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YllVape YLL_IH DynaVap induction heater
YllVape YLL_IH DynaVap induction heater
YllVape YLL_IH DynaVap induction heater
YllVape YLL_IH DynaVap induction heater
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YLL-IH Induction Heater for DynaVap - YllVape

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The YllVape YLL_IH Induction Heater (IH) for DynaVap is a super convenient and portable solution for heating your DynaVap without a torch. It has two ways to heat your DynaVap; variable temperature control and variable wattage control, decent battery and is small enough to fit in most pockets! 

Introductory sale for the first batch of units. Please let us know your feedback! Our testing has gone well but this is a new product. The YLL-IH has a one year warranty against defects if there are any problems. 


There were a few problems with some of these units, including ours which developed a fault. We have provided thorough feedback to YllVape who are working to fix the issues. When we have received and tested the updated model we will re-list them if appropriate. All previous customers will receive an updated model at no extra charge. If you're keen to grab one irrelevant of the possible issues please contact us directly. They will come with the same 1 year warranty and a replacement unit when we have them. 


Temperature Control

Variable temperature control is a very useful function to have, especially for flavour chasers. It allows for a repeatable experience and easy re-heating mid-session without having to wait for the click. When using the YllVape IH in temp. control mode always hold the DynaVap Cap firmly against the temperature sensor in the bottom of the IH or the sensor will not take an accurate reading. We've found it works most reliably if you hold the DynaVap naturally straight up. If you don't hold it firmly against the sensor prepare yourself for combustion! We usually hold the DynaVap in place for a few seconds after the temp has been reached. Run this way we get around 50 heat cycles or 10 loads of the DynaVap. We have noticed and this has been confirmed by feedback; that in temp control mode the end of the chamber cooks more than the rest, the battery life is also better when using Wattage mode in terms of the number of tip loads. We tend to stick to wattage mode as this seems to work reliably. 


Variable power/wattage

Variable Wattage mode is more standard and is what you want for those big clouds and fast extractions. Select the wattage then simply pop the DynaVap in the YLL-IH and wait for the click! Higher wattages make for faster heating, a faster click and perform more like using a torch. Lower wattages heat the cap more slowly for a different vapour profile, allowing heat to sink in more slowly. Like most portable induction heaters it works best if you hold it there for a second or two after the click. Our sweet spot is currently around 50w waiting 1-2 seconds after the click. Run this way we get around 40 heat cycles or 10-12 loads of the DynaVap. The little clock on the screen counts seconds so it's very easy to keep track... 70w with 2 seconds of heating after the click is also good if you're feeling impatient! 

The YllVape IH also has a strong magnet placed underneath the logo, this is strong enough to easily support your DynaVap when not in use and to de-cap some setups. 

All in all a well thought out, versatile and super portable Induction Heater! 



  • YLL-IH Induction heater in matte and brushed blue. 
  • Built in 3000mah battery
  • USB-C Cable
  • 2 x Bumper strips for the underside 
  • Instruction Manual 



  • 30-70W Wattage range 
  • 100-230C (212-446F) Temperature range 
  • Max current - 8Amps
  • USB-C - 5V/1.5A input 
  • Quiescent current <600 micro amps 
  • 3000mah battery -3 x 14500 li-ion 
  • Integral high strength (rare earth) magnet
  • CE, ROHS and GMP certified
  • Dimensions 110 x 62 x 23mm approx. 
  • Weight 220 grams approx. 


Protections/Safety notes

  • Sleep after 60 seconds of inactivity (one click to wake) 
  • Auto-off after 300 seconds of inactivity (3 clicks to turn on) 
  • Time-out protection after 16 seconds of heating
  • Over-charge protection
  • Over-current protection
  • Low voltage protection (low battery power) x 2 for in use and when inactive 
  • Working temperature protection (-22 to 55C)
  • Charging temperature protection (automatically charges below 42C) 
  • Storage humidity between 30-80% RH
  • Working temperature between -22C - 55C  
  • Limiter protection - 10A for 500ms to blow fuse
  • 1 year warranty against defects 


Please note

  • This is the 3000mah battery version, the boxes are old boxes and still say 2400mah
  • Never heat your DynaVap while the YLL-IH is charging
  • The battery indicator drops faster initially (don't panic!) then more slowly on the bottom two bars. Battery life does not seem affected and has been consistent
  • Due to the lack of power boost heat times get a little slower on wattage mode as the battery drains, just like the eLeaf Pico mods (and others). For maximum performance on high wattage settings keep your battery topped up above half power. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Naomi Fisher

Blown away, it's amazing and looks fantastic too.

Great value heater with a few quirks

I like this heater and its features but there are a few quirks in using it.

I am really impressed at the size. It’s small and thin, and it is pocketable in jeans in a way most other battery units I have seen are not. It has great features and looks, and the build quality is good with a nice finish. I like the design interface, the three buttons are simple and easy to use, and switch between settings. The screen is nice and the countdown function is very useful.

I really like the idea of the temperature control, but I found it difficult to get the cap the heat evenly this mode. The tip end gets hotter than the body end, so the very tip gets cooked quicker. Also, it makes a big difference which tip is used, Ti, or SS.

I found wattage control mode much more useful. By reducing the power, the heat can spread through the tip a bit. I found with a Ti tip, setting to 32 or 33 watts gives good results, by ignoring the heat-up click and using the timer to heat for the full 16 seconds. If I then cool it down to the click, and then give another 16 seconds, and I get good full extraction in 2 or 3 cycles. It actually works very well, especially if you reduce the size of the bowl to 2/3rds – but still good with a full size bowl.

I get around 8-10 full caps fully extracted from a battery charge. That’s impressive given the size of the unit. I like the way it will switch itself off if you leave it on after use, and also it will stop charging when full too.

As mentioned on the site the battery meter is not accurate, and the first few bars run down very quickly, then you get most of the capacity from the last couple of bars. This is not really a problem when you know about it, though obviously it would be more useful if it was accurate. I had a little bit of trouble getting it to charge at first but when I swapped to a different charger it was fine, and charges in about 90 minutes.

Overall it’s a neat little heater which is well designed and well made. It has a few quirks which you should know about before you use it (the shallow heating, the battery meter). For the price I think it’s good value even with the limitations it has.

Thank you that is one quality review right there!!