High quality SVP Silicone coated vegetable parchment  - new upgraded version
Black Label 55lb Ultra SVP
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73gsm Heavy Weight Double Sided Silicone Coated Vegetable Parchment - Various Sizes

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High quality SVP with easy release, high strength stronger and a fine surface.  

  • Rosin press paper
  • 73 gsm 
  • High quality double sided Silicone Coated Vegetable Parchment
  • Acid Washed
  • Oil and water resistant
  • UK made to a " high hygiene" rating for direct contact with food
  • 4"x8", 8"x16" or 12"x12" Sheets available
  • 10, 50 or 100 Sheets 
  • Packed Flat per order 
  • 10 Sheet Sample Pack Available (4"x8")

Please select your desired size and quantity from the drop-down menus.

Also available are rosin collection tools:

We understand the struggle for high quality press paper so we looked at the best performing product we could find, then went about finding a source that manufactured something extremely similar here in the UK to avoid vastly increased environmental and personal costs (international shipping, customs etc.). 

After many comparisons we have found it and we think you'll be as impressed as we are! Our 73gsm SVP (silicone coated vegetable parchment) out performs every grease proof and coated baking paper we've put it up against (over 15 makes) as well as specialized pressing sheets from manufacturers that claim their products are an upgrade (many of these products have lots of unrecoverable bleed through or do not release well). Only the American 55lb Black Label Paper Co. silicone ultra paper performed as well, far outperforming their 35lb paper which bleeds through. We decided against stocking the 55lb as we're not convinced it is worth the price difference, especially stacked with the environmental cost. Our SVP is physically slightly thinner and lighter in weight than the Black Label SVP but this doesn't translate to a significant decrease in performance. Both makes of SVP can be used for two presses each without the SVP retaining any concentrate. Always use a slightly larger puck for the second pressing with the same sheet to avoid sticking. 

Our paper (top photo) is made to UK standards and has a finer and more regular surface than the competitors, is suitable for direct contact with food, is oil and water resistant and releases as well (possibly better, such small differences) as anything we've used. It holds its structure under heavy loads (1500+PSI) and resists bleed through when pressing under 100C.

Our suppliers produce a high hygiene product suitable for direct contact with food and the quality is assured by both QAIC (International Quality Assurance Certification ltd.) and by the BRC Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials (BRCGS) achieving an AA in their most recent audit.

For discounts on larger SVP orders (500+ sheets) please contact us directly.

Press paper will not generally be sent by signed for delivery due to the high cost.  To avoid damage larger sizes may be shipped and charged separately to other order item when ordered together. If you would like your 12x12 or 8x16" paper shipped 1st class please order it separately and select this option. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Antony price-jones

Received my order quickly. There was a mix up but was sorted very quickly carnt recommend highly enough

Sorry about the initial mix up and thanks for updating the review, much appreciated!

Darran Reed
Good no problems

It's was what was needed don't know why it's double sided has you only use one side unless it's for strength. Works well

John H
Fantastic Paper!

I am really, really impressed with this paper. I use each piece of paper twice, pressing a slightly larger amount on the same centerpoint for the second press as this pushes the concentrate away from the gas marks left by the first one. This method gives me 100% recovery with nothing good left on the paper. After 2 presses I pair the paper up with another used bit, used side folded in and get one more perfect press out of them both. I get the exact same number of presses (2.5 per sheet) from this paper as I did with the black label 55lb stuff before the concentrate begins to stick to the paper at which point persevering with a used piece is a seriously false economy however thick it is. Having tested to my satisfaction I've already re-ordered an additional pack and will be sticking or rather non-sticking with this product for the foreseeable future...

Thanks for the review, very thorough, this is just how I use it too! - Matt

General chong
A step up from 35lb

I find 35lb wasteful as oil leaks through. The 55lb black label is perfect but pricey and like rocking horse poo. I have tried this parchment a lot of times now and find it to be excellent value with only the tiniest bit of seeping compared to 35lb versions.

Thanks for the review, if you wouldn't mind contacting us to let us know what temperature and pressing times you're finding bleed through at so we can check this and update the page info, that would be appreciated. We haven't found any with temps under 195F @ 1500psi for less than 3 minutes but don't tend to press hotter, heavier or longer than this so might have missed something. Any extra info you can provide would be much appreciated.

this is good stuff

used raw pressing paper before and its no where near as good as this, got an extra 3-5% off my extracts i'm sure. Been looking for good paper for a while so will buy more once i fix my press, got a few extra free too and some sweets...legends!