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18mm Hydratube for DC V3, DC V3.5 and DC V4 Crucible
Hydratube Stand - RecVapeS
Percolator part of Hydratube bubbler for DC V3, V3.5 and V4 Crucible
Water level relative to percolator  - Hydratube bubbler RecVapeS

Matrix Hydrotube Water Tool - 18mm Bubbler

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The 18mm Matrix hydrotube is a very similar design to the VapeXhale Hydrabomb bubbler and is compatible with any atomizer with an 18mm adapter. Our V4 Crucible/510 compatible adapter is available here. We also have an o-ring which allows the Sai TAF and New Sequoia to be used with 18mm water tools. 

fullbundlediscount - 5% off when purchasing any atomizer, water tool and mod box together. 

A high quality percolating bubbler made of thick borosilicate glass this water tool provides excellent water conditioning creating smooth vapour from even high temperature dabs. The external tube is 5mm thick with thinner unexposed internal parts that don't require such thick glass; keeping the overall weight down. All the joints have been lightly ground for improved fit. This is a really high quality bit of kit. We also have percolating bubbler rig bases which provide an extra level of vapour conditioning and easy use with bottomless bangers. These are compatible and seal well but there is a small amount of play when used with this hydratube. The Triple percolating hydratubes have a perfect fit on these.  

We don't supply this bubbler without the stand option, while it costs a little more this way the bubbler is very difficult to knock over on the stand. Since unexpected knocks are the leading cause of death among water tools we don't want to set them up to fail by providing the option of buying one without! They're not super stable without a stand and have an angled tube which affects the centre of gravity so this seems like the sensible route. The stand is also made of 5mm borosilicate glass and is much thicker around the base. 

Package includes

1 x 18mm Hydratube and Base 

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Wow with this I've completely put my bong away