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Core e-rig carb cap. Bottomless banger carb cap V4 crucible

Directional Carb Cap - Bubble Carb - Core E-rig

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This is the replacement directional carb cap for the Core e-rig. It also fits well with Poseidon V2 bubblers for the Sai TAF and New Sequoia (hyperlinks to Poseidon pages), turning these bubbler into more powerful vapour producers. This can be used with the 510mod bottomless banger but is a little short so you'll need to be careful to keep the airflow central, we have a more appropriate version in stock for this.. 

Directional carb caps allow air to be moved around the bucket constantly, moving the concentrate around the bucket, mixing it slightly and keeping it travelling over the hot surface. The effect of this is significantly more vapour production from an otherwise identical setup with stationary airflow. 

Please note the Poseidon bubblers do not have a perfectly round opening, so these make about a 95% fit but do not meet up perfectly like with the Core e-rig which is designed for such a piece. 

1 x 26.5mm Wide Glass Carb Cap 

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John Hart
Bubble cap

As described

Jarrett Dillon

Excellent communication from the seller, I’m very pleased with the products and they went above and beyond to be sure my order was satisfactory! Thanks!

This is a must for poseidon

makes using the poseidon an even better experience - definitely worth it and a corner in the market as i cant find these anywhere in the UK!