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Flat Shovel dab tool
Smoothed arrow head dab tool
Rosin collection and dab tool
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Dab Tool - Rosin Collection Tool - Small Scraper - Stainless Steel

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High quality, food grade, polished 127mm Stainless Steel dab tool/scraper - rosin collection tool.

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These are ideal for collecting small quantities of rosin from paper or pots. One end has a  curved arrow head, ideal for reaching into the corners of pots or jars or collecting material from creases. The other end has a flat shovel head with a ideal for scraping material directly off parchment, it can be used in different ways to collect your material depending on preference. An extra advantage to having a slightly longer stainless steel collection tool is the ability to heat one end allowing the material to drop off without burning your fingers!

Aside from being great mini-scrapers these also make excellent no-spin (1/4 spin) throwing tools. If you'd like to learn check out Adam Celadin on YouTube. They're easier to learn with than most. 

This tool is best used held vertical (straight up), pulling the flat side towards the concentrate allowing it to collect on the budged side.

  • FDA approved Stainless steel dab tool

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Daniel Son
Big Upgrade

Use to use the tool that came with a vape. We all know the tiny raised end tool that ‘works’ but this makes things so much easier and enjoyable. You can slice and cut the appropriate size for how you are feeling, I love it (swimming in raw sewage, for all those Naked Gun fans) ;)

Dez Blyth

Does exactly what it's ment to do, good quality and service


This small scraper is perfect for the job, especially when using the 73gsm Parchment paper.
Turns a messy, pain in the backside chore into a pleasure.

Awesome tool

This was an awesome tool,the flat side works great for collecting rosin but the whole thing is just a great tool.I esspecially liked the fact that inside the package I was given 3 sheets of high quality parchment paper which i will be able to cut and get at least 6 grams worth of rosin collection.