Ispire The Wand
Ispire The Wand
Ispire The Wand with Rig
Ispire The Wand Concentrate chamber and Banger
Ispire The Wand Herb Chamber and Banger
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The Wand by Ispire - Induction Heater with Dabbing Banger, Herb Combustion Banger and Carb Cap

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The Wand by Ispire is a dual 18650 battery powered induction heater which comes with two 14mm male bangers with banger inserts that have ferrous metal encased inside the borosilicate glass. The metal inside the banger inserts is heated by the induction, providing reliable and stable temperature control for your material via induction heating. 

However... They were initially described as having a function for vaporizing herb which sadly doesn't exist so there is only a combustion option for herb. We have contacted Ispire about this and after some discussion we have been forwarded onto a further support team who will get back to us more details on how to vape herb using manual settings. When we have more information on these settings the page will be updated. We're told the manual will be updated by Ispire to reflect the lack of a herb vaping function. It's been a few months now since we had word about the herb vaping so are now under the assumption that information will not arrive. 

That said they do make an excellent replacement for a torch and provide high quality temp control for the included concentrate banger. Temperatures are very reliable though they do run around 5-10C hot as the temp measurement is taken from the glass on the outside of the banger which is not directly connected to the heated ferrous metal part inside the banger. We have found two sets of 18650 batteries will usually last around one day of vaping but this depends on load size, set temperature and inhale/vapour production speed. If you're looking to have true rig hits with quality temperature control and abandon your torch, this could be the one for you! It has both manual heat up and auto-fire functions which both work very well, though we tend to stick to auto-fire for convenience. 

The Wand can also be used to heat your DynaVap by adding a DYADP DynaVap Adapter Kit which allows two different methods for heating. We don't advise holding your DynaVap against the glass of the induction heater as you may damage it. 

Used this way The Wand provides a slow initial heat up for your DynaVap which increases vapour production. It allows you to easily hold the induction heater up to the DynaVap while in use without overheating it quickly. This means that when it's started cooling, but before the click, you can heat your DynaVap during use for longer inhalations and bigger clouds! If you do this make sure you inhale and heat at the same time so you can pay attention to the vapour and avoid combustion. 


  • Concentrate vaping with a wide temperature range and accurate heating
  • Herb combustion with the provided herb chamber.
  • DynaVap heating - listen for the click



Due to the current lack of a lack of a herb vaping function we have listed The Wand at a reduced price. It's a great product with a unique design but we don't feel so great about the lack of a described function. When we have been provided the settings for herb vaporisation we will update the listing accordingly. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Mr p
Ispire wand - good when working but has glass quality issues

My oil induction cup shattered within 3 days of use, none in stock so had to order some elsewhere. Didn't even use it at 800' and cleaned after each use but maybe just unlucky with the one supplied. However that being said this thing is amazing particularly with the dynvap adapter - next level themeral extraction.

Hi sorry to hear you've had issues. If you have had a part break randomly we should be able to sort you out, please send an email over with details of what happened as we haven't had an enquiry about this. More cups are on the way and we like to do right by our customers - Matt

Yadgar Aziz
What i needed!

Finally, huge dabs with no torch usage. Came quick and great customer service. Buy extra inner cups! You’ll need em

Sarah Rothi
Brilliant service by seller :)

Firstly, absolute speedy shipping and delivery. Ordered on the 7th and received the next day! Also this is the cheapest price of the wand I could find online, and even at at the lower price seller threw in a couple of free gifts! Was also pleasantly surprised to see it's the EU version as the description stated it would be the one without the dry herb mode. Very, very happy with my first time purchase at this store and will definitely be frequenting in the future :)

Thanks for the review, I'm very happy to hear you're happy with the service and the product :). Hope to see you again! Here if you ever have queries.

Quality product great for dabs and the dynavap

Works brilliantly and am no longer woken up I. The middle of the night by a flame thrower 2 ft away from my face when my partner is having a cheeky dab to help her with insomnia!!

Darran Reed

The Wand by Ispire - Induction Heater with Dabbing Banger, Herb Combustion Banger and Carb Cap