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DC Gen 2 Herb Vape in Black
DC Gen 2 Dry Herb Vape
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DC Gen 2 Dry Herb Heater

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Available in black, the DC Gen 2 Dry Herb Vape is a fully ceramic dry herb vape which provides excellent performance and for a long time has been our go to full conduction vaporizer

The Gen 2 Herb Vape outclasses many much more expensive vapes, providing great flavour with smooth vapour all with short heat times. At the lower temp range these make nice session vapes, at the higher end of the range they act more like a dynavap producing large powerful hits, vapourising the material with a few big draws. 

Before first use put your coil onto wattage mode and heat at 30W for 15 seconds to burn off any residue left over from manufacture. 

We use this vaporizer at TCR 340 at 40W at 200C for a 10-15 second heat time. It is still best to pre-heat your material a bit longer (we wait 20 seconds) to produce larger clouds and a more thorough bake. If this causes your herb to overheat you can go as low as TCR 300 at 40w which is where we advise starting, to avoid accidental combustion! 

All related parts in the side menu - Or by clicking this text.

If buying with spare coils we'd suggest getting one only as these last a very long time! 


Loading method

  • Around 0.08-0.12g - density dependent. 
  • Grind dry herb loosely - medium to course grind is best. Needs to be larger than the air holes. 
  • Take a big pinch and gently pack chamber filling almost to the top. Don't over pack the chamber or grind too fine or you'll reduce the airflow too significantly. These are the main points for effective use. You only want the cap to hold the herb in place, not to compress it. 
  • For full packed chambers poke a hole through the centre of the packed material with the provided mini screwdriver (this step makes a big difference to vapour production and even cooking of material). You can gently rotate the screwdriver as you push it through the herb to make it a little easier. If you pull the herb out of place when removing the screwdriver, quickly poke it down again with the handle and make the whole again, it should now stay in place when removing the screwdriver. 
  • Replace cap. 
  • Heat for 15-20 seconds or until your set temp has been reached. Longer pre-heats and higher temperatures will produce more vapour. 
  • Draw air gently through the atomizer. 


Cleaning Method

  • Do this while material is still warm to avoid any becoming stuck. 
  • Remove top cap
  • Turn atomizer upside down and gently remove herb plug with mini screwdriver.
  • Brush chamber, or blow into it to remove excess. If blowing shut your eyes or you'll blow material into them (been there). 
  • Wipe mouthpiece air holes every time so they stay clear (super important for good airflow). You can sharply blow through it to help clear these. 
  • That's it! Super low maintenance vape.  



For TCR based mods TCR 300-345 @ 30W. 180-240C (max, dry material may combust at 240C). Coil resistance is around 0.71-0.74 ohms. 

We prefer using TCR 340 @ 40W between 190-215C. Coils theoretically won't last as long but we've run it this way for almost a year now without any replacement needed.

 Water tool adapters are available here. These have a glass adapter which also stays cooler than the original mouthpiece so can be used as a replacement for th is too. 

Spare heaters are available here. These occasionally need replacing, depending how carefully and gently you clean the atomizer/coils will generally dictate their lifespan. They can be expected to last at least three months (often much longer) with regular use and careful care. 

We suggest purchasing a 22mm heat sink or V2 24mm heat sink for this vaporizer when used for longer sessions. 

In the box

  • 1 x G2 Atomizer with Silicone mouthpiece (white or black) 
  • Cleaning tool
  • Brush
  • Mini screwdriver 
  • 5 extra screws
  • Instruction Manual 
  • We advise using o-ring lubricant on the o-rings to allow the cap to be removed and replaced more easily. 

This Atomizer/Diffuser requires a regulated mod box capable of sub ohm vaping.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Jasper M
Gorgeous little atomiser

With a lot of help from Matt I chose the Geekvape Aegis Max 2 with its TCR settings to go with this atomiser and it works great.

Originally I went for the Vaporesso Target 100 in Jade; but it turns out this doesn't have TCR. I used it in wattage mode but found myself getting nothing or coming way too close to combustion. Also, with my white DC Gen 2 I thought it would look amazing but it looked uuuuuugly.

I went for the white DC Gen 2 with the Rainbow coloured Geekvape Aegis, wasn't sure it would work but it looks really nice.

The atomiser is completely rebuildable, I've already taken it apart and cleaned it after combusting with the Vaporesso and it's simple and easy. My only worry is that because the oven (with the coil encased within it) needs replacing every now and again, and it's a very specific design that must use specialised equipment to make, my vape will only live as long as DC keep making that part. My Dynavap on the other hand, is made of stainless steel and rubber rings and could conceivably last longer than 100 years, I could leave it in my will!

Nevertheless, compared to something like the Pax and all those trendy dry herb vapes that don't even have removable batteries, the DC Gen 2 is a really good solution.

My bud is not in great condition so I can't speak much on vapor production but I use it medicinally and I've found vaping it in the DC Gen 2 at 185•c (33w, TCR 300) very nice indeed for a more gentle experience. It's also extremely efficient and I can toot away for a while on one bowl.

I also use Blue Lotus Flower in my vape (different plant, not a strain) and it's extremely good. For blue lotus combustion is almost completely ineffective, whereas with vaping the effects are STRONG, but short-lived. This is why I got an electronic dry herb vape, so I could keep tooting to top-up the effects of blue lotus. As someone seeking safe sedation in terms of harm reduction this is a game changer. Disclaimer: I cannot gaurantee the safety of inhaling blue lotus vapor, i am not recommending it, I say this for informational purposes only. Blue Lotus by the way can grind quite fine in places, so I put a little bud down first or use the petals of the blue lotus and then put the finer stuff on top. And I'm going to try and clean it out regularly. The coil is inside the oven not below the holes so there's no danger of combustion if stuff falls through the holes.

So in conclusion:

Service: Matt is extremely passionate, knowledgable and helpful. You are in safe hands.

Looks: Gorgeous, and discreet! Looks just like a normal vape with an opaque tank.

Results: Great, versatile.

Repairability: Not too damn bad in this climate where designed obselesence is everywhere.

Price: Can't beat it, and of course way more efficient than combusting your flower. The compartment is a good size, a little bigger than the dynavap so you can have longer sessions but not so big as to be inefficient.

Overall: I'm very pleased.

Thanks for the review, that's very thorough and much appreciated! - Matt

DC gen2

Working great so far. Surprisingly simple and effective

Interesting System

Needed a portable flower vape, the 510 option looked interesting and far more controlable than other portable options.
Box mods have a learning curve but this is a good introduction, for Me.
Along with a complementary v3, which convinced me to investigate concentrates. I am now ordering a V5!

Thankyou very much, Matt !

Mr Anon
Efficient & Clean

I have found that setting the Ni temp control to 350F/39W with a warm up of 15 seconds before taking a draw works best for small doses. The coil terminals & connection terminals could be more sturdy along with an increased air flow would be a significant improvement. Apart from these few minor flaws this herbal vape is a gem which is much needed in a market saturated with expensive junk.

Great Device

Got this as I already have a mod and it was worth a go.
Am not disappointed with it at all. It works well once you have the technique for the mod down (No arctic fox here). It does need a stir to get the most out of it, like most vapes.
As recommended, get both heat sinks, I just got the 22mm to start and it works well, but after a few bowls it gets quite hot (heat sink does its job and is not too hot to touch, but with the 24mm one as well its only just warm).
Icing on the cake is that it looks so subtle, no odd looks from people when out and about!