also fully compatible with the SS Tip. I've made a note and will send you out the upgraded part as soon as we have them arrive here!