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Dani Fusion - Mini Stem
Dani Fusion - Mini Stem
Dani Fusion - Mini Stem
Dani Fusion - Mini Stem
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Dani Fusion - Mini Stem

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The Dani Fusion by Battery Free Ganz (BFG) is an incredibly effective torch heated solution for vaporising your herb. Designed to provide highly efficient extractions, the Fusion can kick out huge clouds with top quality flavour, all while evenly cooking the chamber contents! The Fusion can also be used with The Wand induction heater, though torch heating is faster and more convenient in most situations. 

The Dani Fusion Mini Stem, like the regular wood stem, provides maximum vapor production and excellent flavour with the Stainless Steel and Titanium Vapor path. Being Vietnamese Rosewood with a Stainless Steel lining it wicks less heat away from the tip than the full metal options for slightly thicker clouds later in the session. The Mini Stem has no air port, has small grips, is wonderfully balanced around the grips and is light enough to hang from your mouth while inhaling! A Titanium Cooling Helix is included inside. This is our favourite to use when out, alongside the Sapwood Poker at home! 



  • Adjustable airflow (MTL or DTL) 
  • 2 Heat Levels
  • Bi-Metallic Temperature Indicator (clicks once)
  • Single Heat Extractions Possible
  • 510 Drip Tip Compatible
  • Magnetic Stainless Steel Cap - IH Compatible
  • Stainless Steel (SS316) and Titanium (CP2) Vapor/Air Pathway
  • 0.14g Capacity (Can be crammed with more if desired)
  • CP2 Titanium Chamber and Cooling Helix
  • Vietnamese Rosewood 
  • Hands Free Wand Heating (mostly, see notes)
  • Leather Carry Pouch (doubles as cap remover)
  • Each Wood Stem has a unique grain and colouring



  • Dani Fusion - Mini Stem
  • Leather Pouch
  • O-ring pack


We can't write a better detailed description of the features such as airflow adjustment without directly copying their page, so would highly recommend everyone has a read of the Battery Free Ganz Dani Fusion Info Page, in particular check out the diagrams. We will provide a condensed version of the features to avoid repetition and elaborate on points which may be helpful. 



  • After loading don't screw the cap on tightly, gently does it. 
  • There are two Silver strips around the cap of the Dani Fusion. 
  • You can heat the smaller one for low temp and the thicker one for higher temp...
  • However we've found it most effective if you just heat both at the same time!
  • For a single heat cycle extraction count past the click...
  • With the Cyclone Triple Torch you can safely heat for up to 10 seconds past the click, with the single flame on the small ring and the dual flames on the large ring. 
  • Or... you can use a Big Shot Torch and heat both at the same time. 
  • If using a Big Shot, heat no more than 8 seconds past the click until you've learned your setup.
  • There is a decent amount of flexibility here, you have to really overheat it to cause combustion - something we haven't yet done! 


Induction Heating

  • The BFG Dani Fusion is compatible with the Ispire Wand
  • However...
  • We have found that the wand often doesn't initially activate unless you hold the Dani Fusion at an angle for around 5 seconds initially. 
  • When you have done this the Fusion can be left free standing in the Wand while it heats. 
  • We suspect this is something to do with thermal expansion in the cap as when it's warm, for a second heat cycle or load, there is no need to hold it at an angle initially as it activates automatically.
  • Also, your wand may activate more easily than ours which is one of the very first batch released!
  • We set our wand to 280C, allow a full heat cycle, then start another and after around 10 seconds begin to check for vapor. If you find a faster way to do it without combustion please let us know! We tend to just use torches as it's quicker and additional heat can be added more easily when needed. 

After use the Cap will be very hot, we suggest inserting the cap into the leather pouch, then holding that to unscrew it if you want to reload it again before it's cooled. Or unload it while it's warm (advisable). 


Other Notes

  • Great with solid material, break it up and sandwich it in your herb or leave a little on top of the herb. You can also use hemp cotton and load solids or concentrates onto this!
  • The Cooling Helix will rattle around inside when it's new. After a few uses the residue will take care of that for you.
  • The wood stems can develop small cracks over time due to heat stress, these should not affect performance but if you have one which is unsightly or uncomfortable please let us know! 


Additional Parts Collection


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Waul Palker
Hits like a steam train.

'twas a few days before Christmas,
I was feeling rough.
My head was banging,
And I needed a puff.
I logged onto the web,
and what did I see?
A mini Dani in rosewood,
staring at me.
So I got my card,
and at much pace,
I put in my order,
to beat the rat race.
A few days later,
my hangover gone,
It was on my doorstep,
before too long.
So I ground up some herb,
and packed the tip,
grabbed my blowtorch,
and a mighty flame I lit.
7 minutes later,
I was gone.
This thing hits harder...
than a 4 foot bong.
- Season's Gree(n)tings (2023),
by Brigadier Jonathan Steezington-Stanley the XIV, High Chief of the 4 Provinces, Poet Laureate, and NVQ Level 3 in Waste Manamanement.

pmsl I love this, I appreciate the effort you put into this, absolute quality - Matt

What a beast!

This thing is great!

First of all it arrived in a day with the usual great customer service and advice.

I find it best with a larger torch, and going several second past the click. It doesn’t seem to matter how far past the click I count, I end up with flavoursome clouds and evenly cooked finished product and haven’t combusted yet in my first 2 days with it.

The free water pipe adapter is very useful, and the short wooden stem is beautiful and cools the vapour enough without getting hot too quickly.

Only gripe is the cap is hard to get off when the vape is still hot as the o-rings holding the bowl slip when I try to unscrew it and the vape is hot, so I have to wait a short while to empty it.

Also the click seems less respectable than a Dynavap as I have to go past it to get thick vapour. On the other hand I have found the vape extremely forgiving so it hasn’t been a real issue once I got used to it. The click is loud too so it’s hard to miss.

I tried it with my ispire wand and it does work, but takes much longer than a torch so for once i prefer using a torch.

All in all would recommend if you are a fan of butane powered vapes, or just vapes in general and are looking for something powerful, flavoursome and easy to use.