Micro E-nail Kit - 25mm or 30mm Full Kit – Recommended Vape Supplies
30mm Round E-nail with Quartz Banger, Quartz insert, Bubble Carb Cap and Mini Percolator Recycling Rig
30mm Round E-nail with 220V UK Plug, Quartz Banger, Quartz insert, Bubble Carb Cap and Cotter pins
30mm Round E-nail with 220V UK Plug and Controller
30mm Quartz Banger with Quartz Insert, Quartz bubble carp cap and Cotter pins
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, 30mm Round E-nail with Quartz Banger, Quartz insert, Bubble Carb Cap and Mini Percolator Recycling Rig
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, 30mm Round E-nail with 220V UK Plug, Quartz Banger, Quartz insert, Bubble Carb Cap and Cotter pins
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, 30mm Round E-nail with 220V UK Plug and Controller
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, 30mm Quartz Banger with Quartz Insert, Quartz bubble carp cap and Cotter pins

Micro E-nail Kit - 25mm or 30mm Full Kit

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The largest banger/ bucket setups commonly available. As such these require quite large dabs for effective use. 

These 25mm and 30mm axial e-nails with thick wall quartz bangers are mains powered beasts so are for home use only. They have accurate and stable temperature control so provide excellent quality vapour. Quartz is one of the preferred materials to vape from, being inert it provides clean accurate flavour profiles, this is enhanced here by the accurate temperature control. We rate this setup as one of the best for large dabs and sessions.  

The e-nail setup consists of a PID controller, a 220V UK plug and a 220V round e-nail coil. These are used to heat the included quartz Banger (14mm male joint) with quartz insert to a high level of accuracy. Please note that if used, the quartz insert will settle to around20F below the temperature set on the controller after a 10 minute preheat, so this should be accounted for. SiC inserts will stabilise around 10-15F below the set temp but heat much faster and retain the heat better during use. 

The enail controller works in Fahrenheit and does not have an option for Celsius, the stated temperature range for this setup is 220-990F. My personal setup is 500F when using the insert and 460F without. You can 

General vaping temperature range is between 320-536F (160-280C) without insert and around 420-580F with Insert. Above this you're entering combustion... which is fine if that's what you're after! 

Heat time for this setup takes around 5 minutes to stabilise, no less when using the quartz insert, the box has an auto shut-off timer set to two hours. This timer can be increased to five hours, decreased to one hour or turned off entirely so your banger is always kept at the desired temperature. 

As the temperature is constant this setup is ideal for session use, load it up and repeatedly hit it until the concentrate has been vapourised. Then wipe and repeat as desired.  

The power cable leading to the control box is 1.8m long, the e-nail cable leading to the coil is 1.2m long. 

In The Box

  • Enail controller box (1 year warranty - CE, ROHS certified) 
  • 1.8m 220V UK power cable with plug 
  • 1.2m Kevlar lined cable with axial E-nail (Stainless Steel coil) (6 month warranty)
  • 25mm or 30mm Quartz Banger
  • 14.4mm glass joints
  • Quartz insert for Banger
  • Directional Bubble Carb Cap
  • 2 x Cotter pins to hold Banger in Place

Optional Parts 

For easy handling of your banger inserts we suggest using our Silicone Tipped Reverse Clamp Tweezers.

Warranty is only for manufacture defects not misuse or incidental damage. Manufactured by SZ Crossing. Only use compatible parts, do not use with enails from different manufacturers together as they may caused damage to the controller. 

Caution: These have an exposed heater coil which gets very hot. Do not touch the coil or quartz banger during use, always allow time for it to cool before handling and never leave it unattended while on. 

 This Atomizer/Diffuser is mains powered and does not require a mod to run. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Russell Grindey
E nail plus replacement banger

E nail came next day delivery. Unfortunately the banger was broken but ther was no issue with getting a replacement which came the fallowing day so all in all extremely happy with my purchase. Thanks

Mr L Hardwick
Wicked Taste on this Quartz Enail!

Proper good little PID/dab kit!
I had my reservations at first with them being "Micro" it gives a sense of lacking power or durability (just in the name) but rest assured, I found the PID to work just as any other I have tried and heat up time is fast. l am using them (Both) on for around 16h a day roughly (one of each - the 5F increment module from the kit and the upgraded more accurate model @1F increments as is being reviewed thought he same applies to both, Heats up my Qaroma XL with 350 3mm Rubies (all it needed) and to a temp where its not still heat soaking - you're working on all cylinders and it takes I'd say less than 12 mins. 10 mins I take a hit.....occasionally it can if the room or ambient temp is cold, take a bit longer for the heat to reach the center balls and make them as hot as the coil to ensure an even cook and extraction so i leave it for 12 mins, in the summer i expect 8-10 mins and the (XL remember) will be ready to go. Its an easy to use, cool looking (Unlike the C.B Radio transmitter types ;) most China E-nail makers sling, this has a nicer interface and LED on the top not front saving bending down to view. Its also larger than any LCD Temp screen I've seen. To be honest - with it at £55 I cant see a reason for people to buy another type of PID except visual/aesthetics/a desire for more consistent and perhaps "sturdier build" though I reckon you could chuck this Micro PID off a double decker bus and I'd put money down it'll still work. Certainly a HARDY it is, for a cheap or "inexpensive" and fancy looking PID, look no further... Also small, long enough cables both ends to completely hide it from view if you want/need/would like to which I do. Well handy Cheers Matt!

Very pleased you're enjoying it, thanks for the review. Hahah yes the mini bit just refers to the size of the PID, the kit itself is very capable and long lasting. Cheers!

Scott Williams
Great service great products

Items arrived on time and works perfectly with an amazing price tag. There was a slight issue and Matt sorted this straight away without hesitation. Great service will definitely be back soon thank you.

Sorry to hear you're missing a part from the kit, we'll pop you over an email to resolve this. - Matt

Joe Julian
A great bit of kit and fantastic customer service 10/10

I'm not normally a big writer of comments but it's worth shouting this out. Firstly, it's a great bit of kit. Compact, well put together, feels very solid. Heats up quick with both the 25mm and 30mm coils. The coils themselves are decent too, well sheathed :-)
As a package with the decent quartz banger as well, there's really nothing to complain about. A worthy purchase if you're looking for a mains powered enail and want to start putting your own rig together.

Secondly, really fantastic customer service. The order came out quickly, was discreetly packaged and all the glassware was all well secured. There was a slight problem with my order, which I actually didn't notice for a week as I was enjoying the new kit so much. I emailed in, got a reply within 24 hours and a replacement in the post straight away. No quibble or hassle. Mistakes happen, but good customer service makes up for it.
So a big thanks to Matt, I really appreciate it.

If you're thinking of getting something cheaper from China don't bother. This is what you want.

Lee Mills
Very happy

Very fast and friendly service and very happy with the enail kit well boxed works great well worth the money will be returning to buy more things