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Bottomless Banger - V4 Crucible - by 510mod
Bottomless Banger - V4 Crucible - by 510mod

Bottomless Banger - V4 Crucible - by 510mod

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These bottomless bangers by 510mod are designed to replace the airflow cap for your V4 Crucible Atomizer, allowing it to be paired up with a bubbler and directional carb cap... Turning it into a full on e-rig. The Core e-rig carb caps are a little short for this bottomless banger. We now have in stock the A.D.A.P.T. adjustable carb caps from Zach Harrison Design, these work with almost all our glass bangers and provide full performance from this setup. Use discount code "510adapt" at checkout for 10% off the A.D.A.P.T. carb cap when purchased with this bottomless banger. 

Please note these have a 90 degree angle 14mm male joint. Also compatible with the HVT Sai TAF. 

The benefits of using a Bottomless Banger turning your setup into an e-rig using this modification are as follows.

  • It provides the ability to load up much larger dabs without flooding the airflow tubes. 
  • Easy loading of dabs with only the carb cap needing removal and replacement for flavour preservation. 
  • Allows for easy loading of dabs into the hot crucible for a true rig style experience, generating much larger vapour clouds. 
  • Can be attached to a wide range of highly functional bubblers and rigs for a high level of vapour conditioning. 

The advantages of the 510 Mod bottomless banger over alternatives lie in the design and quality of production. These BBs are taller than most with a high up air-out tube. This helps create a larger difference in air pressure around the bucket area while in use, helping reduce the amount of vapour moving around below the bucket. The glass joint where the air-out tube meets the main tube of the BB is very neatly connected, improving strength. Finally the top grind where your carb cap sits has been done very precisely to a high finish level, this means your carb caps will sit securely and form a good seal. 

Silicone Lanyards can be used to attach your carb cap to your BB. 

We now have 510 Extension Cables in stock. These allow your atomizer to be connected to your bottomless banger, without the need for the mod box to also hang from it! 

Please note the other items shown, mod box and atomizer are not included and are sold separately. 

Please hold the bottom of the banger and gently twist while attaching or removing to avoid adding extra stress to the glass. Avoid putting pressure through the arm. 

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