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Coil King AIO 14mm Male Silicone Water Tool Adapter

WPA - Coil King AIO - Water Tool Adapter - 14mm Male

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The Coil King AIO water tool adapter fits directly onto the mouthpiece of the Coil King AIO Dab Pen. They allow for easy and convenient use with 14mm female joint water tools such as the Hubble Bubble Hydrotube and can be left in place when not in use if desired. 


  • 1 x 14mm male Silicone Adapter for Coil King AIO
  • FDA Approved Silicone

Customer Reviews

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The coil king is already, well... King. But with this you can use it with pretty much any bubbler/bong!

Just Get It

Just Get One

I never thought the WPA for a Pen would have me not use it on a piece, but when i used it regularly gives the pen a little more restriction if you dont have something to cover the 2 intake slots i used some silicon hose from another vape it gives that same rip without the air flow just the WPA Tip

Just grab one next order

Awesome tip/adapter. Can be used as a comfy tip as well as an 14mm water adapter.

I refer to the 14mm Water Tool Adapter as "the tip" or "the adapter".

I am so glad I ordered this tip/adapter. Even if I didn't regularly use bubblers with my pens, carts, and vapes this tip would still be amazing because it can be used as a regular old tip as well as providing water adaption.
The stock mouthpiece tip is fine, don't get me wrong, but with this adapter it makes it a nice comfy circular mouthpiece vs the hard flat oval mouthpiece.
Also, they could have just designed the adapter to go over the mouthpiece, but it also goes inside the tip itself. Hard for me to explain, but it provides a much more secure fit and it's just a genius design choice.
I leave the tip on all the time. It just provides a more comfortable surface area for me personally. Everyone has their own preference in mouthpiece tips.
I would have absolutely ordered a second one if I hadn't lucked into a free second tip from another vendor. If I do need a replacement I will definitely be going through RecVapeS.

Overall this tip/adapter is worth every penny. Works as a 14mm water took adapter as well as providing a comfortable mouthpiece alternative to the stock tip.

-Hulk; Over & Out