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Silicone Carb Cap tether lanyard for Core, Bottomless Bangers and Poseidon v2
Silicone lanyard carb cap tether with Bottomless Banger
Silicone lanyard carb cap tether with Poseidon V2 and Carb Cap
Silicone Carb Cap Tether - Black
Silicone Carb Cap Tether - Red
Silicone Carb Cap Tether - Blue
Silicone Carb Cap Tether - Green

Silicone Lanyard - Carb Cap Tether

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These are the replacement Silicone Carb Cap tethers for the Core e-rig. We have found they are very useful for various setups as they are also compatible with the Crossing Bottomless Bangers and Carb Caps as well as the Poseidon V2 for Sai TAF and New Sequoia when used with a glass Carb Cap

These tethers can also be used for securing the glass mouthpiece of your Poseidon to the Poseidon body, avoiding it being knocked off and smashed on the floor!

Please be careful when letting go of your carb cap, it is possible for them to swing down and crack the glass banger. 

Customer Reviews

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Just a little holder for your carb cap!
Love it I have 2!

Carb cap tether great also used for the Poseidon top piece

Anyone who has used the Poseidon has had a problem with the top piece coming off and breaking .. like the pic above but instead of putting it on the carb cap get the small end a little wet and snake it down from the top of the mouth piece with the strap facing down to the lip at the bottom of the mouth piece and the bid end like the photo above on to the base of the poseidon with the strap up like the pic ..a great fit .. I broke my mouth piece in the first 2 days now with this it has been a few months NO PROBLEMS it caught it so many times . you can get an extra one and hang the carb cap from the banger part

Essential to the setup

Love having my carb cap hanging off the side of my banger. Game changer.