Core 2.1/ 2.2 Atomizer - Non Rebuildable 3D Ceramic Heater – Recommended Vape Supplies
Core 2.2 Atomizer
Core 2.1 Non-rebuildable atomizer - non upgraded version
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Core 2.1 Non-rebuildable atomizer - non upgraded version

Core 2.1/ 2.2 Atomizer - Non Rebuildable 3D Ceramic Heater

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The Core 2.1 Atomizer is a pre-built rock solid replacement atomizer for the Core 2.0 E-rig. Unlike the original these heaters are not rebuildable as they've been designed for people who aren't comfortable rebuilding their setups! Simply unscrew the old and screw in the new! 

Now upgraded to the Core 2.2 Atomizer, the upgraded version has a lower housing which leaves the ceramic 3D heater accessible. This makes it easier to wipe your dab tool on the edge without any concentrate getting on the housing. 


  • 1 x Core 2.1/ 2.2 Atomizer
  • Full Ceramic "coil less" 3D Heater 
  • Stainless Steel Housing
  • Compatible with the Core 2.0/2.1 and CUB. 

 For use with the CUB - TCR 190 @ 40W suggested settings. Set temp as desired.

Please Note 

  • The 2.2 atomizer housing makes less contact with the ceramic heater inside, this means that it runs a little hotter on the same settings than the 2.1 heater allowing for improved performance at lower settings and a higher max temperature. We advise setting your device at a lower temperature setting to accommodate for this difference.
  • These heaters are not designed to be used with burn off cleaning cycles. Please use a Q-tip and alcohol to clean them. They can also be soaked. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Kevin B
Not as good as expected.

Love the core to bits but the new 2.2 versions keep splitting when using higher temps and once it’s split then everything runs out.

Have reached out to customer service for help to see what’s happening but whilst the idea is great with no rim on top it’s no good having to replace them so quickly.

Thanks for your review, it appears from our email discussion that this splitting was caused by performing burn off cleaning cycles which this atomizer is not designed for, as mentioned in the prduct information and the email reply I sent over. This is not an issue if used as intended in the Core e-rig or on temperature control mode in the CUB.

Dab C Nesbitt
Spot on

Does a better job of keeping your concentrates inside the bucket, especially if you scrape your dab tool on the edge to remove said concentrates although I would recommend removing your material by swiping sideways instead on the inside of the bucket this helps prevent it going over the top.
Also fantastic service from Matt and the team I’ll be back when I’ve burned this one out lol

Great product does exactly what it's meant to

I didn't find it to last much longer than the rebuildable coil personally, so from a financial standpoint Id go for the rebuildable ones, however this updated version is far superior in heat distribution especially on the sides.

a must have...

Love these, (for me) no more messing about dismantling and cleaning. Super easy to clean and dare I say, the taste is better!!!

Using my core 2 way more now…

I would Just like to say the service Matt brings is so refreshing… 15 out of 10.


Ahh I'm glad you approve! I'm going to have to look into the flavour thing though, that I did not notice! Thanks!