XLux Roffu Convection Vaporizer – Recommended Vape Supplies
XLux Roffu Convection Vaporizer
XLux Roffu Convection Vaporizer
XLux Roffu Convection Vaporizer
XLux Roffu Convection Vaporizer
XLux Roffu Convection Vaporizer
XLux Roffu Convection Vaporizer
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XLux Roffu Convection Vaporizer

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The Roffu by XLux is a powerful and compact portable herb vaporizer which provides excellent vapor production and flavour. Made by the same manufacturer as the V3 Pro, the Roffu makes use of reliable, tried and tested technology which has been tweaked for significantly improved performance in terms of flavour, vapor production and airflow (the things that matter most!). 

Two options are available for your herb chamber, the provided Glass chamber or the optional Stainless Steel chamber. The provided glass chamber makes for smoother and tastier vapor with a good level of efficiency, both chambers have identical capacity of around 0.15g. Using the options Stainless Steel chamber will provide faster extractions, larger clouds and a more even chamber cook, with only the very top next to the screen staying lighter than the rest, something very common in portables. There is a small trade off with the flavour and smoothness of the vapor when using SS, but it does allow for complete extractions at slightly lower temperatures and has become our preference for this vape. 

The Roffu provides significantly better vapor cooling than most of the competition, inside the top section there is a Zirconia cooling spiral which results in warm, not hot vapor and the ability to run the Roffu back to back with only short breaks in between for cooling. To compliment this the airflow is much more free flowing than many of the alternatives, being less restricted allows for faster extractions and better flavour.

The Roffu makes use of the same Dosing Caps as the XMAX V3 Pro. Due to the increased airflow and design of this vaporizer it is extremely effective with these. 

Built in to the Roffu is a removable cleaning tool which is ideal for emptying out your herb chamber, due to the size of the chamber we wouldn't advise attempting to stir it, it is better to increase the temperature slightly and finish off your bowl that way if you're after ultimate efficiency. 



The Roffu has two heating methods, session or on demand. Session mode brings the heater up to temperature and holds it there, ready for you to inhale. On-Demand mode requires you to hold the button before each inhale, to bring the heater up to temperature. This makes for improved flavour and is great for people who like to take an inhale, then put it down and forget about it for a bit. Session mode is ideal for folks who want to truck through their chamber contents in one... session! When used on demand or session mode, the heater takes around 15 seconds to reach temperature. 



Being a convection vaporizer the Roffu works best when the herb chamber has been loaded evenly. With this in mind it is best to use a medium grind or finer and where possible, use the loading funnel to help load the chamber consistently and tamp gently to ensure it is even. 



Cleaning the Roffu is a breeze. To maintain it simply brush the metal screen inside the mouthpiece section daily to keep it clear, we also remove the cap then blow sharply through the mouthpiece after each session to clear any particles. Silicone gaskets and seals can be wiped down with an ISO wipe, other parts from the mouthpiece can be wiped down or soaked when needed. The herb chamber and screen can also be easily removed for cleaning! Do not soak the mouthpiece tip in ISO as the magnets might fall out, just wipe and dry it! 



  • XLux Roffu with Glass Chamber and Battery Installed
  • Cleaning brush
  • USB-C charging cable
  • Cleaning wipes
  • Screens and O-Rings
  • 1 year manufacturer's warranty
  • (Optional) Spare 18650 Battery (Molicel M35A - UK/CI shipping only
  • (Optional) Stainless Steel Herb Chamber

For warranty support we have now been asked to direct customers to contact Xvape directly at support@xvapeusa.com. Please retain the box for warranty issues as there is a scratch off verification code on the side.


Optional Parts



  • 0.15g max capacity
  • Convection based vaporizer
  • Built in Zirconia cooling 
  • Zirconia Mouthpiece
  • Session or On-Demand modes
  • Compact and Portable
  • Lightly restricted airflow (more than the V3 Pro)
  • Removable 2600mAh 18650 Battery - Approx. 8-10 3 Minute sessions 
  • The optional battery we provide is 3500mAh and lasts around 12 sessions. 
  • Colour Display
  • Haptic Feedback
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Approx. 170 Grams with battery installed
  • Approx. 40mm (wide) x 110mm (tall) x 25mm (deep) 


Important notes

  • We can only ship spare batteries within the UK. For international orders please select the kit without an additional battery. If ordered with a spare battery we will switch the kits over, refund the difference and ship the order. 
  • Please note that some shops still list the "complete kit" and the "lite kit", the Complete Kit is no longer sold to the UK. So the kit which is sold now can be considered the "lite kit" as it contains the same parts. 
  • The use manual is for the full kit which is no longer sold by XLux, this is why there is mention of parts which are not included in the kit! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Alan Morris
New vape

Very pleased with my new purchase I must say the xlux roffu the flavour is very good I don't think it's as potent as my mighty but I'm very pleased with it so far so good.

Paul Cridland

Great device for the money. I thought I’d use the session mode more as that’s what I normally prefer but the on demand mode on this is absolutely brilliant. If you don’t wanna drop 300 beans on a mighty+ or TM2 get one of these.

Great little device

Spent a long time looking at reviews and reading up on redit and decided on this little vap glad i did.

Hits as hard as a TM2

Wow this device hits hard. I'm a butane powered fan normally however I had seen some reviews of the Roffu and RVS were the cheapest by far.
This device does not disappoint.

In session mode you get nice tasty thick vapor. Switch to on demand mode and this thing goes crazy. It really does come very close to the TM2 on demand function.

Got the price you just cannot go wrong with this device.


Great product and great service