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DC V3.5 Divine Crossing V3.5 DCV3.5 Atomizer - Side View - Recommended Vape Supplies - CBD and Aromatherapy Atomizer and Diffuser
DC V3.5 DCV3.5 Divine Crossing V3.5 Dismantled View - Recommended Vape Supplies UK
DC V3.5 Divine Crossing V3.5 Loading View - Recommended Vape Supplies UK
DC V3.5 on Wismec Tinker 2 Mod - Recommended Vape Supplies
DC V3.5 on Wismec Tinker 2 Mod - Recommended Vape Supplies
DC V3.5 DCV3.5 Divine Crossing V3.5 Atomizer in box - Recommended Vape Supplies UK

Divine Crossing V3.5 - DC V3.5 Atomizer Black or White

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DC V3.5 Settings:

  • TCR 270 - 33w - 240C @ 0.48 Ohms
  • Wattage mode 10-15W

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Divine Crossing V3.5 - DT V3.5 Description

Before starting here we would like to add a customer support note. The ceramic bases of these are made to high tolerances, because of this they are a little tough to remove the first time around from the metal base that holds the coil. To do this screw the atomizer into your mod box, then gently rotate the ceramic base clockwise while pulling it directly up. This should help it come off, after this has been done the first time they are easy to remove. 

Weighing only 45 grams, for long time this has been our favourite ceramic coil concentrate atomizer, it provides such good flavour, smooth vapour and quick production it's gained an almost cult following. The full dab can be vaporized within three seconds. These are the upgraded versions of the DC V3 and have all easily removable and replaceable parts with only the coil itself requiring a screwdriver (included). Available in black or white ceramic - select in the drop down menu - these are well designed and built for performance. With a ceramic coil, ceramic cup, atomizer housing and vapour path you will have a very clean experience with no tainted flavours. Many consider this to provide the best flavour of any ceramic coil setup, we have to agree it is right up there. 

As it has no excess material such as buckets or crucibles to heat, the DC V3.5 has very accurate temperature control and short heat up time. Due to this they create lots of very tasty vapour very quickly as it reaches temperature within a couple of seconds. Another advantage of this accurate temperature control is that the ceramic coil is easy to warm up and wipe clean with a tissue, providing it wasn't overheated burning material on. In such a situation the parts can be dismantled and cleaned separately.

Designed for small to medium sized dabs it's best not to overload the donut to avoid it running off the sides, the easiest method is to the coil slightly then paint your dab around the donut. Keeping it upright taking your first draw starting from cold vastly reduces material splattering from the coil as it heats, following draws can be preheated to the desired temperature before drawing air through, though for the best flavour and overall efficiency we always recommend starting sooner as many of the desired volatiles (terpenes etc.) will cook off. 

Water tool adapters now available - Hydratube bubblers are now in stock and can be found here.  Please note the DC V3.5 mouthpiece fits 18mm water tools. If you're very gentle not to break anything it can be used without one! 

We have also stocked upgraded ceramic heater discs. These have more surface area than the donuts allowing for larger dabs and multiple draws from one loading. 

All products relating to the DC V3.5 atomizer can be found in the V3.5 product collection in the side menu, or by clicking this text. Products - Divine Crossing - V3.5. 

DC V3.5 Coil Setup

At a coil resistance of around 0.48 ohms TCR 270-280 (mod dependent) accurately heats the ceramic donut coil. At this setting we use 33w at 235C. If your coil resistance is lower you will need to increase your TCR, go up by five at a time. If your coil reading is higher you'll need to decrease it. Alternatively this can be compensated for by increasing or decreasing the temperature set on your mod in the same direction as the TCR. Higher for lower coil readings and lower for higher coil readings! Since the only part of these that tends to need replacing is the coil, these end up being one of the cheapest to run long term.

In the box 

  • 1 x DC V3.5 Atomizer
  • Spare 13mm Ceramic Donut Coil and Cup
  • Spare 10mm Ceramic Donut Coil and Cup
  • Spare screws
  • Mini screwdriver
  • Dab tool
  • 2 x Isopropyl Alcohol Cleaning Pads

Replacement 13mm Coils

Replacement 13mm Coils and Cups

This Atomizer/Diffuser requires a regulated mod box capable of sub ohm vaping.

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