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High quality SVP Silicone coated vegetable parchment  - new upgraded version
Black Label 55lb Ultra SVP
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73gsm Heavy Weight Double Sided Silicone Coated Vegetable Parchment - Various Sizes

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High quality SVP - rosin press/release paper with easy release, high strength and a fine surface for maximum yields. 

  • Packed Flat 
  • 10 Sheet sample is pack available - 4"x8" only
  • 4x8 inch or
  • 8x16 inch or
  • 12x12 inch sheets 
  • 10, 50 or 100 sheets
  • 73gsm High quality double sided Silicone Coated Vegetable Parchment
  • Oil and water resistant
  • UK made " high hygiene" rating for direct contact with food
  • Internal packaging may vary... we haven't found the perfect size bags yet!

Please select your desired size and quantity from the drop-down menus.

Also available are rosin collection tools:

We understand the struggle for high quality press paper so we looked at the best performing product we could find, then went about finding a source that manufactured something extremely similar here in the UK to avoid vastly increased environmental and personal costs (international shipping, customs etc.). 

After many comparisons we have found it and we think you'll be as impressed as we are! Our 73gsm SVP (silicone coated vegetable parchment) equals or out performs every coated paper or parchment we've put it up against (over 20 makes) including all the specialized pressing sheets we could find. If you find one that performs better please let us know! 

Our SVP is made to UK manufacturing standards and has very fine and regular surface. It is suitable for direct contact with food, is oil and water resistant and releases as well (or better) as anything we've used! It holds its structure under heavy loads (1500+PSI) and resists bleed through when pressing under 105 Centigrade... though we wouldn't want to go above this anyway! 

Our supplier produces a

  • High hygiene product produced for direct contact with food 
  • QAIC Quality assurance certified 
  • BRCGS Accredited manufacturer - achieving an AA rating in their most recent audit.

Please note

To avoid damage larger sizes may be shipped separately to other items in an order. 

For discounts on larger SVP orders (500+ sheets) please contact us directly. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Wayne Morris
Po archment 12x8

Top quality parchment perfect for rosin

Genuine products and great service

Great rosin parchment paper.
Fantastic customer service

Paul Crane
Quality Paper

Best paper I have ever pressed with. I advise to try the samples first to see if they fit your press. Well worth the money.

Great product

Works much better than normal parchment paper. My yields are up and easier to get the product off the paper

dan sanger
The Best

The best around, would highly recommend.