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Rig Bubbler Base for Bottomless Bangers 18mm
Grenade Percolator Rig base with triple percolating bubbler
Rig Bubbler Base for Bottomless Bangers - grenade matrix percolator image

Rig Bubbler Base - Grenade Style Percolator 18mm

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These rig bases are designed for use with bangers and bottomless bangers to add an extra level of vapour cooling and water conditioning to your rig setup, allowing for even larger inhalations from your vapourizers. 

fullbundlediscount - 5% off when purchasing any atomizer, water tool and mod box together. 

They have an 18mm female joint for connection with bottomless bangers and an 18mm male joint on top for mounting vertical hydratube bubblers on, such as the Triple Percolating Bubbler or Grenade Style Hydratube Bubbler. Made with a large stable base these add extra stability to your setup over the original Vertical Bubbler bases. 

18mm to 14mm Female Glass adapters can be found here if needed for use with a 14mm bottomless banger.

We also have 18mm to 14mm Male joint glass reducers for adapting the top 18mm male joint to 14mm allowing Hubble Bubble bubblers and similar 14mm hydratubes to be mounted on top.  

We also have 510 Extension Cables which link your atomizer with your mod box, allowing for easier use with these bases when paired with a bottomless banger. 

Being from a different manufacturer there is a little wobble when used with the original Grenade style hydratube (still perfectly functional and fixable with ptfe tape). 

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