Da buddha vehicle - Black - Elev8
Da Buddha Vehicle DBV - Silver- by Elev8
Da Buddha Vaporizer - Silver and Black - Elev8
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Da Buddha Vehicle Vaporizer - DBV - Elev8

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Da Buddha Vehicle (DBV) is a powerful dry herb convection vaporizer by Elev8 - 7th Floor Vapes. Providing excellent flavour, insane vapour production, an intuitive design and minimal maintenance this is a great vaporizer for newcomers and veterans alike. It also provides full vaporisation of your material with no stirring required! 

Having extra versatility Da Buddha Vehicle can be run as full convection or as a hybrid. Pure convection provides the best flavour and flavour preservation, while hybrid provides the largest clouds and fastest chamber cook.  For full convection simply leave the wand out of the heater cover so it stays cool, for hybrid use leave it in so that it heats up with the heater cover and stays hot! Always give DBV five to ten minutes to heat up fully as the heat is provided by both the ceramic heater and the glass heater cover. 

After heating Da Buddha Vehicle is an unrestrained beast that provides vapour production from the first inhale and huge clouds on consecutive ones. This vaporizer has also been designed to be left on 24/7 if desired, we have found this is the best way to use them if possible as the whole aluminium casing also heats up slowly providing hotter air as the evening goes on. If they are left on the unit temperature stabilised providing super consistent vaporisation of the material. At 25W max. this shouldn't dent your bill by much. When temperature has been reached the dial provides responsive temperature control and is quite sensitive, so only adjust it by small amounts. Due to the ease of use and insane vapour production this has become one of our daily drivers! 


Loading and emptying 

  • Grind herb to a medium grind, if it's too fine small particles can be pushed back towards the heater causing combustion.
  • To load DBV simply insert the chamber end of the wand into your pot of ground herb and inhale to suck herb into the chamber. Don't tamp, just make sure none is hanging out then pop it back inside the heater cover. 
  • To remove the wand from DBV gently twist it as you pull. This will reduce forces going through the glass joint, making it much easier to remove after use.
  • To empty simply turn the wand upside down so the herb falls out the chamber, you can assist it by tapping the side of the wand or using the included marble pick to clean it out. 
  • Then blow through your whip and wand to clear the mesh screen of particles. 



  • After the unit and wand has heated up we set the dial to around 8-9pm (imagine it's a clock face), we've found it provides excellent performance between 8-11 for dry herb, however this will vary depending on your material quality, humidity, grind and the speed you inhale.
  • For pure convection we tend to use it between 9-12:30 on the dial. 



  • Clean the edges of the mesh screen with the marble pick every few uses to stop the edges blocking up.
  • When it's cold, remove the heater cover every three days or so to clear out any material that's made it's way back there. 
  • Soak the wand in alcohol every week to stop residue building up too much. Lots of residue will negatively effect the airflow and will block up the edges of your screens. 
  • Screens can also be removed and soaked, rinsed, dried and re-used. Alternatively they can be removed, torched clean, brushed and re-installed. 
  • When installing screens first bend them slightly around your finger tip or thumb, then insert them sideways into the wand. Push them down to the appropriate level with the marble pick, then using the sharp end push on one side of the mesh screen so that it rotates into place. You can then use the marble pick to make small adjustments to ensure it's sitting straight in the wand. 



There are a few things you can add to Da Buddha Vehicle to enhance your vaping experience. It should be noted that DBV is a full, highly functional vaporizer kit and these parts are optional extras. 

  • The Vapor Tamer Cooling Device is a glass tube filled with glass beads with 18mm female connections at each end. This can be attached to your whip using Straight Whip Adapters and paired with an Angled or Flat Mouthpiece. This is our favourite way to use Da Buddha Vehicle. 
  • Angled or Flat Mouthpieces can be attached directly to your whip to serve as an upgrade for the included one. Our favourites are the Angled Mouthpieces. 
  • Spare 15.8mm Mesh Screens are available, for extra particle filtration you might want to double stack these. 

For even more information you can check out Elev8's Da Buddha Vehicle page!



    • Designed, assembled and tested by Elev8 in Colorado
    • 0.2-0.3g max capacity
    • Fully adjustable temperature
    • High Purity Alumina Ceramic Heater
    • Schott Brand borosilicate glass heater cover
    • Durable, anodized black housing
    • Stable Base
    • A stay-cool design, the outside is safe to touch during vaporizing!
    • Easy change screen
    • Tool free loading
    • Unrestricted Airflow
    • Extra long power cable
    • 1 year warranty


    What's in the kit

    • Da Buddha Vaporizer assembled with a borosilicate glass Heater Cover and Aluminum knob
    • Padded Storage Bag made of a durable hemp and polyester blend called "hempster"
    • Packet of 10 15.8mm Replacement Screens for your Wand
    • Ground Glass Clear Wand
    • Clear Glass mouthpiece
    • Stainless Steel Marble Pick (Marble End is hand made so it may not fit inside the wand)
    • 3ft Whip Tubing made of clear food-grade vinyl

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