Polished Silicon Carbide (SiC) Banger Inserts - for 25mm and 30mm OD B – Recommended Vape Supplies
SiC Silicon Carbide Insert for 25mm OD Banger
25mm Polished SiC insert for e-nail banger
polished 30mm od SiC insert for enail banger
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, SiC Silicon Carbide Insert for 25mm OD Banger
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, 25mm Polished SiC insert for e-nail banger
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, polished 30mm od SiC insert for enail banger

Polished Silicon Carbide (SiC) Banger Inserts - for 25mm and 30mm OD Bangers

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High Quality, high polish Silicon Carbide inserts for 25mm OD and 30mm OD bangers. Compatible with the Crossing Micro E-nail kits. 

We've been working with SZ Crossing and a few other keen businesses to produce high quality SiC inserts for your 25mm and 30mm E-nail bangers. Through testing of multiple prototypes of various thicknesses and finishes we've achieved some excellent results for the final product. 

SiC is renowned for producing smooth vapour with an accurate flavour profile and is considered one of, if not the best material for vapourising concentrate from.  It is a technical ceramic with very useful properties, such as it's ability to retain lots of heat, which makes for larger clouds from the same temperatures as it cools less when air passes over. 

These inserts have an almost mirror finish on the inside of the bucket with minimal to no visible machining marks left from the machining tools (see images for range of finish). Where these marks are visible the surface is still completely smooth to the touch since the marks are from machining and have been polished smooth. This extra smooth finish makes for high quality extremely tasty vapour and also makes for the easiest cleaning! 

The SiC insert will settle around 50C lower the temperature set on your enail controller if allowed to pre-heat for around 10 mins, so for a 250C (480f) dab we set the controller to 300c (570f).

For easy and safe handling of your inserts we suggest using our Silicone Tipped Reverse Clamp Tweezers.

  • High quality Silicon Carbide Banger Inserts
  • Near mirror finish inside
  • Almost completely chazz resistant (non stick)
  • Compatible with a wide range of E-nail Bangers (check dimensions) 
  • Can be cleaned with a blowtorch if needed (we've never needed)
  • Inert, resistant to almost all cleaning substances
  • Heat resistant past 1000C, thermal shock resistant
  • Highly thermally conductive
  • Pure flavour and smooth vapour
  • Highest thermal capacity of any common vape surface 

25mm OD Banger - SiC Insert Dimensions

  • 18.8mm Wide
  • 16.2mm Tall
  • 1mm thick SiC walls and base

30mm OD Banger - SiC Insert Dimension 

  • 22.7mm Wide
  • 18.1mm Tall
  • 1.6mm thick walls
  • 1mm thick base

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
25mm sic enail insert.

A fairly priced and very noticable upgrade to my setup.
This has definitely increased the vapour production without costing me any flavour.
A great product from a brilliant shop, thankyou.


If your dabbing and don't have one, get one!

Dominic Maxwell
Best material for inserts

Chazzing no longer a problem with these as they are dark in colour so hard to see it which is half the battle but you still need to clean thoroughly,

Christopher Bee
Polished Sic insert

This is amazing it’s a game changer , it’s kept my banger clean and produces great flavour and clouds . Would highly recommend for low temp dabs!

Thanks for the review, glad you're enjoying it!