Lightning Pen - Black or SS – Recommended Vape Supplies
Lightning Pen - Black
Lightning Pen Micro Dab Device
Lightning Pen Micro Dab Device
Lightning Pen Micro Dab Device
Lightning Pen - Black
Lightning Pen Micro Dab Device
Lightning Pen Micro Dab Device
Lightning Pen - Black - mouthpiece
Lightning Pen - Black
Lightning Pen on 420 Vape Zone by Troy and Jerry!
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Lightning Pen Micro Dab Device
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Lightning Pen - Black
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Lightning Pen Micro Dab Device
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Lightning Pen Micro Dab Device
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Lightning Pen on 420 Vape Zone by Troy and Jerry!

Lightning Pen - Black or SS

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The Lightning Pen is an extremely fast heating, ceramic micro dab pen designed for use with the full range of concentrates. Made in collaboration between Divine Tribe and SZ Crossing (with just a little input from ourselves) this is a super portable and stealthy device with a small ceramic cup that is capable of vaporizing the contents in 1-2 heat cycles while producing thick and tasty clouds! It heats up at around the same speed as the Coil King AIO (3 seconds or so), making it one of, if not the fastest heating ceramic dab pen on the market! It's also directly compatible with 14mm Hydrotubes such as the Hubble Bubble... No adapter needed! 

Making use of a side heated ceramic heater cup with a black ceramic glaze inside, the Lightning Pen provides a clean and accurate flavour profile from your dabs. Another huge advantage of this setup is the ability to fully and easily clean the heater cup after every session. Conveniently this has been made around the same size as a large q-tip/cotton bud so can be wiped out with ease. When the heater eventually fails there's no need to replace the device as this can be easily replaced with no additional parts required! 

Due to the ceramic heater and straight through airflow setup, the Lightning pen provides excellent and accurate flavour. The vapor however is a little hot for some at higher temps, if you find yourself in this category you can grab a V5 Steel Mouthpiece which can be popped directly into the top for additional cooling! 

How to use...


  • Drop a small dab into the bottom of the Lightning cup 
  • Heat the cup for 1-2 seconds before doing this to allow the dab to slide into the bottom
  • We suggest using a heated dab tool such as the Mini Buddy HDT for accurate loading
  • That's it. You didn't think it would be hard did you! 
  • Alternatively if you're in a pinch with no dab tool, you can heat the cup for just a moment, then use it to scoop concentrate directly from the pot. This method can be a little messy and can also lead to flooding if the dab isn't allowed to melt into the bottom before you inhale... but if you have no other options, this is an option!


  • After loading the cup replace the cap
  • Select your heat setting (we suggest low or medium)
  • Double click the fire button to start session mode (15s) or hold the fire button
  • Inhale gently from the mouthpiece as soon as you initiate the session, continue to inhale for a couple of seconds after the heat has stopped
  • Session can be cancelled by re-pressing the fire button once 
  • Inhale gently as the Lightning pen heater is small and will flood over the side if you inhale with force
  • Ensure the device is held upright during use 
  • Don't overload the heater, this setup works very effectively with small dabs
  • Allow the device to cool between sessions 


  • When the session is done remove the cap and wipe out the inside of the cup using a q-tip
  • Repeat if necessary
  • For deep cleans, while fully charged, the Lightning Pen is capable of performing burn off cycles...
  • To perform a burn off cycle, set the pen to the high setting and initiate session mode by double clicking. Do this three times back to back to perform a full clean, then allow to cool. This is best to do with a fully charged battery. 
  • It's recommended to clean and lubricate your o-rings regularly to avoid the cap becoming sticky  


  • Loosen screws
  • Lift heater cup from base
  • Be GENTLE Do not use force
  • Replace the Heater
  • Tighten Screws! If they're not tight enough you'll have connection issues and the heater won't heat properly! 
  • Do not torch clean ceramic heater or metal base (or any of it!!!)


  • Lightning Pen 
  • Stainless Steel Dab Tool
  • Spare Mini Lightning Heater (10mm x 6mm) 
  • 4 x Spare Heater Screws
  • Screwdriver for heater replacement
  • USB-C Charge Cable
  • Instruction Booklet
  • Available in SS or PVD Black 
  • Optional Mini Buddy HDT 


  • 2 Click Session Mode
  • 15 Second Session 
  • 3 Heat Settings
  • 14mm Water Tool Compatible
  • Super Fast Heat Time
  • 900mAh Battery
  • USB-C Charge Port
  • 5 Minute Shut-off Timer
  • CE and ROHS Certified
  • Side Heated Ceramic Cup - A Black Ceramic Glaze has been utilised on the inside of the cup to assist in heat transfer to the unheated bottom section. This creates a more stable temperature across the whole dabbing surface for more consistent results. 

Heater Dimensions 

  • External 10.5mm x 6.1mm
  • Internal 8.5mm x 4.75mm
  • Approx 0.1g max capacity

Button Function

  • 5 Clicks - On/Off
  • 3 Clicks - Cycle Heat Settings
  • 2 Clicks - Session Mode
  • 1 Click - Cancel Session mode
  • Hold Fire - Manual Heating Session


  • If no vapor is being produced when the device is new, please take the provided took and ensure the little bolts which hold the wire heater legs in place are done up nice and tight, a loose connection here will stop the heater heating properly! 
  • Like most electronic vaping devices this should be kept away from pets, children, liquids and fire
  • The heated cup can reach temperatures of around 600f or 315C during session mode, hotter during burn off cycles, so should never be touched until it has cooled fully
  • As the battery life drops you will need to use higher settings to achieve the same results due to the lack of a voltage booster

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    10/10 device

    I have had 3 dab pens and done stupid amounts of research into the best one. Every dab pen I’ve seen is littered with bad reviews in regards to the build quality, but this pen shines through with an insane amount of good reviews and a full blown community behind the DT devices. I previously owned a stone smith slash, which I thought the ceramic bowl was convenient, easy to use and a good hit. So it’s awesome to see another pen besides the puffco plus that uses the ceramic bowl as they’re my favourite kind of dab pen for the ease of cleaning, how long the buckets last etc.

    So far, I have went through a lot of product on this pen and it is absolutely perfect. I reccomend this pen to all my friends. Notable that this pen also fits the usual cartridges you can get and does a good job hitting them with the three strength settings.

    Amazing Value

    Fab little device! Not found the need to go higher than level one. Initially had a bit of an overflow issue due to sucking too hard or overfilling, but swiftly found the right technique for short flavourful hits. I like to ensure the mouthpiece air hole is twisted to the side of my mouth so as to not block it with my lips.

    Full Flavour

    I love this little device !
    My method is to set the pen to the lowest heat setting, load even less than a grain of rice, hold fire for a few seconds to melt. Hold the pen to your mouth somewhere between a 45-60 degree angle (straight down you may drool into the device trust me I know) and straight forward you're gonna end up with a mouth full.
    Press fire on and off every 5 seconds or so whilst drawing slowly until vaporized. I've ruined a couple of heaters testing this pen out on other heat settings and so far this is the best way I have found to use it, you really will get a full flavour on the lowest setting and if you pulse the fire button you'll get a big cloud too, super impressive for such a small amount of concentrate. Doesn't give that weird after taste that glass can give sometimes too when fully extracting.

    My cup runneth over ;)

    The first pen i tried was the Coil King AIO and absolutely loved it, so thought I'd try the Lightning Pen also.
    It arrived with several little freebies, and was as well packaged and presented as the Coil King.
    The Lightning Pen I found easy enough to load and to use. I've not even needed to use the HDT yet.
    Flavour is exceptional and a bit better than the Coil King.
    Set to the lowest temp, and fully charged this produces the best vapour for me. As the charge falls you need a higher temp setting.
    The cup is getting a little black and messy from the small 'overflows', i'm still finding the ideal dab size!
    I've been experimenting with different slow inhales and holding the pen at different angles.. I held it upright the first few days, scared the dab would overflow, then tried tilting the pen at 45 degrees so more would touch the heated sides and found this to work ok. Not sure if this is the right way or increases the chances of overflow??!
    An excellent product, great price point, and would definitely recommend it.
    I now have the Lightning Pen and the Coil King both sitting fully charged ready for an evening session and use them interchangeably. At these prices you have afford to have a few lying around!
    Thanks Matt and RecVaps as usual. Look forward to going onwards and upwards on this journey! :)

    Thunderbolts and Lightning

    Very nice upgrade to the Coil King. You can feel the quality in the build, nothing cheap about this vape apart from the price. Only takes a couple of attempts to get the loading/draw technique correct but then you are away! I find with loading you just have to get the dab close to the tip of the included dab tool and twist it into the bucket.

    When taking a hit I press the fire button on level 1, wait a few seconds so the dab melts into the bucket and then gently inhale about 4-5 seconds. Moving on to level 2 halfway through, my sessions usually last 6 – 12 draws. Yes, that’s right! I keep reading about 1 or 2 hits but I obviously hit it more gently than other people! I’m the same with the Coil King but whereas the CK loses flavour after about 4-5 draws, the LP loses flavour at about 10-11 draws but is a lot smoother throughout.

    Whatever your style, you will have a smooth, flavoursome experience. And boy does it hit!

    Cleaning is as described and is really easy. All takes just seconds.
    Battery life is fine for me (4 sessions or so; probably more like 10-12 for normal people!) and charging only takes a couple of hours.
    The only unknown at the moment is how long the heaters last but you get a spare one included and replacements aren’t too expensive.

    Comparing the Coil King and Lightning Pen isn’t night and day. Both are excellent and not too different in price but if I had to choose only one, it would be the LP. Then again, the cost of buying both can be equivalent to buying just one vape of other bigger brands.
    So, get both – helpful, aren’t I?

    As always, good communication and service from Matt. Freebies are a welcome little touch.

    PS Why the name “Lightning” Pen? Strikes hard and fast?

    Thanks for the review, that's really interesting to hear you use it as a slow and low device, I haven't tried it like that... yet! I know what I'm doing tonight now! The heaters can last for a couple of months with regular use, burn off cycles and aggressive cleaning is what kills them. Run without burn off cycles and with a gentle swab after each session they can last much longer.