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Elev8r Glass Torch Portable Torch Vehicle Kit
Elev8r Glass Torch Portable Torch Vehicle Kit - Standard Style
Elev8r Glass Torch Portable Torch Vehicle Kit All glass screen
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Elev8r Glass Torch Portable Torch Vehicle Kit

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The Elev8r Glass Torch Kit is one of the hardest hitting portable vaporizers in existence. It is a full convection, torch heated setup, capable of vaporising up to 0.7 grams in two heat cycles... and if desired, two huge inhales! You can also load it with small amounts too if desired. Unlike the E-heater version the Torch Kit does not require any balls to be installed in the heater, this makes for a more free flowing setup with faster extractions. It is a true beast of a portable (definitely in the heavy hitter category)! The Elev8r still provides the best flavour of any torch heated all glass vape we've found due to it being pretty much fully convection based!

Available in this listing are the following:

  • Elev8r Glass Torch Portable Vehicle - All Glass with Glass Screen - 0.4g max capacity
  • Elev8r Glass Torch Portable Vehicle - Regular Style with Mesh Screen - 0.7g max capacity - Microdose capable


Elev8r Glass Torch Portable Vehicle - All Glass Style 

The all glass version provides the purest and cleanest vapor profile. The herb chamber contains a glass screen providing a full glass vapor pathway. It should be noted that due to the size of the holes in the glass screen, a medium or course grind should be used to avoid particle feedback during use. The chamber is a little smaller than the regular version and provides approx. 0.4 gram capacity. With the same size load, the All Glass version will provide a slightly faster extraction with a more even cook due to the more laminar airflow. 


Elev8r Glass Torch Portable Vehicle - Standard Style Mesh Screen

The regular version is actually our preferred version. Making use of a fine mesh screen means there is more flexibility in the grind size and reduced particle feedback which is appreciated when vaping directly. The regular version also has a slightly larger chamber size allowing for up to around 0.7 grams of material to be vaporized inside if desired.  This version also allows for micro-dosing due to the use of a mesh screen.  


Instructions for Herb 

Before diving in, it's worth stating that great care should be taken with this device. Heated parts are exposed and it is the user's responsibility to ensure it is used and handled correctly. Never touch the quartz heater with your hands after heating unless it has fully cooled. To remove it, first remove the Sick clip, then lift the heater off with the included tongs, this should always be done after a cooling period has been allowed for. 

After heating the Elev8r can be placed down onto a surface by resting it on the Sick clip to avoid the hot quartz and bowl from making contact with the surface, while you wait for it to cool. 

  1. Load Herb into chamber
  2. Place Quartz heater on top
  3. Attach Quartz heater with Sick clip
  4. Hold by the stem and rotate the Elev8r while heating the Quartz Heater (only) so it heats evenly (takes between 10-45 seconds depending on your torch. The Blazer Big Shot takes around 15-20 seconds)
  5. Inhale! 
  6. After your inhalation you can shake the Elev8r to mix up your herb. Then repeat the heating cycle and knock off a few seconds! With particularly resinous material you might find it's necessary to allow the Elev8r to cool, then remove the heater to stir with the included pick to get the last tiny bits extracted! 


Instructions for concentrates

  1. For concentrates please use the included Water pipe adapter (WPA) Vehicle (the glass chamber with a 14mm male joint on the bottom)
  2. Insert your flavor disc into the Water Pipe Adapter (WPA) Vehicle  
  3. As above regarding the safety measures which should be taken regarding handling
  4. Replace the Quartz heater
  5. Attach with Sick Clip
  6. While holding the 14mm male joint of the vehicle, rotate while heating for around 20 seconds. 
  7. Place WPA Vehicle onto your rig and inhale! 
  8. Remove and reheat if required - though this is usually an extraction with one heat cycle. 

Please check out the the Elev8r Video Instruction Manual by Elev8 which can be found here. 



To clean the Elev8r simply dismantle it when cold and place the parts into an ISO bath. We use a Super Soaker so we can save our ISO for another many rounds of cleaning. After a soak you can rinse them off with iso and leave them to dry, or rinse them with hot water and leave them to dry! 



  • Underheating is better than overheating the quartz heater. Until you have the hang of it err on the side of caution to avoid accidentally combusting your herb or ruining the flavour from your concentrate! You can always add the torch for a few more seconds if it's not producing enough vapor yet. 
  • If you do overheat and suspect it will combust, leave it to cool for 10 seconds or so, then start your inhale. 
  • Never heat the bowl directly! It's made of regular borosilicate glass and while heat resistant, it may crack. 
  • Don't overload the flavour disc as you'll end up sucking the concentrate off it! Max load is around 1 grain of basmati rice. 
  • Don't inhale too hard! A relaxed inhale is fine, inhaling too hard can both suck herb into or through the screens and compact your herb in the chamber, causing a less even chamber cook. 



  • Never touch the Quartz heater, clip or bowl after heating.
  • Allow to cool fully before removing the quartz heater, you don't want to drop it while hot even if you can get it off! 
  • Remember you can rest the Elev8r on the Sick clip on a table or surface between uses and while it's still pretty hot, providing only the clip and the mouthpiece end of the wand are in contact with the surface.  



  • Elev8r Vehicle Wand (Standard or All Glass)
  • Elev8r Vehicle Water Pipe Adapter (Standard or All Glass)
  • Elev8r Quartz Heater
  • Elev8 Marble Pick (not mushroom style, not sure why that's in the image!)
  • Herb Loading Tongs/Heater Holding Tongs
  • 17mm Flavor Disc for Concentrates (All Glass Version) 
  • 18.8mm Angled Sick Clip
  • Requires a regular, not mini, blowtorch! We suggest the Blazer GT-8000 Big Shot


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