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Core E-rig by Crossing - CBD and Aromatherapy
Core e-rig with Black Sleeve and Tether
Core e-rig with green sleeve and tether
Core e-rig with red sleeve and tether
Core e-rig with blue sleeve and tether
Dismantled Core E-rig by Crossing - Hyperion
SZ Crossing Core e-rig HVT Hyperion - Box and Case
Spinner Carb cap for Core e-rig
Core e-rig Quartz bucket Temperature Curve Graph
Core e-rig Titanium Bucket Temperature Curve Graph
Core e-rig Triple Titanium Black Ceramic Rod Temperature Curve Graph
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Core E-Rig by Crossing + Free Parts Bundle

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Free shipping and now dispatched with our accessories bundle at no extra cost! 

General information

The Core Portable E-Rig was designed by HVT and Crossing and is sold by HVT as the Hyperion. The difference between the two rigs is that the Hyperion comes with an Advanced Vape Supply Crushed Hex-Core Coil installed where the Core comes with a Triple Titanium Porous Black Ceramic Rod coil. We have stocked the Core rig instead of the Hyperion as we can more easily provide replacement parts from Crossing, allowing us to provide a better service should it be needed. We are also working with Crossing to bring out accessories for the Core which we would not otherwise have the opportunity to do! We don't advise using the Core with bottom airflow Sequoia coils as these have holes in the bottom which concentrate can be pushed into/out of. Many of these are being replaced with top airflow versions - this is listed on the product pages.  

The Core has been designed to be an all purpose all in one E-Rig that can be picked up by anyone, with any level of experience; and used simply to great effect. It is probably the easiest and laziest concentrate vape we've ever used and has everything you need to get started (including a built in battery)! We're selling the Core with the option of a bundle (contents listed at bottom) that includes some useful accessories to further improve your vaping experience. We've made a YouTube Video showing a quick parts breakdown so you can become more familiar with it. It comes with three coils, Triple porous black ceramic rods wrapped with Grade 1 Titanium Wire, A Titanium bucket with heater coil and a quartz bucket with heater coil. We also have available the Silicon Carbide (SiC) cups and coils for this rig. These provide the smoothest vapour and most rounded/fullest flavour profile from your material. 

  • In testing we got 37 full minute long sessions with the bucket on the white (medium) heat setting and
  • 30 full minute sessions on green (high heat). 

This e-rig is a beast, it's very well built and super simple to use. When compared with other e-rigs, both the performance and price point is exceptional. It has everything you need to get started with dabbing but is equally suited to experienced dabbers who want a rig which is small, easy to use and highly effective. We have designed an Angled Silicone Mouthpiece Adaptor which fits in the top so you don't have to lean over the rig to use it , use code "siliconeadapter" at checkout for 40% off this part. You can also use coloured silicone sleeves to add personal flare to your Core e-rig and make it stand out, or blend further in, to the background. 

The Core E-Rig has a built in 3150mah battery which in most mods, with our usage levels, would struggle to last a day with bucket based setups. However through clever battery management they've managed to make the power last significantly longer than expected and while we've been very close, we've never run out of battery in a single days use, which is rare. It's worth mentioning I personally use it with larger dabs and a preheat, then finish off in session or manual mode, so it gets a decent workout.

It also has the same bucket as the New Sequoia. However due to the directional carb cap which stirs the concentrate, constantly moving it around on the hot surface, along with well calibrated heating... It is capable of putting out much more vapour at the same temperature. Especially with a terp ball! This is accentuated by the ability to load much larger dabs in the same size bucket as there is no danger of blocking the airflow intake tube. Equivalent amounts of vapour to blowtorch heated rigs, making it a true e-rig out of the box!  

This rig has a voltage based system which is used to control the temperature. We thought this would be an issue but the temperatures have been well calibrated. The flavour produced by this rig even with a preheat is very impressive and the vapour is extremely smooth.  The SiC cups settle at lower temperatures of 180C (White) and 220C (Green) so provides longer sessions with more flavourful hits. Please check the graphs in the images for accurate temperature curves recorded without air passing over the coils. Provided are readings for the titanium and quartz buckets, and the porous black ceramic titanium wrapped coils.

If used with a pre-heat the Core e-rig is definitely a device for those that prefer slightly (or much, much) larger dabs and more vapour, however it can be used by simply holding the button for manual control or starting your draw earlier when using session mode, making it appropriate for people who like to take things a little easier. 

The Core

It has one button to rule them all. The button can be held down and used manually with a 15 second cut out, or can be pressed twice to activate session mode which lasts one minute. The Core has four power settings, the bottom two (red and blue - 15 second pre-heat) are for coils and the higher two (white and green - 35s preheat) are for buckets. Three presses changes the temp mode and five locks the device! The Core consists of an aluminium base, with a silicone gasket that holds the bubbler in place, a glass bubbler, glass carb cap and three coils.  

The Core comes with everything you need to get started, all you have to do is charge it, fill the bubbler and load it with your favourite concentrate! It comes with a triple titanium wrapped porous black ceramic coil installed, this can be loaded heavily and produces the most vapour. Due to the speed of heat up we use the wrapped wire coils on manual heat up mode as we've found the session mode isn't necessary, however it can be used to great effect with large dabs. Where we think this rig truly excels is with the bucket coils (what we'll be focusing on), our favourite being the Titanium due to the slightly larger internal size and ease of cleaning. The bucket coils can be used on manual heat up mode (hold down the button) but these are truly great when used in session mode. The bubbler is well made from 2.5mm thick glass and should take some knocks from the carb cap, the carb cap is probably the most fragile part of this rig due it being the most mobile. However the carb cap is attached with a silicone lanyard and the base has a silicone cover so the main dangers here are knocking it against the bubbler when removing one or the other, or dropping it off the bubbler onto an unexpected object next to the e-rig. 


You don't need to draw air hard through the rig to create lots of vapour, a slow steady draw will do it. You really don't need to over think this, just don't suck it like your life depends on it. It's possible to force material out of the bucket if you do. Worth mentioning. 

When using session mode with buckets you can either dab from cold, loading the bucket, then clicking the button twice to activate heat up and starting to draw air through it as soon as the concentrate starts to bubble. This way you can leave it to heat, starting your session with very tasty draws which become more powerful as the session progresses and the bucket heats. For faster vapour production and higher temperatures use the Green setting. If you want seriously tasty lighters vapour then select the white setting. When the minute long session has ended you can extend it by manually holding the button, or by double clicking and restarting the preheat. Please note that if you double click again the coil will settle at a higher temp than the first time it was put into session mode, if left to heat all the way up again. Buckets can only be used with the higher white and green heat settings. 

The other way to use this is as a true rig replacement. This is done by simply allowing the Core to finish the pre-heat, or get close to finishing, then loading a dab in to the hot bucket and vaping it. When used in this way the Core acts as a true rig replacement and can produce thick clouds of vapour. When using the Core in rig/session mode, especially with large dabs, we use a 5mm Sic Terp Ball as this aids vapourisation by mixing the concentrate and adding another hot surface to vapourize the concentrate. 

When using the porous black ceramic coil with the Core e-rig it can be used with the manual heat up by holding the button for quick short burst of vapour. Alternatively due to its porous nature it can be loaded with large amounts and used on session mode to produce multiple huge clouds throughout the session. Like all porous ceramic coils these are best when used with concentrates that leave minimal residue. Non-bucket based coils should only be used on the lower two (Red and Blue) heat settings. 

Tricks and tips

  • If you put the Core into session mode, load it up and start drawing air through it as soon as vapour is being produced, the bucket will settle at a significantly lower temperature than otherwise. This is an easy method you can use to get the temperature to rise slowly and then settle at a lower temp than it would if left to preheat fully. This is due to the set pre-heat time which then cuts to a lower voltage to maintain this temperature when the pre-heat is finished. 
  • During use make sure to also move the carb cap so the air points towards the middle of the bucket, otherwise you will push concentrate from the edges to the centre where it will vapourise more slowly without air being pushed over it, and sometimes burn on to the bucket if left for long periods during session mode. Imagine you're drawing a spiral in the bottom of the bucket with the air, circling towards then away from the centre. 
  • You don't need to frantically move the carp cap, a slow steady movement to keep the concentrate moving around the bucket is enough. 
  • Add a terp ball before heating with bigger dabs (or all - our preference). They will improve efficiency (more full vapourisation of material - less reclaim), flavour and can also help produce more vapour more quickly! 
  • Since the temp control and heat up is voltage based the higher settings not only reach higher temperatures but heat up more aggressively. If you're using the rig in manual press mode, you may find that while the white setting suits you with a pre-heat, the green setting suits you better when using it manually. This is because the green setting will heat more quickly, producing more vapour faster than the lower setting. 
  • Always remove your bubbler to fill it. You don't want to end up flooding the base with water. Always remove the Carb cap, then the bubbler, replacing the bubbler first, then the carb cap. This is to reduce the chance of them being smashed together. 
  • Put a little o-ring lube, vegetable oil or similar on your finger and smear it around the bottom half of the glass carb cap, and the metal ring which it sits on. This will stop your glass becoming sticky and avoid the need to wipe it with alcohol daily. Only use a tiny amount. 

Coil and Extra Part Options

Use discount code "cheaperplz" for 10% off extra coils when purchased with the Core e-rig. 

  Rig Materials

  • Aluminium Base and Air-path with Anodized Coating. 
  • FDA and ROHS Approved Silicone Gasket, Lanyard (makes up a couple mm of the air path) and base cover. 
  • Borosillicate Glass Bubbler and Carb Cap
  • CP (Commercially Pure) Grade 2 Titanium Buckets and Grade 1 Wires. 
  • UN 38.3 Certified 3150mah Li-Ion Battery Pack. 

Safety Features

  • Over-charge protection
  • Low battery power protection
  • Low battery cut out
  • Battery Ventilation Holes
  • 1 Minute Time-Out or 15 Second Cut-out
  • 1 Year Warranty from Defects on Battery Base (not glass)
  • CE and ROHS certified 


  • Gently wipe out the bowl with a cotton bud or kitchen roll after each use, applying lots of pressure can damage the heater coil underneath.  
  • Change water every 2-3 days max.
  • Unscrew coil and wipe area weekly (or less, use dependent).
  • Wipe gasket under bubbler by airflow path weekly.
  • Clean out airflow path with ISO q-tip irregularly, we do it every few weeks, it's a large path and doesn't block up. 

Core Rig - In the Box

  • Core Rig Base
  • Bubbler
  • Carb Cap attachment and Lanyard
  • Hard Carry Case with Foam Lining
  • 1 x Titanium Bucket with Heater 
  • 1 x Quartz Bucket with Heater 
  • 1 x Titanium Wrapped Triple Porous Black Ceramic Rods Coil
  • USB-C Lead
  • US and UK plugs 
  • Silicone Storage Pot
  • Dab Tool
  • Iso-Wipes
  • Cotton Buds
  • Spare o-rings 
  • Instruction Manual 

Additional Bundle Parts

This diffuser is an all in one kit and does not require a mod to power it. Coils are consumable parts and will need replacing with use. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Robert Ballard
Core E-Rig by Crossing

Great product, highly recommended... tasty and easy to use. Really quick delivery. My new go to.



Dale Herring
Great piece of kit at a decent price.

Great piece of kit at a decent price.

Great, quality built unit

Absolutely astounded at how good this unit is - sturdy build and good quality, works exceptionally well and is really easy to use. The haptic feedback and different power settings for the buckets are also really handy, and getting replacement buckets is also a piece of piss. I'd highly recommend it for anyone looking to get a bucket style rig that doesn't involve nails and the like while also being electronic and rechargeable. Has saved me a dime or two on propane and iso to clean old rigs. Also very easy to clean (just run iso through after pulling the glass chamber off the base then rinse thoroughly, cotton bud the buckets with iso and clean the outer and inner of the bulb glass. Really easy to maintain.

Bonus is that it comes with an awesome carry case and good quality box, along with a spoon, rubber tin and some other bits and pieces.

Cannot recommend it enough.

Thanks for the review, very pleased you're enjoying it XD

Simple but Great...

I was surprised to find out that ruby terp balls flouresce bright pink in a uv torch, and wax lime green... :)
I'm loving this rig a lot. It's my first bucket / carb style setup and I was a little worried it would be 'faffy'. However, it's been a total joy, and easy as pie with terp balls and the spinner cap.
Clouds or flavour, whatever you want is there and definately no 'faf'!
Two issues so far:
The session mode is quite short, it's shorter than the warm up time, but you can just go again anyway.
The glass is very robust externally, but if subjected to moderate sideways shock, can break inside where the frosted bubbler cap joins the floor of the water chamber. The glass is quite thin there as I found to my dismay when trying to tap out a few drops of water from the bottom air chamber when cleaning...
All replaced resonably cheaply and very quickly, just treat it nicely and you'll be fine!
In the positive, the base is good and heavy, and the glass attachment grommit very secure. I have no worries about it falling over or into pieces, and build quality in general is very good, making maintenance easy as well.
Charging is quick, and the battery life is good considering the load.

Service from RecVapes is great as ever: freebies and sweets always brings a smile!

Thanks for the review, sorry to hear about the glass though that's not ideal, they do tend to only make the externals thick to save on production/retail cost/prices. We're working on the Core 2.0 with Crossing which will be coming out probably near the end of this year, this will have a longer session mode. Very pleased to hear you're enjoying it though!

Benjamin S.
Quality peice of kit!

This just arrived today, and untill today i had only done concentrate with a headbanger which in comparison now burnt my lungs. The core is incredible, ive done .1g sugar wax and it is so tasty, the bubbler does a fantastic job at cooling the hits so your lungs can take so much more vapour. love it. thanks guys!

Very glad you like it :) and you're welcome... thank you too!