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Chugga-Jug Bubbler 2.0
Chugga-Jug Bubbler 2.0
Chugga-Jug Bubbler 2.0
Chugga-Jug Bubbler 2.0
Chugga-Jug Bubbler - With 18mm Mouthpiece
Chugga-Jug Bubbler approx fill level
Troy 420 Vapezone with the Chugga-Jug and Terpcicle!
Chugga-Jug on 420 Vape Zone by Troy and Jerry
Chugga-Jug on 420 Vape Zone by Troy and Jerry
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Chugga-Jug Bubbler 2.0
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Chugga-Jug Bubbler 2.0
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Chugga-Jug Bubbler 2.0
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Chugga-Jug Bubbler - With 18mm Mouthpiece
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Chugga-Jug Bubbler approx fill level
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Troy 420 Vapezone with the Chugga-Jug and Terpcicle!
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Chugga-Jug on 420 Vape Zone by Troy and Jerry
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Chugga-Jug on 420 Vape Zone by Troy and Jerry

Chugga-Jug Bubbler 2.0

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Next release expected soon, sorry for the delay! They should be readily available after this next release! 

Our Chugga-Jug 2.0 Bubbler has finally arrived! For the longest time we searched for a bubbler which was shaped to be comfortably held during use without it accidentally sliding out of our hands. Not only this but it needed to provide great vapor cooling and conditioning... all while having the ability to work with whips and mouthpieces, since we know not everyone has the same shapes face... and not everyone wants to hold their bubbler! After a while we gave up and started work on the Chugga-Jug, which after many protoype iterations we're finally happy with! 

We designed the Chugga-Jug to have a variable fill level. The sides taper in which forces the water/bubbles together adding conditioning over a straight tube design. Due to this shape, the bubbler can be filled with just a little water for high airflow setups, this will provide minimal airflow resistance and a very flavourful experience. Or it can be filled more heavily which is ideal for lower airflow setups such as carbed dab setups, the added water will provide more cooling, vapor conditioning and draw resistance to help you avoid inhaling too quickly. Please note that this is not magic, the bubbler can be overfilled and it is possible to draw water up the mouthpiece if you over fill it! There's just wide variation in the acceptable range. 

The 18.8mm Female side joint has been offset away from the bubbler to provide more clearance between your hand and any hot housing or banger you may be using with it. A support strut has been added for improved stability. Due to the length of this part we would not advise leaving heavy setups such as the Taroma XL free-standing with the housing on the bubbler joint. While it is strong enough to support such setups, the added twisting (torsion) stresses caused by the hanging cable and handle may cause damage to the joint. The side 18.8 mm female joint is fully compatible with keck or sick clips to help keep your setups securely in place. These can be especially useful with bangers which may rotate into your hand while hot if care is not taken.

The mouthpiece also has an 18.8mm female joint inside and an open mouthpiece design which we hope will be compatible with the majority of people's lips. However we know not everyone finds the same mouthpieces comfortable and personally we like to use vaporizer hose/whips pretty regularly... so added the 18.8mm female joint which is compatible with a range of 18.8mm ground glass mouthpieces and whip adapters! The mouthpiece joint is not compatible with clips as they are not needed when using a regular ground glass mouthpiece and when using a whip, having this clipped to the top of your bubbler makes it very easy to pull them over, which we want to avoid! Without the clip, at least some of the time the whip adapter will be pulled out instead of pulling the bubbler over with it. 

For a percolator our Chugga-Jug makes use of a true shower-head perc. We chose this style of percolator in part because it provides very good vapor conditioning, forcing the vapor through small holes into the water... but also because it allows for our bubbler to function as intended, accepting a wide range of fill levels without pushing water up into the mouthpiece. This style of percolator also allows a very small amount of water to be used for terp chasers who still want some vapor conditioning. 


New to the 2.0 version 

  • Wider base for even more stability 
  • 2-3 x thicker joint support arm
  • Deeper 18.8mm joint support for compatibility with 3-1 18/14/10mm adapters (e.g. 3-1 littlefinger) 


  • 18.8mm Female Joint Bubbler (clip compatible) 
  • 18.8mm Female Joint Mouthpiece (sick clip compatible) 
  • Compatible with Whips and Mouthpieces 
  • Shaped for comfort and functionality 
  • Shower-head style percolator 
  • Made from 5mm thick glass 
  • Borosilicate glass
  • Widely variable fill level while maintaining good function 
  • Thick over-sized base
  • Offset side joint to help protect hands from heat 
  • Low centre of gravity when filled
  • RVS Logo on each side 
  • Approx. 26cm Tall
  • Approx. 17cm Widest Part
  • 12.5mm Wide Base 
  • Please report any breakages on arrival and photograph the broken glass inside its packaging. 


 Useful Additions 



  • We now have the Chugga-Jug feedback and have made some improvements to the new 2.0 version.
  • Orders placed before 31st October 2023 all still have a 3 month warranty on the first breakage but this is no longer offered for new purchases as we have collected the required information on breakage patterns and updated the bubbler. 
  • After looking at the numbers we would have to increase the price by around 15% to accommodate for this warranty which we're guessing is not what most people would prefer. Most breakages were not due to an issue with the design (there was only one which related to this - a broken support bar which looked out of spec), people are just smashy innit! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Chuggin Great

Does what it says. Really stable base.
The 18mm mouthpiece for whips is a great idea!
Buy it. You will not be disappointed :-)

James Middleton
Highly recommended bong/dab rig

Gets the job done nicely really good flavour taste the terps, cool , nice airflow. easy to clean squish with hot soapy water, now my number 1 used bubbler . And it was delivered to my door within 24 hours from ordering. Would not Hesitate to use Recommended Vape Supplies again. Thanks again for your awesome service 🙏🏼

Sarah Eggleton
Chugga GOOOD

This fabulous piece has clawed me away from the globe. Just a joy to use. BUY IT

Chugga-Jug Bubbler 2.0

The Don, Perfect. Love the variations in vape experience depending on the level of water. Feels solid when your hitting big ripes.

A+++ Bong

This is my favourite glass piece so far, this is Matt's own design and he has knocked it out of the park!

There is no splash back or blowback, lovely draw (I like to use it with a 14m adaptor in the mouth piece). It's built really solidly, feels nice in the hand and the mouthpiece is angled appropriately away so that using the thermal; twist on it you don't fee any heat from the head.

These are issues which my other glass pieces have in one form or another, so I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Chugger had no issues for me whatsoever!

The long and short of it is that RVS has provided a faultless device (in my opinion) in a market full of glassware that has some issue or another. He basically nailed it. Thanks to Matt and RVS for providing real thought out products to the vape community.